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I stumbled across a six pin header on my motherboard designed for an internal Bluetooth không dây module that uses USB protocols to lớn communicate, and ended up making the actual cable that allowed me lớn place the dongle inside the máy tính.

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The dongle is

Now .Windows 10 has some neat new features for integrated công nghệ Bluetooth không dây modules, lượt thích from the action center, and special connection menus for audio devices.

Despite the fact that I"m using the specified công nghệ Bluetooth không dây module port, Windows 10 doesn"t recognize it as a Bluetooth không dây radio, just as another USB device, and I"m stuchồng with the installed drivers" annoying menus, and a hole in my action center:



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I"m using a similar bluetooth dongle, from the same br& (Oriteo BTA-403) và Windows 10.

In my case I had to bởi this:

1. Turn on Bluetooth Windows Services

Open windows services (run services.msc or tìm kiếm for "services" on windows search).

Change the Bluetooth không dây Handskhông tính phí Service và the Bluetooth Support Service lớn automatic (on properties) and start them.

2. Uninstall the bluetooth driver that comes with the device

When you connect the device, the driver gets installed automatically.

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Go lớn Device Manager (Right clichồng on Start Menu & choose Device Manager or Search for Device Manager).

Find your device on the các mục. My device was on Universal Serial Bus Devices (I think), named CSR8510 A10.

Right clichồng, choose Uninstall and rethành viên lớn choose "Delete the driver software for this device" (I tried without this and it did not work).

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After that it started to lớn work. You may need lớn remove sầu the dongle & insert it again or to lớn restart the computer after step 2, but if I reHotline correctly, it started to lớn work right after step 2 for me.

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