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The Pentium G4400 is currently the cheapest available Skylake socketed processor with a retail price of under $70 USD. Curious about the performance for this dual-core Skylake CPU, I decided khổng lồ buy one for some Linux benchmarking at loveforht.net.điện thoại for looking at the dual-core Skylake performance and the HD Graphics 510 capabilities.quý khách vẫn xem: Hãng Intel pentium g4400 đánh giá

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The Pentium G4400 is a dual-core processor running at 3.3GHz without any Hyper Threading nor any Turbo Boost capability. This 3.3GHz dual-core CPU has a 54 Watt TDP. & features Intel HD Graphics 510 that run up khổng lồ a 1GHz frequency. This low-over CPU has a 3MB cabịt. Unlike the higher-end Vi xử lý Core CPUs, this Skylake Pentium processor lacks AVX tư vấn. This Pentium processor also lacks vPro, TSX-NI, SIPPhường, và Trusted Execution Technology. The Pentium G4400 supports DDR4-2133/1866MHz memory or DDR3L-1600/1333MHz memory depending upon the motherboard.


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With a price of $65 USD at major Internet retailers, the Pentium G4400 is currently the cheapest listed desktop processor of the Skylake family. The next step above sầu is the Pentium G4500 at around $90 USD, which will get you an extra 200MHz out of the CPU (3.5GHz base frequency). The cheapest Vi xử lý Core mã sản phẩm in the Skylake family is the Vi xử lý Core i3 6100 at around $130 USD và that"s for a 3.7GHz CPU that"s dual-core but has Hyper Threading. The i3-6100 also has HD Graphics 530 và AVX 2.0 support. These Skylake processors can be found in stochồng at Amazon.com.

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I"ve sầu been running the Pentium G4400 for the past few days. The tư vấn has basically been on par under Linux & similar lớn that of other Skylake processors. My tests so far have been with Ubuntu 15.10 x86_64. For best tư vấn including audio, working 4K HDXiaoMI mode-setting, the HD Graphics enabled by mặc định, etc, you"ll want lớn upgrade to at least the Linux 4.3.0 kernel. For my testing I was running a Linux 4.4 kernel development snapshot.

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