If you are searching for a way khổng lồ get a license for your Windows 7 then you came khổng lồ the right place. As in this article, we are going khổng lồ learn about the most famous tool called Windows Loader that is available for many years. However, still may not people know about it so don’t worry I tell you everything about it.

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I would recommover you to read this article till the over otherwise you won’t be able lớn underst& it. Even though in the kết thúc we are going khổng lồ learn the process lớn get a license. It is quite easy but many people don’t know about it so please keep reading.

However, before moving to the guide we need to lớn first underst& this tool so for this make sure khổng lồ read the below section. If you already know about it then simply leave this section và go to Downloading section where you find a way on how to tải về Windows 7 Loader from our website.

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FeaturesFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Windows Loader?


Windows Loader or Windows 7 Loader are both different names for the same program. It is quite lượt thích the KMSPiteo tool but is not the same. Because using this tool you get the license key for Windows 7 và Windows Vista only. It doesn’t tư vấn the license for Microsoft Office products or any other Windows version or edition.

Furthermore, you can use it for every Windows 7 edition whether it is Ulmitat, trang chủ, Basic, Pro, etc. Instead of this it also supports both architecture whether it’s 32 bit or 64 bit this single tool can be used with it. It is developed by the same developers’ team named Team Daz who developed KMSPico as well.

The reason why it doesn’t tư vấn the lakiểm tra version is simple as it was launch in days when Windows 7 was the newer OS. It is the best choice for those who are still using those windows but for the Windows 10 or 8/8.1 users, I would rather recommover going with the KMSPico or Microsoft Toolkit.


After you understvà this tool now you also need khổng lồ know about the features that it provides. It will be helpful for those who may have doubts if this provides a permanent license, lifetime activation, etc. So, make sure to lớn read this too before downloading.

In this list, I am only listing the major features that should be highlighted for those who don’t know much about them. So, let’s check out the Windows 7 Loader features that are listed below.

Windows 7 & Vista Support

Since this tool is named as Windows Loader or also known as the Windows 7 Loader as well. So, it supports Windows 7 và all editions. Even though it also supports Vista as well because both operating systems are quite alike with features & interface.


This is the best option for those who don’t have sầu access khổng lồ the internet or they are away from it. Now with the help of this tool they can get the license key without even having an mạng internet connection. It works both on Windows 7 and even for Windows Vista. But connecting to lớn the internet will provide some additional benefits.

Lifetime Activation

With the help of Windows 7 Loader, you will be able to get permanent activation. It is because there was no KMS technology released back then. In this way, you don’t even require to lớn connect lớn the mạng internet khổng lồ extend your activation. Once you use this tool there is no need lớn bởi vì the same steps again and again as you have sầu gained the permanent activation.

Genuine License

The best of using this tool is that you get a genuine license which is not available in many tools. In this way, you will be able to receive sầu updates from Microsoft servers for a security update. Except this it also allows you lớn keep your machine protected from any malicious threats.

Free of Cost

Now many of you might be thinking that it costs you some sort of money then you are wrong. As Windows Loader is completely không tính tiền to use. You can use it on as many machines as you want without any restrictions and you don’t need to tải về separate tools for different machines.

No Virus

However many people still consider this tool as a virus và they think that it may contain a virus or other malicious codes but the truth is there is nothing khổng lồ worry about it. I have sầu tested this tool before writing it here and it doesn’t contain any sort of malicious code. The reason why it is detected by the Antivirut tools is that these are blacklisted in their directory.

Download Windows Loader

Have sầu you read the whole article & you know what this tool is all about? Then you surely are curious about how to lớn tải về it. If so, then don’t worry about it anymore as now we are going to lớn learn the complete instructions to lớn download using our website.

Download Windows LoaderHowever, this section is only for those who came here for the first time so if you already know the process then simply move sầu to lớn the below section. Although you need to read all the steps given there or else you may not be able to lớn tải về it.

Ok, so follow the below steps lớn tải về the Windows 7 loader instantly:

First of all click on the Save button that is provided above sầu this guide.

At this, you will be redirected khổng lồ another page và from here cliông xã on Download Now or else the Mirror Link button.

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If you clichồng on the Download Now button it will open a new window and here you will see the liên kết of MediaFire.

After this, you need lớn cliông xã on the Download as ZIP button having green background.


Once you clichồng on it you will see the popup windows just cthua that và again cliông xã that button.

Now you have sầu to lớn wait for a while và then you will see the file has been added lớn Internet Download Manager or else the Download section in your browser.

Just leave it & the file will be downloaded automatically. So, for those who click on the Mirror link instead of the first button, you will see the Megaz Website.


After going khổng lồ their trang web you will see two options first Import to lớn Mega và second Download in Browser. You just need to lớn click on the Download in Browser button if you don’t have sầu a Mega tài khoản.

At this time you will notice the tệp tin is downloading in the browser & once it is done it will be added lớn the Download section in the browser.


Now the Windows 7 Loader has been successfully downloaded và you are ready khổng lồ go further. So, if you don’t know the process to use it then you should read the guide given below. Make sure to lớn follow all the steps given there & also check the screenshot if you cannot underst& any step.

How To Use Windows Loader On Windows 7

So now comes the main part of this article in which we learn how to lớn use this tool và how to lớn get a license. It is highly recommended khổng lồ follow all the steps carefully or else it won’t work for you. Also, those who are facing issues with any step can simply check the screenshot attached below.

However, before we moving further we have sầu to first disable the Antivirut tool và Windows Defender as well. As I already mentioned earlier that this is blacklisted by the Windows Defender và Antiviruses that means when you extract it this will immediately delete the file.

So, the only possible way is to lớn first disable Antivi khuẩn & then you will be able lớn install it. However, you can enable it again once everything is done as it won’t affect anything then.

To Disable Windows Defender Follow below Steps:

First of all click on the Start Menu from the Taskbar or simply press the Windows icon key from the keyboard.


Now using the Search box type Windows Defender and open the first result that appears there.


It will then open a new window so now from the above sầu menu clichồng on the Tools section.


After opening tools now select the Options located below these menus.


Once opening Options now simply select Real-Time Protection from the left menu and then uncheck Real-Time Protection.


You may see a warning message appears there just ignore it & select yes khổng lồ cancel it


Now the Windows Defender has been disabled successfully & we are now ready to move sầu towards other steps.