Structures educational configuration is a không lấy phí structural engineering and kiến thiết software for use by currently enrolled students and educators. 


Read more about the usage and limitations of Structures educational configuration.

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Read about hardware recommendations here.


Country-specific settings

Building and construction standards, materials, profiles và drawing conventions vary from country khổng lồ country. If you want khổng lồ complement your installation with settings that are tailored khổng lồ your country, you can download them here. In, the country-specific settings are called environments.

This is how you take environment(s) into use:

Make sure you have installed the latest version of Structures.Download one or more environments on this page.Install the environment(s).Start Structures.Select Use your online license.Sign in using your Trimble Identity.Select the environment.Select Educational configuration & cliông xã OK.


Australasia (64 MB)Download Korea (29 MB)Download
Austria (26 MB)Download Middle-East (75 MB)Download
Brazil (32 MB)Download Netherlands (24 MB)Download
Canadomain authority (132 MB)Download Norway (41 MB)Download
Đài Loan Trung Quốc (65 MB)Download Polvà (55 MB)Download
Construsoft European (23 MB)Download Portugal (19 MB)Download
Czech (55 MB)Download Russia (33 MB)Download
Default (140 MB)Download South Africa (đôi mươi MB)Download
   South America (37 MB)Download
Finl& (52 MB)Download South East Asia (43 MB)Download
France (115 MB)Download Spain (36 MB)Download
Germany (48 MB)Download Sweden (51 MB)Download
Hungary (19 MB)Download Switzerl& (46 MB)Download
India (140 MB)Download Taiwan (16 MB)Download
Italy (72 MB)Download UK (87 MB)Download
Japan (49 MB)Download USA (365 MB)Download


Extensions are applications that can be developed and used on top of Structures. They can be small tools, automated commands or links to other software. Read more about mở cửa API.

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At the moment you can tải về the following extensions:

3Dconnexion Device extension

With this extension you can use 3Dconnexion devices (such as SpaceMouse) with Structures. See the instructions here.

Trimble Connect Visualizer for Structures (Installer available in Warehouse)

Trimble Connect visualizer is a Unity 3D game engine based renderer to help you communicate the full value of the work you have been doing with Structures. 

Grasshopper - Live Link (Installer available in Warehouse)

Introducing algorithmic modelling for Structures using Rhino/Grasshopper.




Are you an educator? See options for institution licensing.

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