This software update (version PKG3.004AAA) provides the following benefits:

- Improves playbachồng stability for Amazon video- Improves the general performance of the TV

How lớn Cheông xã if You Need the Update:

- Turn on the TV- Press the HOME button on the TV remote control khổng lồ display the trang chủ thực đơn.- Use the arrow Remote Arrow Buttons buttons lớn select Settings.- From the Settings category, select the Help (question mark) Help (question mark) Ibé inhỏ, and then select Customer Support Customer Support.- At the Customer Support screen, select System Information. - Check the Software Version displayed on the Liên hệ Sony screen. If your software version is the same with the one you are about lớn tải về or higher, your TV does not need this update.

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Important Notes:

- WARNING: Do not operate, turn off, or disconnect the TV from the AC power outlet until after the update is complete.- WARNING: Failure khổng lồ follow the instructions, or an interruption in the update process, can cause the TV khổng lồ become unresponsive or khổng lồ require repair.- WARNING: After performing this update, it"s not possible to lớn return lớn or install a previous version of the system software. By downloading and installing this update, you acknowledge that you understand this update can"t be reversed.

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- It is normal for the TV set lớn restart during the update process. The TV mix may take longer than usual lớn restart as it is installing the new firmware.

About TV Firmware:

By upgrading your TV firmware version, you will benefit from improved image quality, fixed various noise issues, enhanced Internet connectivity (if available), boosted stability and usability màn chơi, as well as from several other changes. However, you should first kiểm tra that this release is compatible with your TV model and that it specifically resolves a problem that you have sầu been encountering or makes changes that you deem useful. In addition to that, since there are numerous TV models & manufacturers, as well as several methods for updating the software version, we recommover that you refer to the sản phẩm guide, familiarize yourself with the procedure, và initiate the nâng cấp only when you have completely understood the steps. Bear in mind that, in the event of an update failure encountered by trying lớn apply an improper firmware or if you don"t successfully succeed to lớn install the new software, the TV can suffer serious malfunctions. Therefore, if you wish to lớn apply this release, click the tải về button, get the package, and refer to lớn the update guide to nâng cấp the TV firmware. Also, if you want lớn stay up lớn date with lademo releases, check with our trang web as often as possible.

It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.Try to mix a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

KDL-42W700B BRAVIA HDTV Firmware Sony KDL-42W700B Firmware KDL-42W700B BRAVIA HD TV Software Update KDL-42W700B BRAVIA Firmware HDTV

COMPATIBLE WITH:OS Independent tệp tin size:221.2 MB CATEGORY:TV / HDTV / Projectors
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