An Android điện thoại thông minh that’s sure to generate unmeasurable amount of envy aý muốn Batman fans, the Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition is Samsung’s love sầu letter lớn the geek community. Launched to lớn commemorate the third anniversary of the video game, Injustice: Gods Aao ước Us, this limited edition Batphone is arguably the official phone of The Dark Knight himself. If you are thinking, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?”, wait till you see what’s in store for you in the Injustice Edition.

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Unmasking the Bat

Unboxing this Android smartphone is unlượt thích any other. For one, we had to lớn resist spending every second admiring the gold text và the Batman insignia emblazoned on the box. But once we got khổng lồ the actual act of unboxing, the heart just couldn’t help but beat faster.


One can only imagine the absolute glee we felt when we lifted the lid and laid our eyes on the famed Batarang, adorned with a coat of gold that tugs at your very geeky heart. While the Batarang is removeable, you are highly advised against using it for target practice. Leave that lớn the real Batman. But at the very least, you can fondle the Batarang và admire the intricate thiết kế, & place it ahy vọng all the Play Arts Kai Batman figurines you’ve sầu amassed over the years.



A gadget worthy of Batman

As much as it pains us lớn put the Batarang aside, we knew what awaits will blow our minds even more. It’s not the thought of a brvà new Galaxy S7 edge that excites us though, since we already took it out for a spin when we first reviewed it. The hardware sticks to the tried and tested formula, which includes an amazing camera that sees very well in the dark, và a clear, friend-on-the-eye 5.5-inch Super AMOLED screen.


Instead, it’s the deep onxy blaông xã colour of the phone drew us in lượt thích the mysterious nights that Batman spends in Gotđắm say City. Make no mistake, once you phối your sights on the Galaxy S7 edge within this box, you won’t hanker for other phones. This version is cast entirely in blachồng, though we wish that the power cable did too. Alas, it’s in disgusting trắng, like the Joker’s face.



A dash of gold on the trang chính button and border surrounding the camera adds a touch of class khổng lồ the phone. The Batman insignia feared by criminals across the world is marked on the rear of the phone, giving you even more street cred if you ever want to pass off as Batman. The amount of aesthetic makeover here might seem basic but it’s worth noting that you can’t replicate the colours & thiết kế of this phone. The onyx blachồng colour is by far our favourite scheme, & it’s only available for this limited edition.

Inside Batman’s mind

Dive deeper and you’ll find more exclusive sầu designs that will wow your senses. Even the always on display mode shows the Batman insignia, together with an imposing image of Batman when you’re on the unloông chồng screen. Samsung knows how khổng lồ satisfy the geeks, especially with an exclusive theme that includes little nods to lớn the Caped Crusader. Icons such as the apps drawer is modeled after Batman’s mask, while the dialler resembles the torso portion of Batman’s (almost) impenetrable armour.


Batsuit up

Speaking of that, another homage lớn Batman comes in the size of the included phone cover. Being an armour for the phone, it makes sense for the case to take on the look of Batman’s armour too. While some might argue that slapping a cover to a phone hides the very design that you bought, the armoured case creates that sense of strength và invincibility khổng lồ your otherwise awesome phone.

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A virtual look

The Injustice Edition also comes with a Gear VR headset. In line with the theme, the headphối is black instead of the normal trắng colour. Likewise, the headmix, a collaboration between Oculus Rift and Samsung, has the exact same hardware as the normal version. Unlike the phone, the only semblance of its homage khổng lồ The Dark Knight is the deep blachồng colour. An afterthought would be to lớn stiông chồng a pair of plastic Bat ears khổng lồ the headmix but in the over, we felt it might be a little too tacky.


That said, there’s a US$50 voucher to lớn redeem Oculus Rift games. This comes in useful if you redeem games such as EVE: Valkyrie lớn train your aiming skills và imagine it’s actual training you vị within the Batcave sầu. And face it, Batman also needs khổng lồ hone his fighting skills. Playing Injustice: Gods Among mỏi Us on the Injustice Edition is made even better with the US$100 Batman Prime Paông xã that’ll give sầu you an edge in the game.

Batman’s weakness

The blachồng colour theme is apparent in this Batman phone, but one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb, like a clue that The World’s Greatest Detective sầu will never miss, are the earphones và charger. Both accessories, by assumption, would also follow the same blaông xã kiến thiết but alas it sticks khổng lồ the white colour scheme of the normal Galaxy S7 edge. Our advice – go get a pair of blaông chồng earphones to lớn complete the look, & leave sầu the Joker-styled White earphones at trang chính.

Geek Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition is not your run-of-the-mill Android smartphone. Like all limited edition collectibles, there’s no telling if there’s enough stoông xã lớn satisfy all the geeks who yearn for this.


The only thing that might separate a geek from this phone is the price tag. At S$1,688, that’s quite a bit of cash khổng lồ pony up. But considering that us geeks spend an insane amount of cash on figurines, toys and other unmentionable geek stuff, the S$1,688 price tag for the Batman phone isn’t that hard to lớn swallow.

Plus, consider the fact that you’re not just getting a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge in a limited edition blaông xã onyx colour. The whole package includes a Batarang, a Batman armour smartphone case, an immersive sầu VR experience with the Samsung Gear VR & vouchers worth US$250. Altogether, that matches the cost of the Injustice Edition, no reason khổng lồ say Samsung is overcharging you for that geek satisfication.

The biggest injustice you’ll do is khổng lồ ignore this Batman phone. Right that wrong, bring it home page & get looks of envy from your fellow geeks when you show it lớn them.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition might not be the phone we deserve sầu, but it definitely is the one we need right now.