We have created and developed market leading computer diagnostics, hardware monitoring, network audit, & benchmarking software solutions based on our proven, award-winning EVEREST technology. Our products are used all over the globe in homes, offices và corporate networks alượt thích.

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Top 7 Myths About Overclocking

For those less familiar with the term, overclocking is the art of tweaking a computer component such as a processor in order to make it run at a specification higher than the one rated by its manufacturer.


EVEREST v5.50 Is Now Available

This is a special one for us because it marks the first stable release of EVEREST since the engine that operates under the hood has reached complete tư vấn for more than a 100,000 unique hardware devices. Be sure khổng lồ give it a try today and here"s lớn another 100,000!


loveforht.net Gets a Br& New Look

When we started this redesign effort, our main objective was lớn provide our users with a platkhung khổng lồ better engage with us & with other users. We are proud of our new website & we believe sầu that it will be a success in accomplishing just that. In this spirit, we would love khổng lồ hear what you have sầu lớn say about it. Feel không lấy phí to lớn leave your thoughts in a bình luận or by contacting us directly.

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Unimin Simplifies Their Network Audits

Unimin is a world leader in industrial minerals, and has global reach for its products that find applications in the manufacture of glass, fiberglass, ceramic, and semiconductors. Unimin provides customized solutions to meet the many production và sản phẩm development challenges faced by their customers. Unimin also plays a major role in the plastics, rubber, paper, refractory, metallurgical and construction industries.


EVEREST now supports more than 96,000 devices!

EVEREST v5.30 is the lathử nghiệm release for our EVEREST family of products. This new version includes support for the lathử nghiệm offerings from Intel, AMD & many others as well as improvements và bug fixes in direct response lớn customer feedbaông xã. With v5.30, EVEREST now supports more than 96,000 devices.