IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2 introduces project-wide analysis for Java, new actions that can be triggered when you save changes, a new UI for managing Maven và Gradle dependencies, và other useful updates. For more details on the new feature highlights, you can watch our video clip overview below or read on!

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In this release, we’re introducing a new feature for tracking errors throughout the whole project before compilation – project-wide analysis. When you cliông chồng the dedicated icon in the Problems tool window, you enable a check that is performed on every code change. When the process is over, the IDE displays all the found errors, including those that are detected only by scanning the whole project.

The feature works with small và medium-kích thước projects.



We’ve added a number of actions that will be initiated by saving the project, including reformatting code và optimizing imports. All of them are conveniently gathered together in Preferences / Settings | Tools | Actions on Save. It is easy lớn configure them from there by ticking the necessary checkboxes. If you’d like to adjust the settings for any action more precisely, simply hover over an action & cliông xã the configuration liên kết.


Both IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition & IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate now include Package Search, a powerful new interface to lớn manage your project dependencies. With Package Search, you can find new dependencies, easily add them, & manage existing ones. The new plugin will show you information about each dependency, including whether any updates are available.

We have sầu also added an inspection that lets you apply available updates directly in the editor.

Currently, Package Search works with Maven and Gradle projects. Experimental tư vấn for sbt projects is also available with Scala plugin EAP versions. You can read more about it here.

Our inspections and quick fixes are not just helpful for coding but also described in detail. The updated descriptions explain what changes the inspections suggest & the reasoning behind them. Some inspections come with usage examples. Chechồng them out in Preferences/Settings | Editor | Inspections.

We’ve sầu made diagrams more informative – they now come with the Structure view containing a maps of your diagram with a small previews of the selected blochồng và its neighbors. The new Structure view supports scaling, canvas moving, magnifier mode, layout change, và exporting lớn an image.

IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2 brings some helpful updates lớn its Markdown tư vấn. It is possible to convert .md files from/khổng lồ different formats (.html, .docx, .pdf). We’ve sầu also addressed the issues we had with formatting lists, & now Enter, (Shift) Tab, và the Reformat action all work properly. You can change the size of an image, add a mô tả tìm kiếm, & drag-and-drop images instead of writing an HTML tag with a tệp tin path. And what’s more, the new lightweight toolbar, which has all the most popular actions, will only appear on selection so as not to distract you from important tasks.

IntelliJ IDEA can detect Eclipse projects stored locally on your machine, & it allows you to lớn open them from the Welcome screen. If it is your first IDE launch, select the Open existing Eclipse projects option. If not, automatically detected Eclipse projects will appear in the dedicated node among muốn the recent projects.

If you need to configure some use-case-specific options in IntelliJ IDEA, you can vị it in the new Advanced Settings node in Preferences/Settings. For example, you can add a left margin in Distraction-miễn phí mode or phối the caret to move sầu down after you use the Comment with Line Comment action.

It is now easier khổng lồ drag and drop a tool window lớn the desired place within the main IDE window or in a separate window. You can drag it by clicking and holding the tool window name bar and drop it in any highlighted place.

IntelliJ IDEA automatically cleans up any cache & log directories that were last updated more than 180 days ago. This process doesn’t affect system settings and plugin directories. You can initiate the process manually via Help | Delete Leftover IDE Directories.

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If your project uses a framework that works in IntelliJ IDEA via a plugin, the IDE will notify you and offer to lớn enable it directly from this notification.

We’ve simplified navigation in Preferences/Settings by adding arrows khổng lồ the top right-h& corner of the window. They allow you lớn quickly jump back and forth between the sections you’ve sầu opened.

When any sản phẩm updates appear in the Toolbox App, your IDE will inform you. If there is a new version available for tải về, you’ll be able to tăng cấp to lớn it right from IntelliJ IDEA. Toolbox App 1.20.8804 or later is required to lớn use this feature.

