I installed AOE Definitive sầu Edition "Codex" & the update v1.3.5314-CODEX ( the Wifi was turned off).

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The game was working properly but after upgrading my Windows 10 to the last version the game don't start, when I start the game , the Microsoft Store open then the game closed.

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I reinstalled the game & the update but it didn't work.

I noticed that "Buy" bottom still exist in Microsoft Store , so I guess it still no' cracked yet !

can you help me !



Ok so after a little bit of searching I found a way for the game lớn be played on windows 10 so you need lớn :

open start thực đơn và open Window nguồn Shell as run as admin

and type " get-appxpackage -all |% if ($_.packageuserinformation.installstate -eq "Staged") $_.packagefullname"

& then type " Get-AppxPackage -AllUser *Microsoft.MSDallas* | Remove-AppxPackage "

Next, open the PowerShell as Admin.TypecdThe install made a Games directory with a long 'Age of Empires' path.Typecd GamesTo get into the long Age of Empires directoryTypecd A*To execute the installerType./InstallApp.exeThis now should run and say something like'Registering universal phầm mềm....Success'TypeExit

I hope you understand và can use this fix because it seems to works for most people on windows 10 ( haven't tried it myself to lớn be honest).

Hope that helps and if it does - have fun !!!

source : http://fitgirl-repacks.site/age-of-empires-definitive-edition/#disqus_thread

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thanks for the answer, I didn't understand this steps

TypecdThe install made a Games directory with a long 'Age of Empires' path.Typecd GamesTo get inkhổng lồ the long Age of Empires directoryTypecd A*To exedễ thương the installer

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