How to confident that your personal information will not disperse on a network or some computer genius in a thousvà kilometers from you will not want everything simply lớn erase hard disk? The most radical way is not khổng lồ include or not use the PC in general. A more real option is to lớn install advanced antivirut software, however, and such a step does not give sầu a feeling of complete protections. At the same time, it is noted that the reliability of the system is multiple increases when installing the second line of defense, for example, in the form of Malware Fighter Pro - a universal means for blocking malicious content.

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The principle of operation of this utility is to lớn close the loopholes that remained after the operation of the main antivirut, although individual work is not excluded. At the same time, high efficiency is ensured by the continuous monitoring of the most vulnerable places of the system such as autorun, network and active sầu processes. It is also possible lớn start windows checks At the request of the user.

Advantages of universal antivirus:

The spectrum of controlled hazards includes all types of malicious software from worms lớn keyboard spies;Running diagnostics is carried out both forced and planned according khổng lồ the schedule;It is possible lớn work in the "quiet" mode.

Obtaining a legal license

Iobit in 2016/17 as Santa Claus gives legal unlimited keys lớn evaluate their own products. And Malware Fighter Pro did not exception, in the archive sầu with the distribution room and separately it is proposed lớn tải về the activation code from the developer until July this year. Be careful during installation vày not forget lớn take ticks With dubious software.

"Iobit Malware. Fighter is a software package for security and confidentiality, designed lớn protect website users và corporations from online attacks. Use it lớn prsự kiện the threat of infection with malicious software, for example, the PETYA and Goldeneye extortioner program. "


User reviews

"A few years ago, someone drew my attention on Iobit Malware Fighter. At first I was skeptical. However, after installation, this program has become my favorite means of protection against malicious programs. It is very easy khổng lồ use. Over the years, she discovered và removed not one threat. I also use other IOBIT programs, such as Advanced SystemCare, so my computer is securely protected. Now I recommkết thúc these programs khổng lồ all your friends & relatives. "

Peter Stoffers.

User reviews

"I used several Iobit products & was very impressed with innovations & the results obtained, so I recommend Iobit Malware Fighter. Iobit Malware Fighter unnoticed in background mode, demanding the minimum user intervention. I am sure that Iobit Malware Fighter is able khổng lồ detect malware and protect my computer. I recommkết thúc Iobit Malware Fighter lớn all PC users. "

Iobit Malware Fighter Pro is a program that allows real-time to lớn protect your PC from different threats. Contains many useful tools with which you can not worry about viruses and other threats.

For activation pro. The version of the program is used by the license key khổng lồ be entered into a special window. Detailed instructions by activation Iobit. Malware Fighter Pro can be found below.


IOBIT MALWARE FIGHTER PRO activation instructions

Download installation tệp tin IOBIT MALWARE FIGHTER PRO latest version With current activation keys are below.

Download Iobit Malware Fighter Pro + keys

Password for archive: 365KEYS.

Usually, just entering the key, the program is not immediately activated. As a rule, a message appears that this key Already used by maximum quantity PC.

In order for everything khổng lồ be successful, you need to bloông xã Malware Fighter Internet access. You can disable temporarily before entering the key, but when you again turn on the activation of "flitting". For long-term use, we propose lớn use the instructions below.



2. Open the main Iobit Malware Fighter window, in the lower right corner, cliông chồng "Enter the code", the window will open for entering the key.

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3. Enter the key from the text file or copied from this page.


4. We cliông chồng "Register", an error message should appear that it is not possible to connect lớn the servers to lớn check the key. Just cchiến bại it, and then & the window for entering the key.


5. In the main window, you can see that the version of the program has become Pro, and in the "License Management" menu you can see to lớn which date is registered Pro version programs.


IOBIT MALWARE FIGHTER PRO - A powerful & modern program that is intended khổng lồ ensure the security of a computer & system from viruses và hacker attacks. You can identify và neutralize malware hacker attacks And undesirable software. Download Iobit Malware Fighter Pro for free You can see the link below, and in the archive with the program you will find the activation key or the license code. Additionally, we added the ability lớn download Iobit Malware Fighter Pro torrent.

Iobit Malware Fighter. It has a built-in scanner in its arsenal, which is intended lớn chạy thử the system và computer for the presence of Malware threats by selectively either full scan. Also, the program has cloud protection technology, thanks to which the defense will be constantly. It is also worth noting that this program In Russian, thereby simplifying use.


In the lakiểm tra version worked out:

improved protection against hidden threats;complex protection against malicious software;manual and automatic check;continuous database update.


We publish the keys for you for Iobit Malware Fighter for 2019!

Iobit Malware Fighter is an advanced utility to lớn remove malicious và spyware. Allows you lớn detect even the most complex threats & protects the computer from real-time malicious behavior.

The main features of Iobit Malware Fighter

Enhanced Protection from Encryptors

After large-scale attacks Wannacry, Petya / Goldeneye last year, millions of users began lớn worry about risks of loss of access to lớn the system, loss of files và money. The anti-extortionist embedded in Iobit allows you khổng lồ bloông chồng access lớn the system from suspicious documents & programs without digital certificates, và new feature Boxing security ensures that your files will not be hacked by trojan-encrypters.

Expanded protection against malicious

Millions of new malicious programs appear daily in the world, which apply to lớn very quickly & largely. Iobit Malware Fighter 6 supports the security of your computer & prevents data loss and theft personal information. Increased by 120% database & advanced protection giải pháp công nghệ makes it possible to effectively detect more than 2 million threats and blochồng them before they can cause any damage khổng lồ the system.

Safe surfing with protection from cryptomainers

Reducing the performance of the computer may be associated with an increased load on the processor due to lớn the execution of the cryptomer code. To guarantee your security on the Internet, a safe surfing module will protect browsers Google Chrome. & Mozilla Firefox. From unwanted website miners digital currencies.

Protection of real time

Real-time protection in Iobit Malware Fighter 6 performs monitoring of the system in search of suspicious activity lớn ensure safety. Any threats, in particular, malicious objects & processes will be blocked and deleted. In addition, malicious attacks will be prevented during the system loading process.