Ios 11 beta 3 tidbits: new tv providers, fixed ipad app switcher and more

Apple has released iOS 11 developer beta 3 for developers on iPhone, ipad tablet, & iPod touch. iOS 11 brings new features like drag-and-drop và a redesigned multitasking interface for ipad, a new customizable Control Center, and much more.

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New in beta 3 is a swipe up gesture for ipad tablet users lớn close apps, tweaked behavior lớn Cover Sheet Notification Center and more …

iOS 11 beta 3 is currently only available lớn registered developers for now. Apple typically holds new public beta versions for a few days for major updates.

Apple also recently released a special ‘Update 1’ to iOS 11 beta for some devices khổng lồ resolve a DFU restore issue. Today’s release is available khổng lồ all users, so it seems like the DFU update has been fixed.

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Whilst iOS 11 beta 3 does not have sầu any groundbreaking changes, there are a handful of enhancements và tweaks — along with the usual performance and stability improvements:

New in iOS 11 beta 3:



Refined cảm ứng 3 chiều interface for the Camera app in Control Center. Similar UI changes can also be seen in the Cảm biến 3 chiều overlay view for the Notes Control Center shortcut.The Cover Sheet of Notification Center has been refined. It now shows all notifications immediately when swiped into view; a second upward gesture khổng lồ see older notifications is no longer necessary.On ipad tablet, you can now remove apps from multitasking with an upward swipe gesture. The cthua kém button ‘x’ interface seen in beta 1 and beta 2 has been replaced with the swipe interaction.Improved Springboard responsiveness when dragging & dropping. App icons now more closely track with finger gestures when dragging around.Messages in iCloud reports fine-grained update progress in Settings.Mail correctly remembers if it is open in 3-column mode on larger 12.9-inch iPad tablet displays, when switching between full screen và split-screen presentations.Smart Invert is now applied more correctly across the operating system.In TV Provider settings, users can sign up with their local provider even if it doesn’t support Single-Sign On yet.App Store settings now include a preference for whether lớn auto play videos. Users can pick to lớn disable autoplaying video clip entirely or only when on cellular networks.OS X Server is listed in the Files app; not yet functional.The UI for cảm ứng 3 chiều pđánh giá for Safari has been tweaked.For developers, SafariServices offers a new API to improve the authentication flow for onboarding. For instance, when Facebook is updated, a user that is logged in khổng lồ the website tiện ích can be automatically logged inkhổng lồ the native ứng dụng without entering a password.

Apple today released iOS 11 beta 3 for developers alongside new builds of macOS High Sierra and tvOS. There was no new watchOS beta released today, perhaps that will follow later in the week.

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We would expect to see public betas for iOS 11 seed 3 released later this week.

For a comprehensive sầu look at everything new in iOS 11 so far, kiểm tra out our hands-on video below:

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