IGI 2 Covert Strike is an Action Shooting đoạn Clip game that was released in March 3, 2003. Today you can easily tải về IGI 2 Covert Strike game for PC from our website.

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Developers of this installment are Inner Loop Studtiện ích ios & it was published by Code Masters Studios.

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In this sản phẩm there are two modes, Single Player & Multiplayer, you can easily play this installment online or offline.







How To Download This Game?

To download this game, you need to lớn install Bit Torrent or UTORRENT Software on your PC because without it, you cannot tải về this game, so install this software first before downloading this game.

How To Install This Game?

The pattern of installation is a little bit difficult, so we have sầu made an installation đoạn Clip that you can see và install. In case if you don’t want to watch that Clip, then you can read these instructions.

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Download game file by using Torrent SoftwareAfter downloading open thư mục & launch setupIn the beginning of installation it will ask for Serial KeySerial Key is given in the game tệp tin, so use thatInstall the game completelyAfter installation open “Crack” FolderCopy all content from “Crack” FolderPaste it in the installed directoryAfter doing this, clichồng on the game iconPlay & enjoyThat’s it

This is the exact pattern of installation & I think this is a little bit difficult, this is the reason we have sầu managed an installation video clip you can watch it on the tải về page.

Features of IGI 2 Covert Strike of PC

These are some best features that are included in this game and I hope you will lượt thích them & you will feel when you will play this game.

High & Stunning GraphicsAwesome Shooting SystemTactical Stages BattlesAdvanced Ways of Clearing The StagesAwesome Soundtrack

So these are some advanced & best features included in this game & I hope you have liked them.

Game Producers of IGI 2 Covert Strike

These are some developers, directors và producers of this game and this is a little information about them.

Developers are Inner Loop StudiosPublishers are Code Masters StudiosMode is Single Player & MultiplayerRelease Date is March 3, 2003Genre is Action và Shooting

So these were the developers and publishers of this game & now lets have a look on system requirements of this game.

System Requirements

Operating System = Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10

CPU = Pentium 4

Processor = 3.0 GHz

RAM = 512 MB

Disk Space = 2 GB

Graphics Card = 128 MB




To tải về IGI 2 Covert Strike game for PC, you need lớn clichồng on this tải về button…