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Heroes of Might & Magic III: Complete is a full edition of the third installment in the most popular series of strategy games played out in a fantasy setting. The mix consists of Heroes of Might & Magic III and two expansions: Armageddon’s Blade & Shadow of Death.

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How to Download Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete

To download và get hold of this classic turn-based game cliông xã on the Download button at the over of this đánh giá. HoMM III can be downloaded from Steam or GOG.com. You choose.

HoMM III Complete – What’s Exactly Inside?

The main game, subtitled Restoration of Erathia, when compared to lớn the previous HoMM games introduces new elements. First và foremost, these are more numerous locations, cities, and towns. Another novelty is much larger maps. Additionally, we receive sầu new units, new character classes, & spells. The expansions Armageddon’s Blade và Shadow of Death also bring new independent campaigns & innovations as far as monsters và locations are concerned.

Restoration of Erathia includes a massive chiến dịch which consists of seven interconnected small chiến dịch & an additional campaign, which can be accessed only after completing the main plotline.

Armageddon’s Blade presents six new campaigns that are played out on 28 maps. Shadow of Death is a much larger expansion. It provides whooping 14 campaigns, which give the player an ability lớn complete 86 separate missions.

The trò chơi Plot

Erathia is a thành phố which lies on the continent of Antagarich. It plunges into lớn chaos after the king Gryphonheart has been brutally murdered. Erathia is claimed by Nighon và Eofol, the states of warlocks, heretics, and demons.

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To stop Erathia’s downfall và the spread of evil, Princess Catherine, the daughter of the late ruler, decides khổng lồ return to her homeland. Her main goal will be to lớn unite the people of Erathia and convince them to fight against the tyranny of the dark forces. Many mighty opponents will st& in her way, including her deceased father, brought to life by the powerful necromancers, who will now do their bidding.

Armageddon’s Blade adds khổng lồ the game one additional location – a thành phố of Elementals, new maps, and missions. Shadow of Death, on the other hvà, introduces a completely new plot. The player will have sầu khổng lồ face Sandro the Necromancer who commands magic artifacts và is determined khổng lồ take over the world.

trò chơi Mechanics of Heroes of Might & Magic III: Complete

The gameplay is divided into two parts. The first is the exploration of the maps, harvesting resources & claiming new areas as the part of the controlled environment. The second part is the confrontations with the faces of evil. The combat is turn-based, which means that at any given time only one character can persize an attaông chồng. The combat maps are two-dimensional & include also subterranean areas.

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Heroes of Might và Magic III: Complete is a full version of one of the best strategy games of all-time. Download it now.

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