IntelliJ IDEA has a Power Save mode khổng lồ help you extkết thúc the battery life on your máy tính xách tay. To make this mode easier khổng lồ access, we’ve sầu made it possible khổng lồ manage it from the status bar. Right-clichồng on the status bar và select Power Save Mode – you’ll see a new icon appear in the bottom right corner of the IDE. Clichồng on this icon whenever you want lớn turn the mode on or off.

IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2 includes a number of helpful updates for coding with the enabled screen reader mode on macOS. We’ve voiced available suggestions for code completion, the content of the selected full bộ box & full bộ box lists, and the results of your queries in Search Everywhere.

We continue to lớn look into lớn better UI responsiveness & reducing unexpected freezes. In this release, we’ve sầu managed to avoid UI blocks when using context menus, popups, & toolbars. We’ve sầu also moved certain operations that require indices off the UI thread, which should help prsự kiện freezes in other situations.

It is now easier khổng lồ distinguish between public, protected, and private Java members (methods, fields, và classes) as you can configure the color settings for them in Preferences/Settings | Editor | Màu sắc Scheme by unfolding the Visibility node.

Configuring a new JavaFX project just got easier. In just two steps, you can add a project SDK, language, desired build system, thử nghiệm framework, và one or several frequently used libraries, which come with short descriptions.

We’ve sầu added a range of new inspections lớn address particular use cases in Data Flow Analysis. For example, there are inspections to traông chồng a floating-point range or a collection kích cỡ on update methods. The new Write-only object inspection warns you when you modify an object but never query it for some custom classes defined in your project and the standard library.

To learn more about other new và improved inspections, read our blog post.

Starting from v2021.2, Kotlin code completion works based on the machine learning mechanism by mặc định. Code suggestions are prioritized more carefully as the IDE relies on the choices of thousands of real users in similar situations. You can configure ML-assisted completion in Preferences/Settings | Editor | Code Completion.

Previously you had to wait for code analysis lớn finish before you could start running your tests. In the current version, you can launch tests immediately after opening the tệp tin by clicking the Run kiểm tra ibé in the gutter.

We’ve introduced some useful improvements & updates lớn our coroutine agent in the debugger. The coroutines agent is now available via the Coroutines tab in the Debug tool window. It works for Java run configurations with a dependency on kotlinx.coroutines, and Spring and Maven run configurations.

We’ve sầu also fixed an issue when local variables were not used after passing a suspension point and disappeared in the Variables view of the Debugger tool window.

Don’t waste another minute! While the IDE is indexing a project you can run and debug your application. The buttons associated with Run/Debug Configuration are active during indexing.

In IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1, we’ve sầu introduced WSL 2 tư vấn and the Run Targets feature. In v.2021.2, you can use these features for Kotlin.

In this release, we’ve sầu added a useful inspection that helps you simplify the syntax and combine several calls inlớn one when calling methods in a chain inside a collection.

In previous versions, you manually typed buildString lớn customize your code. Our new intention action allows you lớn apply it automatically in just two clicks.

The main focus of this release has been Scala 3 tư vấn, which has been significantly improved. Indexing is now fast, precise, và version-agnostic. You can now create both sbt and .idea-based Scala 3 projects, as well as Scala 3 SDKs, normally. The editor can handle significant indentation better. We"ve sầu supported Scala 3 constructs in Scala 2 projects (-Xsource:3). There are improvements in the debugger, formatter, REPL, auto-import, enums, extension methods, and many others! (That said, please keep in mind Scala 3 tư vấn is still a work in progress and not yet perfect.)

As is customary in the IntelliJ Platkhung, the Scala plugin has built-in error highlighting. It"s fast, lightweight, & supports all the standard IntelliJ IDEA features. However, because the Scala type system is so complex, the algorithm can sometimes report false errors. Although we"re constantly working on improving the implementation, the ability to use the Scala compiler for error highlighting may come in useful in some code bases. Please note that, even though the compiler-based approach is more precise, it is slower, requires more resources, và doesn"t tư vấn features such as type diffs, quick-fixes, và inspections. So unless there are lots of false errors in the code, the built-in error highlighting is recommended.