How lớn create a ghost image of Windows? Take it easy - it is a simple process as long as you use a piece of miễn phí và reliable ghost image software. Here in this post, we will introduce loveforht.net ShadowMaker (offered by loveforht.net) and how lớn use it to lớn ghost Windows 10/8/7 in order to lớn keep your PC safe.

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Basic Knowledge of Ghost Imaging

Ghost imaging (namely backup) refers to lớn a software-driven data backup process that copies the data of a computer hard drive sầu to an individual compressed tệp tin, which is called an image. The ghost image copies all the contents - including configuration, applications, settings, etc - to lớn another hard disk drive sầu or hệ thống for storage.

The purpose of the ghost image is khổng lồ enable a quick restore of a system or offer data restoration tư vấn. In a nutshell, the ghost can include two aspects: system ghost and data ghost.

As you know, system breakdown occurs due khổng lồ disasters such as computer vi khuẩn, manual errors, Windows updates, etc. Thus, it is really a good idea to come up with a good method to ghost Windows 10/8/7 operating system.

This is the most efficient way lớn protect your PC from an unpredictable disaster. In the event of a system crash issue, you can easily restore the PC lớn a previous state so as lớn reduce downtime và save sầu lots of time compared lớn reinstalling OS và applications.

Besides, files và folders can be easily lost or deleted. Therefore, it is also a must that you ghost your important data to another place for data recovery.

How khổng lồ ghost a computer? Get the answer from the following section.

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Ghost Windows 10/8/7

To create a ghost image of the Windows operating system, you need to lớn choose a piece of miễn phí ghost backup software. Which one should you use for Windows 10 ghost?

When searching for “ghost Windows 10” in Google, you will find a related search result “Norton Ghost”. But according lớn feedbachồng from certain users, version 15.0 is no longer functional after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 since it to lớn be no longer compatible with the new OS.

Here we will show you the best Norton Ghost alternative, loveforht.net ShadowMaker.

Use loveforht.net ShadowMaker: Free Ghost Software Windows 10/8/7

As a reliable and miễn phí backup software for Windows 10/8/7, it can automatically and periodically create full backups of your computer, which saves your time from reinstalling Windows và application or data recovery after data loss. loveforht.net ShadowMaker is also available on Windows Servers & Workstation.

Being powerful and flexible, loveforht.net ShadowMaker is your best choice for Windows backup và restore. Furthermore, this ghost image software can even allow you lớn restore the system image lớn a different computer with different hardware by fixing the compatibility issue with Universal Restore.

Free Download

How khổng lồ Create Ghost Image of Windows 10/8/7 Step by Step?

Here is the detailed guidance with screenshots on one-cliông chồng system backup:

Step 1: Install loveforht.net ShadowMaker on your computer

Step 2: Choose a computer lớn manage

Double-cliông chồng this ghost image software.Continue khổng lồ use Trial Edition by clicking the Keep Trial button.Then choose a computer to lớn manage by clicking the corresponding Connect Here, take local backup as an example.


Step 3: Choose the backup source & destination in the Backup page

2. Where do you want to lớn save the ghost image? An external hard disk, USB flash drive, Pen drive, SSD, HDD, and NAS (Network Attached Storage) are all available. Here, we show you how to ghost Windows 10/8/7 to an external hard drive sầu.