Download ubuntu desktop 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) was released on 21 April năm 2016 & introduced us to snaps, a more secure app format, with faster and simpler updates, as well as LXD, the pure-container hypervisor & OpenStack Mitaka.

Is 16.04 LTS still supported?

Yes, 16.04 LTS is supported until 2024 through Canonical’s Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) hàng hóa. Xenial entered the ESM period in April 2021, with security patches provided for an additional three years beyond the traditional five-year standard support.

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Get started with ESM for 16.04 LTS

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Released End of Life Extended security maintenance 22.04 LTS April 2022 April 2027 21.10 October 2021 July 2022 21.04 April 2021 January 2022 trăng tròn.10 October 2020 July 2021 20.04 LTS April 2020 April 2025 April 2030 19.10 October 2019 July 2020 19.04 April 2019 January 2020 18.10 October 2018 July 2019 18.04 LTS April 2018 April 2023 April 2028 16.04 LTS April 2016 April 2021 April 2024 14.04 LTS April 2014 April 2019 April 2022 12.04 LTS April 2012 April 2017 April 2019 10.04 LTS April 2010 April 2015 16.04 LTS security updates

The Security Team continues its dedication lớn providing security updates for 16.04 LTS beyond the five-year standard tư vấn with Extended Security Maintenance (ESM). 16.04 LTS Extended Security Maintenance (ESM)

What is ESM?

Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) provides extended Linux kernel và open source security updates for the base OS, key infrastructure components, like Ceph, OpenStack và Kubernetes, as well as open source applications, like PostgreSquốc lộ & NGINX.

ESM is available for miễn phí on up to three machines and for broader enterprise use through an Advantage subscription. The subscription includes additional services such FIPS-compliant modules & the Canonical Livepatch Service to apply critical kernel patches without unplanned downtime.

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What is covered by 16.04 ESM?

Standard Security Maintenance of an LTS release covers binary packages that reside in the "main" repository for a period of five sầu years. For continued security beyond the standard five-year maintenance period, Canonical provides security maintenance lớn a wide range of binary packages that are commonly used in cloud và VPS workloads on 64-bit x86 AMD/Hãng Intel architectures for a period of three years beyond the normal end of life.

Supported kernels

For continued Linux kernel security, ESM for 16.04 LTS includes support for the below versions: release Architecture Kernel Version Kernel Variants 16.04 LTS arm64, amd64 (AMD/Intel) và s390x 4.15 (HWE) generic, low-latency, linux-aws-hwe, linux-azure, linux-gcp, linux-oracle 16.04 LTS arm64, amd64 (AMD/Intel) and s390x 4.4 (GA) generic, low-latency, generic-fips, linux-aws

Application packages

Canonical provides application extended security maintenance lớn the binary packages that reside in main. A few commonly-used packages include:

Application 16.04 LTS version
MySQL 5.7
Python 2.7
PostgreSQL 9.5
Ruby 2.3
nodejs 4.2.6
Elasticsearch 1.7
PHP 7.0
NGINX 1.10
ROS Kinetic
Infrastructure packages

For 16.04 LTS, where technically feasible, Canonical provides extended security maintenance to lớn all binary packages that reside in the Main Repository.

OpenStachồng Mitaka packages are supported in 16.04 ESM for those with an Advantage for Infrastructure subscription.

How can I get ESM for 16.04 LTS on a Public Cloud?

ESM for 16.04 LTS is available for không lấy phí for personal use on up lớn three machines, or through paid subscriptions on the public cloud with Pro premium images. Pro on Azure | AWS | GCPhường.

How can I get ESM for 16.04 LTS on premises?

ESM for 16.04 LTS is available, không lấy phí for personal use (you need khổng lồ phối up an loveforht.netOne account) on up to three machines or through an Advantage subscription.

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I have a UA subscription, how vì chưng I activate ESM?

If you have an Advantage subscription, log inlớn to lớn get your activation token and activate ESM on your machines directly.

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