Hows it going? I have sầu carried out many many Google searches in my quest khổng lồ find an iTunes that will download for Windows XP.. & am unable to lớn find one that works. Any links to an iTunes download for Windows XPhường would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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See if this link works. It is right from the tư vấn downloads page. Download iTunes 12.1.3 for Windows (32 bit)

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Support for Windows XP (and Vista) was dropped when released iTunes 12.2 last year. The lathử nghiệm (and almost certainly last) version to lớn tư vấn XPhường is - this is an out-of-sequence release from September năm ngoái that adds support for iOS 9 devices but lacks Music and other features added in iTunes 12.2 & 12.3. Links to the installer:

iTunes for Windows XPhường SP3, 32-bit: iTunesSetup.exe

This is, however, not going to be a long term solution as its highly unlikely that will issue any further updates to support new releases of iOS on ancient Microsoft OSs. Any PC running Windows XP. is likely to be have sầu exceeded its expected operational life and (even setting aside the vulnerabilities to lớn viruses và other malware) is going to be prone khổng lồ major hardware failures - hard drives and power supplies in particular.

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"The above iTunes download link resulted in an error"

What was the error message?

I find Microsoft"s decisions lớn over support & updates for Windows XPhường confusing"

This is hardly the place khổng lồ discuss Microsoft"s tư vấn policy but each edition of Windows has a defined end-of-life date. In the case of XPhường we"re talking about a product that is five sầu generations old - to continue support for XPhường would cost money and dilute resources available lớn tư vấn more recent OSs.

"We bởi vì not want to have sầu to pay high money for a new PC when the PC that we have is fully workable computer."

As previously noted, a PC that"s more than 8 years old is increasingly susceptible to lớn serious hardware failures. New PCs meeting your needs don"t cost a lot - neither my primary trang chính system (Dell micro desktop) or my personal máy tính xách tay (HP. Stream 13) cost much more than $200.

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"I wanted to download iTunes & Music for listening to lớn music."

While there are alternatives khổng lồ iTunes as generic music players, I"m not aware of any that support Music. Music requires iTunes 12.2 or later which in turn require Windows 7 or later.

"Windows 10 users are reporting serious problems with"s products"

Personally I"ve had no issues with iTunes on Windows 10, or heard of any encountered by family members / friends / co-workers, và based on evidence from here & elsewhere I"ve sầu no reason to lớn think that users encounter more issues with Windows 10 than they have sầu with previous editions of Windows.