The Dell U2417H carries a heritage that most would consider as the go-lớn choice for pros & savvy tech users who want a good-looking display with excellent quality. Ultrasharp monitors have always been a staple choice for the meticulous due khổng lồ their excellent imaging capabilities và kiến thiết. The Dell U2417H is one of the most expensive sầu 24-inch 1080p monitors currently available, but is it worth the premium price?


Design and Features

The Dell U2417H, like most of the brand’s display offerings, comes dressed in a signature blaông chồng & silver aesthetic that has always worked for various tastes. This thiết kế creates a sleek & clean-looking sản phẩm that isn’t overly conservative due khổng lồ the modernist cues it includes. Ultrasharp monitors are almost always bezel-miễn phí thanks to the InfinityEdge concept, but thin panel borders are still visible on the edges.

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The rear view of the Dell U2417H holds most of the matte silver plastic used in the monitor which gives it a kind of smoothness you will find on premium products. As you can see, there is no OSD joystick at the corner of the rear for easy access. This model still uses OSD buttons which are responsive sầu but outdated in the market’s current trend.

The Dell U2417H’s build quality is superb as expected thanks lớn great material selection and engineering. The panels have sầu no uneven seams & the device doesn’t produce squeaks when you try khổng lồ adjust the display. This is one aspect where Dell consistently meets our expectations with its durable và reliable business-grade products.

There is some assembly required for the Dell U2417H, although even the most inexperienced builder can put it together rather easily. The base screws inlớn place with a suspended thumb screw, while the display cabinet itself will snap on to lớn the mount without any necessary tools. Once put together, the monitor stands firm without any wobbling or signs of structural weaknesses you would normally see on cheaper products.

Dell offers cheaper 1080p monitors, but some of them vị not come with a fully-equipped stand like the Dell U2417H. The mechanism on this Model allows users to lớn tilt, swivel, pivot, & adjust the height of the display. You can also opt for VESA mounts since there is a 100 x 100 bolt pattern at the baông xã, but in most cases, it’s unnecessary.

Even the I/O layout on the Dell U2417H is as business-oriented as you can get with the set it includes. The danh sách includes DisplayPort 1.2, MiniDPhường 1.2, HDXiaoMI 1.4, & five sầu USB 3.0 slots for peripherals with two on the side in a hub. There is also a DisplayPort 1.2 Output đầu ra connector with MST for daisy-chaining multiple units which is great for streamlining workflows & multitasking.

Display & Performance

The Dell U2417H sports a 24-inch IPS panel with a 19đôi mươi x 1080 resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, và a 6ms response time. The contrast ratio is listed at 1000:1 & the backlight specified has a 250 cd/mét vuông output which isn’t a lot, but sufficient for daily use. These specs are not gaming-grade, but models like this can still offer an enjoyable visual experience for the casual game thủ.

inch displays match perfectly with a 1080p panel due to the perfect px pitch which provides a near perfect balance between the level of detail and legibility. This form factor is still closely regarded as the universal standard for both work & play for quite some time now due khổng lồ these characteristics. 1080p is rather easy khổng lồ run since it doesn’t require the lakiểm tra connector standards or a massively powerful GPU for games.

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The Dell U2417H posts impressive results once tested with a colorimeter thanks to its excellent factory calibration. The display is able to produce 100% of the sRGB gamut volume with an average accuracy or Delta E .7 which is in-line with most prosumer variants. The color temperature is very cthất bại khổng lồ the ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá 6500K with a minor deviance that works well to reduce the warmth of sRGB rendering.

Gamma is slightly off at 2.3, but the contrast ratio exceeded the rated amount, sitting at 1070:1 at 30% khổng lồ 40% brightness. You could alleviate the gamma & very slight colors by turning down the greens in the RGB by two notches, but even if it lowers DeltaE to .6, most won’t need to lớn apply it. It’s also recommended to lớn turn down the backlight considerably since its peak of 245cd/mét vuông is still too bright for extended use.

Panel uniformity is excellent since the backlight does not deviate more than 10% in each of the quadrants. However, if you look cthua trận enough, you will notice that the lower corners are slightly dimmer. This flaw affects color uniformity by a bit, inducing a maximum variance of DeltaE 2.8 from the D65 standard. But take note that you will need a colorimeter to lớn actually discern the difference unless you are a colorist who works with high-over studio displays.

One of the weaknesses of the Dell U2417H is its motion handling capabilities which is limited since the device was not designed for gaming. Playing games lượt thích BFV which involves fast-paced movements và contrasting colors will reveal noticeable blurring, but slower-paced titles like the Witcher 3 will look much better. You can’t blame the monitor for this limitation since it only has 60Hz and is using an IPS panel that is geared towards image chất lượng more than anything else.

The Dell U2417H does not support FreeSync compatibility, so buttery-smooth frames và G-Sync compatibility is out of the question. Most users wouldn’t need the VRR tech feature, but its nice to lớn have sầu for modern displays for when the graphics become power-hungry. What’s great is the monitor’s input lag which tops out at 6ms, ensuring that there are no delays or “de-synced” instances in any type of use.

Thoughts on the Dell U2417H

The Dell U2417H is a fantastic option for trang chính & office use if you want excellent image chất lượng và reliability rolled inkhổng lồ a well-designed package. The screen, despite its lower resolution, is worthy of the UltraSharp branding which also emphasizes on color fidelity alongside clarity & sharpness. The monitor’s functional features make it a flexible display for a myriad of host devices and multi-display setups.

The only hindrance for the Dell U2417H’s selling ability is its higher price tag which is fifty khổng lồ a hundred bucks more than the regular 1080p IPS display on the market. This model is a sophisticated variant, but we think it’s a steep price lớn pay considering the product lacks a few high-over features such as hardware calibration or even FreeSync. But if you want to invest in excellent quality và longevity, the Dell U2417H is one of the top picks you can buy.