Folder Protector is a không tính tiền portable password protection software that protects all your files và folders against unauthorized access lớn the files and folders. This không tính phí file loông chồng software can protect all the files which have stored internal hard drive, external hard drives like USB flash drive sầu, and other thiết bị di động storage truyền thông. Folder Protector is available as a portable version so you can provide safety to your files no matter where you are. Download this best Folder Protector full version for Windows operating systems & keep your files under robust protection.

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What is Folder Protector?

Are you looking to lớn secure your files from unauthorized access of strangers or office colleagues? Encrypt them và prsự kiện access with the help of this best Folder Protector full version. The recently released Folder Protector 6.38 version has come up with plenty of options to protect your files and folders. It provides three security methods, including Loông chồng, Encrypts, và Scramble, to lớn keep your files protected. If you have encrypted your data with Folder Protector Software, it prevents strangers from moving, deleting, & accessing the files without your permission. However, Folder Protector Software does not ask you lớn install separately. This best security software can run instantly on your device once the download has finished. Or, you can save this software on any portable storage truyền thông and apply any other required device.

Moreover, this best password protection tool uses the industry-standard AES 256 – bit encryption to protect the files & documents on the hard drive of a local computer. Loông xã your files and other valuable data by using the tệp tin & thư mục protector within a few clicks. However, this Kakasoft folder protection software has come up with various features of reliability, efficiency, & portability that helps you khổng lồ defkết thúc your files from being tampered, viewed, or deleted by the strangers. Overall, we can say that Folder Protector is the best data protection software, which is a perfect safeguard for your folders.

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Top Benefits of Free Folder Protector Full Version:

Folder Protector full version uses the robust AES encryption technologies khổng lồ provide maximum protection.However, you do not need lớn install this Folder Protector program on your device. Simply, you can run this software directly by executing the Lockdir.exe cộ program on your system.It allows you to protect your files và folders by using a password. So, it provides instant protection to lớn your precious data.Moreover, it provides robust protection khổng lồ your data and prevents it from being moved, nullified, misused, accessed, or deleted without your knowledge.Don’t worry if you are a non-technical user. Folder Protector Software is easy to access for all types of people, even for first-time users. You can protect your data on both local drive and removable storage truyền thông within two simple steps.However, this best security software can support almost all types of storage devices such as USB flash drives, memory sticks, thumb drives, jump drives, memory cards, pen drives, and external, removable storage media.And most importantly, it has come up with a wide range of security màn chơi options so that the users can safeguard their files and folders with a suitable security level by adjusting the settings.Besides, it can tư vấn various tệp tin systems such as FAT 32, FAT, và NTFS.Additionally, it also has come up with plenty of advanced protection tools including, file filter system, show protected signs, restoring the files, password hint, modifying the inhỏ of protecting folder, và more others.

Folder Protector for Windows System Requirements:

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP for both 32/64 – bit configurated systemsProcessor: 1GHz ProcessorMemory: 512 MB of RAMHard Disk Space: 50 MB of không tính phí available disk spaceDeveloper: Kakasoft

Conclusion for Folder Protector Free Full Version:

Finally, we can conclude that Folder Protector can effectively protect the files and folders against the cybercriminals & malware threats. This best password protection software can effectively prsự kiện the unauthorized access of the strangers. However, Folder Protector Software is easy to lớn download and thiết đặt.

Download Free Folder Protector Full Version for Windows 10:

If you are looking lớn download Folder Protector không lấy phí full version for Windows operating systems by hitting the direct tải về button given below the article.