Cheat codes

You activate the cheat by typing ENTER, then the cheat, then ENTER.

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Diediedieyou all die
Resignyou resign
Reveal mapreveals all the map
Pepperoni pizzaGive yourself 1000 food
CoinageGive yourself 1000 gold
WoodstockGive yourself 1000 wood
QuarryGive sầu yourself 1000 stone
No fogFog of War off
Hari Kirisuicide
MedusaIf your villager is being killed by the enemy, he will turn into lớn a horse archer, and if that archer is being killed, hewill turn into lớn a catapult.
Photon ManGet guy with laser gun
Gaiacontrol over animals
FLYING DUTCHMANturn the juggernaughts khổng lồ flying dutchmen
STEROIDSyou get all units & upgrades in an instant
trang chủ runyou win the scenario
Killx(x = player"s position); e. g. Kill2 (defeats the second player on the list)
Bigdaddyget a very powerful car (attack: 300, HP: 500, range: 15)
Big BerthaHeavy catapults have sầu greater range & damage
ICBMBallistias get 100 range points
HoyohoyoPriests get lots of tốc độ & 600 hit points
E=mc2 trooperthe nuke missile guy (attack: 300, range: 88)
Jaông xã be nimbleDo this when you have sầu a catapult selected, it will then shoot cows if pointing north, and villagers doing cartwheels, và looking like super man in other directions...
Blaông xã RiderRider with đôi mươi attaông xã and đôi mươi armor. It comes bachồng as a catapult after being killed.

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Dark RainTransformsall of your composite bowmen to stealth bowmen - they look lượt thích treeswhen standing still và can walk over water.

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RoR cheats
king arthur Change birds to dragon
pow BabyPrez (Baby on trike)
big momma New car
convert this! New priest unit (Saint Francis)
stormbilly Mech unit (Zug 209)
grantlinkspencer Makes units move faster, especially horse units
upsideflintmobile Makes hunted animals more powerful (for example lion lớn lion king)
Thanks to Omer, Shark17645, Dave, CLoSeR9, Justice, Trauma Hound, Anthony, Danny, Ronny, Juha (he made the picture) và Archangel Michael for the cheats.
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