“BROM ERROR : S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL” I need a firmware for this device is a clone SM-T311 tablet MTK 6582 running on game android 4.2.2 jelly bean.

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Please help!!!!


hi friendsI notice most MediaTek CPU like 6275.6577 6570 while flash come khổng lồ this error‘BROM ERROR : S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL(4032)I mô tả some messages for you that you can note them that you same problem

Mr dino2trip4,

I installed Hphông on my Tecno P5 n it got bricked (i.e booting n stopping at techno logo). I tried flashing,clearing/wipe data&cabịt, factory reset; still stuck at boot biểu tượng logo. I gave sầu it for repair, d repairer worked itbut I still bricked it again. when I gave it lớn hyên again lớn repair but this time the phone went totally dead( not charging, booting). Av tried using sp flash tool to format n flash the files(preloader,msr,esr1,uboot,booting,biểu tượng logo et al),but it is showing me Error 4032

Message: BROM ERROR : S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL (4032) Enable DRAM fail.

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I am using d correct scatter file(P5)downloaded from his site, Preloader.bin,uboot.bin, booting, or et al still downloaded 4 p5 from his site. Although Idon’t av a stoông chồng ROM: mtk backup/downloaded, so I didn’t tick user data & cache when flashing d files. Even when trying toformat only, it will in a sec reach 100% with red & after few secs will show Error 4032

too many experts have in this diễn đàn. they not reply. what is this issue?

if someone has a solution please help us.

=============2============Mr,5kstore Newbie

Hi there,Nice to lớn meet you!Please I have sầu a Samsung tabletSM-T311 didn’t know its a clone phone, always having a problem with space, so I tried khổng lồ format & clear cađậy, it got stocked on Android biểu tượng logo, When I used sp flash tool which let me lớn a dark screen, but PC can dictate device, it makes a sound when I plug device into PC, và after a few minutes, sound will signal again as when you unplug device. I need a firmware lớn this device please, I got one when I tried to use via sp tool, I got an error message

“BROM ERROR : S_FT_ENABLE_DRAM_FAIL”I need a firmware for this device is a clone SM-T311 tablet MTK 6582 running on android 4.2.2 jelly bean.Please help!!!!

all messages I read the problem is same as I make a Clip tutorial khổng lồ solve them all but I have only one mobile for making a tutorial for you Lenovo A319 it has some problem when I read all messages.

So let’s start how I can solve it

 it can be repairable if u format with correct preloadererror 4032 is that’s means u have sầu flash wrong preloadernow tìm kiếm correct firmware first format whole flash then flashThis error is because PRELOADER inside flash that you want khổng lồ flash is not compatible with your phoneconfirm your firmware which type you needDownload it with Good websites that give you 100 % result and also check in comments box either People reaction about this websites & also firmware which you downloading now if people say its good then tải về itif you have sầu Samsung điện thoại you need Odin3 Toolnow you need USB driver for connecting Smartphone to PCafter you complecting all things you need for fleshing

Now You Watch the Video Tutorial for fleshing

Download Samsung GT-19031 I Stoông chồng Firmware (Flash File) 


Brom error s_ft_enable_dram_fail (4032) mtk 6582 Brom error s_ft_enable_dram_fail (4032)|| mtk 6580