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The RIM’s lakiểm tra laundownload (1)ch “BlackBerry Z10″ is no doubt a moving trkết thúc in the smartphone market.

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In less than 5 months of its release, the device has hit the market, especially that of Nigeria market. This explains the reason why most folks were on the watch waiting for RIM to lớn drop the ball.

The one for BBz10 is called “Blackberry Link”

Before now, a frikết thúc called me to complain that his “BlackBerry Z10″ does not synchronize with the Blackberry Desktop Software version already installed on his PC.

After speaking with hyên, I decided to do a little retìm kiếm lớn find out why, và I was able to discover that the new BB z10 has its own Desktop Software, which simply means that you will need khổng lồ download the one compatible with it in other successfully connect your BB 10 to lớn your PC.

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The following are what you can use BlackBerry Link to lớn bởi on a computer:Sync music, pictures, videos, and documents between your BlackBerry device và your computer over USB or Wi-Fi connections.Baông xã up & restore your device data.

Transfer supported settings và data to your new device.Manage multiple devices that use the same or a different BlackBerry ID.

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Update or reinstall your device software.BlackBerry Link supports BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry 10 OS và BlackBerry PlayBook tablets running BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1.

System requirements:

BlackBerry Link for Windows

Sounds interesting right?

Head on to BlackBerry official trang web to lớn tải về blackberry linkliên kết for PC and Mac.– See more at:

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