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Yongnuo YN560-IV Speedlite

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It doesn"t have TTL or HSS but it has, just about, everything else. If you are shooting TTL on your main light you can put the Yongnuo YN560-IV Speedlites on S2 & they won"t react khổng lồ the initial TTL light. THey are inexpensive và built like little trucks. Plenty of power too. I use the very reasonably priced YN560-TX 2.4 gh trigger và have never had a misfire. I have sầu Flashpoint 360s & a Rovelight 600 so if when the YN560-TX is off the camera so I can use TTL I just keep it in my pocket ...khổng lồ quickly adjust however many 560-IVs that I"m using. I smile every time I mix them up when I think of how much money they have sầu saved me.

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These coupled with the 560tx controller make for a powerful shot making phối up that is as affordable as it is easy to use. Don"t settle for less than stellar light conditions. Create perfect conditions. Grab some gels for editorial shots. Paint and sculpt with light the way you were meant to. These are the tools you need lớn create the shots you want. It isn"t cheating. The camera doesn"t capture light lượt thích your eye. But now you can create the shots you see in your mind"s eye! Get this... speedlight cài đặt with tx controller from Yongnuo and always get your shot. You can"t afford not lớn.

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This speedlight from Yongnuo puts all the control và power you need right in front of you with a built-in wireless trigger system, allowing you khổng lồ use it as both a flash unit and as a flash control transmitter for additional flash or strobe units. This functionality makes it a great addition lớn your gear lineup, whether you"re a beginner who wants khổng lồ explore the world of off-camera flash photography or a seasoned pro who needs the versatility and control that this speedlight can offer. A push-button control interface makes it easy to operate the unit by feel, with fully-manual zoom & exposure control as well as the ability lớn mix custom functions that save automatically for your next session. The base of the flash allows for -7 to +90-degree bounce angles và a 270-degree swivel range, và for all the full-frame flash you need at wide angles, you"ll have 18-105mm coverage. For connectivity, you can utilize a built-in PC Sync port or the standard hot-shoe mount, and optical triggering is supported up lớn 80 feet away indoors or 50 feet outdoors. This flash has an approximate recycle time of 3 seconds at full power & runs on four AA batteries (or an optional battery pack). Features: • TX Master Flash mode: When you mix up YN-560IV in TX mode, it can be used as a flash control transmitter. It can trigger YN-560 IV ( RX mode )and YN-560 III ( RX mode ) và also can be used with RF-602, RF-603 II, RF-605 together. • RX Slave Mode: When you set up YN-560IV as RX mode, you can us e it with YN560-TX flash controller & RF-602, RF-603 II, RF-605 single transceiver. • Manual mode • Multi mode • S1 / S2 mode - You should use these two modes off-camera • Power nguồn saving mode • Overheating Protection • Manually-mix & zooming positions PC Synch Port Suited for: All cameras with ISO standard hot shoe. Yongnuo RF-605, RF-603 II, RF-602, YN-622C, YN-622N, YN560-TX Yongnuo YN-560 III Yongnuo Flash Battery Paông chồng SF-17 C / SF-18 C Package Includes: • YN-560 IV Flash Speedlite • Protective Bag • Original box • Manual in Chinese and English

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Yongnuo YN560-IV Features

Audible flash-ready indicators 3 groups và 16 channels for wireless operation Bounce card built in 8 different levels of flash output (1/1 lớn 1/128) Flash recycle time of 3 seconds Triggers other flash units up lớn 100 meters away

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