How to fix error 1015 while restoring iphone with easy methods

Summary: Error 1015 appears during iPhone restore through iTunes. If you are getting this error, its probably due to lớn attempts of jailbreak or iPhone downgrade. This post shares 7 ways lớn fix iPhone restore error 1015 on iPhone 7, 8, XS, XR, SE, 11, 12, and above models.

Are you receiving iPhone error 1015 during restore with iTunes as below?

Case 1: I have an old iPhone 3G stuông chồng in Recovery Mode. I am trying to restore it through iTunes. But at the kết thúc of the restore, I get unknown error 1015. How can I fix error 1015 on my own?

Case 2: I tried lớn restore my iPhone in iTunes. It won’t finish because of this error 1015 code. I have the lademo software. I’ve restarted and updated my iPhone too. Still the same error message appears.

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Have sầu you used tools lượt thích TinyUmbrella to restore firmware that Apple no longer supports?

Did you try to jailbreak your iPhone by using applications lượt thích Redsn0w or Pwnage?

If yes, that’s the reason behind the problem. The error 1015 is typically caused by attempts of jailbreak or downgrade on the iOS device. Such activities are a violation of the iOS end-user software license agreement. They can make your iPhone vulnerable khổng lồ malware and prone khổng lồ errors lượt thích 1015.

Naturally, Apple wouldn’t encourage jailbreak or downgradinglớn an older iOS version. Thus, you are bound to lớn face problems when trying the unauthorized iOS modifications on your iPhone or iPad tablet.

Thus, the probable reasons for the iPhone restore error 1015 are:

Downgrade of iOS Jailbreak Outdated software Third-party tools on your computer

This post shares all the possible solutions to fix iPhone restore error 1015.

You can apply these solutions on all iPhones including 3G, 4, 5, 6, 6s, 7, 8, X và above sầu models using any iOS version.

Methods to lớn fix iPhone error 1015

1. Install the latest version of iTunes

Make sure your computer has the lachạy thử iTunes before restoring iPhone using iTunes.

On Windows PC, update iTunes by following Help > Cheông chồng for Updates in the top menu bar of iTunes.

On Mac, go to lớn App Store > Updates > cliông chồng Install, if you see any iTunes updates.

2. Update iOS

iOS updates usually fix error 1015 which appears while restoring iPhone with iTunes.

On your iPhone, go khổng lồ Settings > General > Software Update và tap Download và Install.

3. Update Windows or macOS

System update ensures smooth và error-không tính phí performance of your computer.

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If you are using Windows PC, follow Start >Settings>Update và Security > Windows Update.

On Mac, cliông chồng on Apple icon and select Software Update & clichồng on updates available.

4. Uninstall third-party software on PC/ Mac

Third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ software often create conflict among muốn programs while performing iPhone restore or update with iTunes. You may not receive the error 1015, after uninstalling such programs.

On Windows computer go to Start > All apps. Find the third-các buổi party software và right-cliông chồng on it. Choose Uninstall.

On Mac, in the Finder window, go lớn Applications. Find và select the third-buổi tiệc ngọt software. In the top thực đơn bar, go to lớn File and select Move to Trash. Next, click on Empty Trash.

5. Put your iPhone in Recovery Mode & restore

Before you put your iPhone on Recovery Mode, ensure you are usingthe lakiểm tra version of iTunes. Next, follow the below steps to restore iPhone using the Recovery Mode.

Connect your iPhone to computer mở cửa iTunes Force restart your iPhone while it is still connected to lớn the computer, until you see the iTunes logo sản phẩm (To force restart use trang chủ and/or volume button depending on your iPhone version)


To Sum Up

Naturally, the error code 1015 is annoying when you quickly want khổng lồ restore your iPhone using iTunes.

The error usually appears when your software is not updated, you have sầu attempted jailbreak or downgraded your iPhone’s iOS.

The post shares 7 different ways you can try lớn fix the problem. Begin with the simpler troubleshooting such as updating your iOS, Windows/ macOS and iTunes. Uninstalling third-buổi tiệc ngọt security software or deleting the IPSW files on your computer has also worked for many in resolving the error 1015.

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In case these methods don’t work, then go for the tougher solutions like bringing iPhone to Recovery Mode or DFU Mode which lead lớn iPhone data loss. They are the harsher solutions to lớn the problem, but assure you don’t receive error 1015 while restoring from iTunes. But make sure you have iCloud & iTunes backup before attempting these two methods. Else you would need an iPhone data recovery software such as Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone khổng lồ restore your lost iPhone data. The software is quiông xã and efficient way khổng lồ get bachồng lost data in cases of jailbreak, downgrade of iOS and restore errors.

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