Is it possible to rotate a pattern fill in photoshop? I need to lớn make a maze for a project, but I can"t rotate a pattern khổng lồ have the right perspective sầu.

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I found the vanishing point in Photosiêu thị, but I can"t seem to lớn get it working, even with some tutorials found on the web.

When I go lớn Edit > Transform Path, I can rotate it, but not the right amount of degrees.

I included a screenshot of my work, hopefully it helps to underst& my question.

Thanks a lot in advance!


You don"t want khổng lồ rotate, as that wouldn"t give the correct perspective sầu.

Instead, create a rectangle about the kích thước of the wall if it wasn"t distorted, then apply the pattern to lớn that.

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In the layers panel, completely rasterize the new rectangle.

Go khổng lồ Edit>Transform>Perspective khổng lồ correctly distort the image, và place it in the right spot.


Once you"ve sầu applied your pattern, right-cliông chồng on said layer, then create layer, this will put any & all effects on their own layer, then just select the pattern layer và rotate it as normal.



I had the same problem in the middle of a dead line so I had to lớn find a quick way around this!Rotate the canvas instead of the pattern, then apply the pattern & rotate baông chồng. Might not be the best way but it works!


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