Сhew WGA v0.9 is a very handy & simple activator that allows you khổng lồ easily activate unlicensed versions of Windows 7. After blaông xã screen appearance và the inscription at the bottom – “Your Windows copy is not genuine” – most Windows activators are powerless. This problem can be eliminated with this particular activator.

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After using the program, the activated system can tải về miễn phí license updates & add-ons from the official Microsoft trang web. Thanks lớn the delicate mechanism of making corrections khổng lồ the original OS protection system with the use of Chew WGA v0.9 Windows 7 activator, there is no risk of a computer crash.



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About new Chew WGA 0.9 Windows 7

The stability và efficiency of the software is tested on various versions of the system. The program is suitable for the initial activation and re-activation of the operating system. Chew WGA 0.9 Windows 7 Activator Interface is presented in English only, but the program works with all languages of the system.Initially, Chew WGA was designed to demo the protective sầu functions of Windows 7 from the impact of foreign programs on the structure of the operating system. After that the program was converted to a very effective sầu activator.

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Chew WGA Windows 7 activator features

multilanguage compatibilitysupports all versions of Windows 7 (both x32 & x64)no risk of PC failuredoes not introduce significant changes khổng lồ the boot sectordoes not use license keysa reliable mechanism for making correctionsincluded full uninstallerIt is possible to lớn update from the Microsoft website

Usage instructions of Chew WGA Win 7

Download the activator Win 7 (Password for the archive – windows)Run CW.EXE (as Administrator), cliông xã Apply

The program prompts you khổng lồ reboot. You need to lớn agree, và the system will be already activated after the reboot.

Most likely, when you tải về Chew WGA Win 7, your antivirus will detect this tệp tin as a vi khuẩn, in this case, simply disable your antivi khuẩn program before downloading & activating. And re-enable it once the activation is completed.

Download Chew WGA v0.9

Since virtually any activator is a crack – the site administration is not responsible for the use of this program.