iTools 64 bit for managing iOS devices

The iOS devices are the devices that run on the iOS Smartphone operating system. Major iDevice types are the máy tính bảng iPad, the iPod cảm biến, & the iPhone. Many software applications have been developed for iOS management. If you look around you would see that the most popular phầm mềm for iOS management is the iTunes application.

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But there are some complications on iTunes when it is using lớn manage iOS devices. So that there are many alternatives for iTunes, but the best alternative sầu is iTools and the latest version is the iTools 64 bit for iOS devices. iTools has been an interesting feature provider for all iOS devices.


The iTools Application for fast iDevice managing experience

The iTools 2021 is the best super alternative for iTunes in iOS devices. Do you want khổng lồ know more about this tool? Okay guys, then you are at the right place because the article that is here will enlighten you on everything that you will have lớn know about the iTools 64 bit. This tool is 100 % miễn phí, và you would see that it comes with no ads or plugins.

This powerful application helps its users in many useful ways that include the management of truyền thông, pictures, and other files in your iDevices easily and you will see that it also helps you to either install or uninstall apps that are available on your device.

Download iTools FREE!

You can tải về the lakiểm tra version of iTools for Windows và Mac For miễn phí. All you need to lớn vị is to choose the platform that you need lớn install the iTools & cliông xã on the link khổng lồ download the iTools for your PC. We provide link to lớn download iTools latest versions for Windows & Mac & iTools old versions for Windows & Mac.


Furthermore, you could backup your apps, và if you want, restore the backed-up files onlớn your folders. With iTools iPhone, you will be able to manage your data in iDevices similar to lớn the way that you vày in windows. The iTools 64 bit is called such because it runs on a 64-bit platsize. It is the complete solution to lớn manage all your iOS devices.

iTunes was the original application for iDevices, but now the upgraded version that suits your iDevices is the iTools application. The iTools software shares similarities from the iTunes software. You would find that the interface style is similar khổng lồ iTunes with a menu bar on the left. The iTools 64 bit lets you access the entire file system of your iDevice. You could access the file systems through your PC.

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Highlighted Features Of The iTools 64 bit

The highlighted features of the iTools iOS will include the easy conversion of MP3 formats và the management of the desktop. Further, you would come across the cleaning of rubbish files available on the desktop. You could also manage contacts and SMS text messages and continue with the sharing of data between devices.

The process to lớn download iTools is also simple và straightforward. You could tải về it from a secure links khổng lồ the application & then get it installed on your PC. The instructions that you will have lớn follow are very simple, và after the successful installation of the application, you could easily enjoy all the features.

This application is compatible only with several devices. It would run well on Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP & any device that runs either on a 32-bit or 64-bit setup. The application is designed in a way that it supports 32-bit or 64-bit setups.

Download the application and install the application on your device so that you could enjoy all available features on the application. You are going to love sầu its features surely & what the ứng dụng is going to lớn offer you. With this application here, it will be possible for you khổng lồ bởi significant changes in the interface of your device. You will love the looks of it. Enjoy your device with its wonderful features. Good luck.