Fast and reliable pdf converter allows you khổng lồ convert PDF files to lớn Word, Excel, PPTX, Epub, Txt, Html, Images, XML with zero complications. A must-have sầu for those in a hurry, All PDF Converter Crachồng will quickly become your go-khổng lồ PDF conversion tool once you familiarize yourself with its unique features, such as the option to lớn convert your PDF files to 10+ different high-chất lượng formats with OCR feature.

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All PDF Converter Pro Craông xã Features

Converting PDF files in any situation: The All PDF converter Pro is a cost-effective, multi-purpose software that takes care of all your diverse PDF file conversion needs.

10+ output formats: All PDF Converter Pro can easily turn PDF (scanned or not scanned) files inlớn 7 editable documents, including Word (doc/docx), Excel (xls, xlsx), PPTX, Epbu, Txt, Html, Images (jpg/png/bmp/Tiff/EMFF), XML.

7 languages: All PDF Converter is not only supporting English, but also German, Russia, Chinese, French, Italy và Spain. With this feature, this program will serve sầu you no matter you are English speaker or not.

OCR Technology: With our advanced OCR công nghệ, All PDF Converter enables you lớn extract text from scanned or image-only PDF files và convert them to editable, selectable and searchable documents. High chất lượng and accuracy.

Fast and Reliable: No Internet needed, All PDF Converter could be your best offline pdf converter software. You can upload multiple PDF files & get converted output files with its fastest tốc độ. Reliable process và no issues.

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Manage your PDF conversion process professionally: Advanced settings help you convert PDF files as easily as you can.

Batch process: Boost your productivity in batch mode. Import all your PDF files & convert them in one time. So convenient!

Remove sầu Password: Enables you khổng lồ import encrypted PDF files & remove sầu their restrictions before converting. The process is safe.

PReviews before converting: With built-in PDF viewer, you can previews files in advance. Make a final confirmation & save your time!

Page selection feature: You are allowed lớn define page range with page selection feature. No need to lớn use page extractor tool và get what you want!

Must-have PDF converter software: As a comprehensive sầu PDF conversion solution, All PDF Converter will improve your work efficiency with its powerful conversion capabilities. Get one & you can convert PDF files lớn 10+ commonly used tệp tin formats.

Advanced OCR technology: The strongest OCR công nghệ of All PDF Converter enables you khổng lồ extract text from scanned PDF files và convert them to lớn editable documents. Get nội dung without wasting your time.

PDFs OCR: With All PDF Converter OCR, it can turn scanned PDF files into editable, selectable và searchable documents with its PDFs OCR feature. You can drag-n-drop PDF files và start your PDF OCR process.

Images OCR: With our program’s Images OCR feature, you can upload images including png, jpg, jpeg, bmp và gif and let All PDF Converter automate recognize the text within these images. Support batch process.