Although usually, installing & uninstalling apps on a Mac is reduced to lớn simple drag & drop actions (to lớn the Applications folder or the Trash, respectively), they’re still are things that happen in the background.

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Moreover, most apps will place additional files & folders which are required for them lớn work correctly in the Library directory, but also in other locations on our Mac.

Unfortunately, these items are left behind when we remove sầu the app: since there are no longer used, they unnecessarily take up space, and even slow down your Mac’s performance.

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CleanMyMac Craông chồng is a fantastic program for cleaning & optimizing your Mac. Through it, you can clean, maintain, optimize, and protect your Mac system.

The software enables you lớn remove all kinds of unnecessary junk files such as Trash, temp, iTunes junk, corrupt data, mail attachments, và more.

Also, this cleaner không tính phí up memory space for other use. You can quickly delete và remove any data with this application in Mac. Furthermore, it keeps away the malware, spyware, vi khuẩn, adware, và others from your system.

This program improves your system tốc độ và offers faster boot time for better response khổng lồ the application.


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Moreover, It can scan every inch of your system with the built-in lademo scanner. Its equipped scanner with the lademo searching technique for identifying the entire hidden file as well.

Also, this application keeps the system safe and does not delete any of the data essential for running your computer. As a result, CleanMyMac X Keyren is the best và most useful Mac optimization software with speed booster, health guard, junk cleaner as well as protection from online threats.

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Scan Your Mac For Junk Files:

CleanMyMac Crack is a user-friendly Mac app that comes with a stylish design. It helps you detect the junk files, but also the user và system cache/log files, broken preferences or login items, apps that have sầu universal binaries. We can remove sầu the executable that is not suitable for our architecture, language files (we can keep only the one we employ).

Furthermore, CleanMyMac can find large and old files that we have not used in a long time, various extensions installed on our Mac, & can help you clean up our iPholớn Library.

Correctly Uninstall Apps và Take A Closer Look At All Installed Plug-Ins:

The CleanMyMac Uninstaller function detects all the applications installed on our Mac, but also the files associated with a particular installation. As a result, if we delete & phầm mềm using CleanMyMac, we can make sure that no junk files are left behind.

Last but not least, CleanMyMac can identify all the plug-ins, widgets, & Preferences panes installed on our Mac. The items are organized by type (Dictionaries, Contacts, Login items, iTunes, QuickLook plug-ins, and more), and we can easily choose khổng lồ remove sầu the ones that we do not need.

Get Rid Of Malware và Secure Your Privacy:

In addition to removing unnecessary files from our system, the ứng dụng can also find and eliminate potentially dangerous ones. It can scan for malware & delete it, as well as keep our Mac safe in the future.

Moreover, the application enables us to lớn ensure our private information does not fall into lớn the wrong hands. It can remove sầu browsing traces from all popular browsers, as well as Clear chat data from apps lượt thích Skype and Messages.

Intuitive sầu Solution For Keeping Your Mac Clean:

All in all, finding your way around the CleanMyMac user interface is not too hard due khổng lồ its streamlined interface that provides access lớn all functions via the main window.

However, note that you must select all the files that will be removed: make sure that you want khổng lồ delete them because, if you send essential items to lớn the Trash, you might render your Mac unusable.

CleanMyMac 3 Activation Number Features:

It’s an all in one tool for cleaning all types of junk data quickly & safely.You can scan your system with one clickConsiderable data on the computer is very confidential or privet for the user.This program is offering you such a method that there is no possibility of recovery.CleanMyMac 3 Crachồng permits all users to lớn optimize disk storage by không lấy phí up space for the new database.Smart Scan is the best option that lets you optimize speed và manage all other tasks.Furthermore, the update software lớn their lathử nghiệm version và uninstalls damaged applications.This application enables you to lớn remove any template files, pictures, iPhone files broken files and also bins data trash.You can save your storage by clearing the photo lớn gallery without removing any pictures and files.Get extra tốc độ by miễn phí up RAM & manage login terms

What’s new?

Added:New groups of Chrome items available for cleanup within PrivacyUpdated malware database and detection rulesCleanMyMac’s Terms of Service got updated lớn clarify trial version limitationsImproved:Uninstaller finds stuff up khổng lồ 5 X faster nowClearer cleanup log details within Privacy in case of errorsUninstallation of the Anaconda appFixed:Cloud trash wasn’t displayed within Trash BinsFirefox items were not shown in the Privacy moduleCrash on opening Full Disk Access windowCrash when navigating within Space LensCleanMyMac Menu ibé was invisible in the status bar

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