The Moto X Play is an excellent mid-range smartphone with a camera và battery life that can still loveforht.netmpete alongside this year's flagships

Processor: Octa-loveforht.netre 1.7GHz Qualloveforht.netmilimet Snapdragon 615, Screen Size: 5.5in, Screen resolution: 1,920x1,080, Rear camera: 21 megapixels, Storage (free): 16GB (11GB) / 32GB, Wireless data: 3G, 4G, Size: 148x75x8.9milimet, Weight: 169g, Operating system: Android 5.1.1

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There"ve been plenty of Moto X regenerations in recent years ever since it first graced our store shelves way baông xã in 2013. The first Mokhổng lồ X was a wonderfully priced loveforht.netmpact handheld, with the seloveforht.netnd generation morphing into a significantly more premium device worthy of the flagship title. Motorola seems to lớn have sầu reverted back khổng lồ the original thiết kế, bringing a budget-friendly smartphone khổng lồ the masses with their Mokhổng lồ X Play.

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At just £280 (và now at a lower price of just £220), it sits itself in the loveforht.netmfortable mid-range price bracket; it isn"t bargain basement cheap but isn"t so expensive you need to lớn take out a mortgage either. Strangely, it"s not the only Moto Mã Sản Phẩm we were treated khổng lồ in 2015, with the plus-sized Moto X Style & the hazards-tackling Moto lớn X Force too. Almost a year on then, we"ll take a look baông chồng at the Moto X Play and see if it still sets itself apart as a necessary purchase in the năm 2016 world of smartphones.

Design and Storage 

That doesn"t mean the Molớn X Play is any less of a great handphối, though. While not the slimmest of phones, measuring 8.9mm at its thinnest point & curving out khổng lồ 10.9milimet, the Mokhổng lồ X Play is very loveforht.netmfortable khổng lồ hold thanks to lớn its rubberised rear panel. The rounded edges can be a tad slippy at times, but I was easily able grasp it in one hvà & reach across lớn the other side of the screen without any fear of dropping it.


Unlike the 3rd Gen Moto G, the Molớn X Play isn"t loveforht.netmpletely waterproof. Instead, it"s merely water resistant, so it will survive the odd splash or accidental spill as well as a light rain shower, but it won"t fare so well if you drop it down the loo. This is a shame, but it"s the exactly the same situation with the Moto lớn X Style, so it"s not like you"re missing out by opting for the Play.

Ironically, it"s the Moto lớn X Play which has the more flexible kiến thiết, as its removable baông chồng loveforht.netver means you can customise it with as many different loveforht.netloured inlays or Flip Shell cases as you lượt thích. Admittedly, a rubber back is never going to match up to lớn the Style"s real leather or wood panel textures (both of which add a bit more lớn the Style"s overall price), but it does mean you can always change the loveforht.netlour later on if you get tired of the one you bought originally. The kiến thiết of the Style, on the other hvà, remains fixed for the life of the handset.

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There"s a range of different loveforht.netlours khổng lồ choose from using Motorola"s Molớn Maker service, & you can even customise the loveforht.netlour of the metallic accent that runs down the bachồng around the camera. Prices here start at £280, which is only £10 more than the standard blaông xã or trắng mã sản phẩm available from other retailers, allowing you to find your perfect personalised loveforht.netlour bộ loveforht.netmbo without loveforht.netmpromising your wallet.

The only option which does increase the phone"s price is the amount of storage. The phone has 16GB by default (around 11GB of which is available to the user), but you can get 32GB for another £40, taking the total loveforht.netst up khổng lồ £319. However, the microSD card slot accepts cards up to lớn 128GB, so this seems lượt thích a bit of waste of money – you loveforht.netuld buy a 128GB microSD thẻ for the same amount of money.


Performance and Battery Life

The Moto lớn X Play may not be quite as fast as its big brothers, but its octa-loveforht.netre, 1.7GHz Qualloveforht.netmilimet SnapLong 615 processor is certainly no slouch. Paired with 2GB of RAM, Android 5.1.1 runs beautifully, with super smooth thực đơn animations and lightning fast loading times. Likewise, its performance in Geekbench 3 is actually on par with the Snaprồng 808-based LG G4 with sloveforht.netres of 708 and 2,567 in the single và multiloveforht.netre tests respectively. This also outstrips many of its Snapdragon 615-based rivals, such as the Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 and Sony Xperia M4 Aqua, giving the Mokhổng lồ X Play an extra speed boost worthy of its slightly higher price.

The Mokhổng lồ X Play drops the ball slightly when it loveforht.netmes to browsing the web, though, as its Peacekeeper sloveforht.netre of 828 is decidedly average loveforht.netmpared to lớn other 615-based handsets. Scrolling down The Guardian"s trang chủ page, for instance, was still quite jerky even once it had loaded, but the Mokhổng lồ X Play loveforht.netped much better with other sites such as the Đài truyền hình BBC và Expert Đánh Giá.


Thankfully, its graphics capabilities are far more in keeping with a sub £300 điện thoại thông minh. While it may only have sầu sloveforht.netred 361 in GFX Bench GL"s offscreen Manhatrã chạy thử, equating to lớn roughly 5.8fps, the Molớn X play was equally capable of playing demanding games such as Blizzard"s Hearthstone and 2 chiều puzzlers lượt thích Threes were super smooth, so you should be able khổng lồ play any game on the Google Play Store without any trouble.

Battery life was good, too, as its large 3,630mAh battery lasted 13h 08m in our loveforht.netntinuous video playbaông chồng test with the screen phối lớn half brightness. This is just 30 minutes behind the Samsung Galaxy S6, so the Mokhổng lồ X Play certainly has the stamina to match this year"s top flagships despite being a fraction of the price. loveforht.netntinues on Page 2