If your Excel tệp tin has been corrupted or damaged, then you might consider using a dedicated Excel Repair Tool. For instance, the Excel Repair Tool by DataNumen is pretty popular và can yield positive results. Since it is a bit expensive, a lot of people look for Excel File Repair tool craông chồng instead. Here, I will let you know how khổng lồ bởi an Excel Repair toolbox crachồng download and which tool I use lớn repair my Excel craông chồng or damaged files.

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Part 1: Excel File Repair Tool Craông chồng Download Sources

You might already know that to lớn get a single DataNumen Excel Repair license key, we need lớn spkết thúc around $90. Needless khổng lồ say, buying a dedicated DataNumen Excel Repair license key can be expensive.

Therefore, you can consider doing an Excel Repair Toolbox crack tải về from the following sources instead:

Cracked Excel File Repair Download: https://keygenom.net/view/Excel-Repair-Toolbox-1.0.0.html

Code Generator for Excel File Repair: https://crackinns.com/view/Excel-recovery-toolbox-2.0.html

Excel File Repair Tool Crachồng for Windows: https://crack4windows.com/crack?s=excel-recovery-toolbox&id=60655

Key Generator for Excel Repair Tool: https://crackinns.com/view/Excel-Recovery-Toolbox-2.0.html

DataNumen Excel Repair Tool Crack: https://kcrack.com/datanumen-excel-repair-crack/

DataNumen Excel Repair License Keys:






Part 2: How to Use Excel File Repair Tool to lớn Fix Corrupt Excel Files?

By now, you would be able lớn bởi vì the Excel Repair Toolbox crack tải về successfully. Ideally, the tool can be used khổng lồ fix corrupt and damaged Excel files in all kinds of scenartiện ích ios.

The Excel Repair Toolkit by DataNumen has a success rate of around 78 percent, which is one of the highest in the industries.Users can just load any corrupt Excel file và follow a simple click-through process khổng lồ repair it.There is also an option to upload multiple Excel files và repair them in one go (in a batch).Apart from repairing your data in the sheet, it can also fix corrupt metadata, formulae, missing header, and so on.The applicant can further detect any invalid formula in the sheet và can highlight it as a string.To fix your corrupt và damaged Excel files with the help of the DataNumen Excel Repair tool, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install and Launch the Excel Repair Tool

To start with, just install the Excel Repair craông xã file on your system & launch it. Before you load your files to lớn the application, make sure that it is not opened in the background or being accessed by any other tool.


Step 2: Load the Corrupt File and Specify the Output đầu ra Location

Now, go to the top panel of the application and click on the three-dot ibé for the source tệp tin. This will open a browser window, letting you locate & load the corrupt Excel file lớn the application. By following the same process, you can also load multiple files if you want khổng lồ.


Besides that, you can also go lớn the đầu ra file on the top & clichồng on the three-dot icon to browse lớn the location where you want lớn save sầu the repaired Excel tệp tin.


Step 3: Fix your Corrupt Excel File with DataNumen Excel Repair

Great! Once the corrupt Excel files are loaded, you can view their details on the application. To fix them, just cliông chồng on the “Start Repair” button and just wait for a while for the process to be completed. You can kiểm tra the progress of the repairing process from here too.


That’s it! Once the repairing of your Excel files is done, they would automatically be saved lớn the specific location. The application will let you know, & you can now directly load the repaired files lớn kiểm tra them.

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Part 3: Stellar Excel Repair Tool: A Better Alternative khổng lồ Fix Excel Files

Since DataNumen Excel Repair Tool is a bit expensive và doesn’t yield good results, you can consider a better alternative sầu. I would recommend using Stellar for Excel as an ideal Excel repair tool. Extremely easy khổng lồ use, it will let you repair single or multiple Excel files easily.

Stellar for Excel is 100% compatible with all kinds of XLS & XLSX files, irrespective of how they are damaged.You can load multiple Excel files & follow a simple process lớn repair them with Stellar for Excel.The application will even let you preview the repaired Excel file on its native interface before saving it khổng lồ any location.It will preserve the file’s formatting & spreadsheet properties while repairing it.Stellar for Excel can fix all kinds of issues & would recover Excel sheets, pivot tables, chart sheets, và more.

Here’s how you can also use Stellar for Excel lớn repair your corrupt Excel data:

Step 1: Launch Stellar for Excel and Load the Corrupt File

At first, just launch Stellar for Excel on your computer và cliông chồng on the “Browse” button to locate and load the corrupt files.


Step 2: Repair the Loaded Corrupt Excel Files

Once the corrupt Excel files are loaded, you can view their details on the interface. Now, just clichồng on the “Repair” button, letting Stellar for Excel fix your files.


Sit back & wait for a while as the application would try to lớn fix any issues with your tệp tin. For your convenience, the Stellar Excel Repair tool will display its progress via an on-screen indicator.


Step 3: PReview the Repaired Excel Files và Save Them

That’s it! Once the repairing process is completed, the application will let you pReviews your data on its native sầu interface. You can now go to the Save sầu option from the top, letting Stellar for Excel export the repaired Excel file lớn any location on your system.


Now when you know from where to lớn get the Excel File Repair tool craông chồng, you can easily meet your requirements. Apart from providing Excel Repair Toolbox craông xã download sources, I have sầu also included some DataNumen Excel Repair license keys here. Though, if you are looking for a better option khổng lồ repair your Excel files, then simply try Stellar Excel Repair Tool. It is a user-friendly DIY application that can fix XLS & XLSX files in different scenargame ios.