V2.19 loveforht.netTools adds tư vấn for iOS 10.X jailbreak for 32-bit iDevices. So far, you can jailbreak all every iOS version on 32-bit iDevices using loveforht.netTools.



The h3lix jailbreak is compatible with the following 32-bit devices, running iOS 10.0 - 10.3.3:

iPhone 5

iPhone 5c

iPad (4th generation)


1.Just in case, please backup your iDevice before you jailbreak.

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2.This jailbreaking is Semi-untethered. If you reboot iDevices, you will thua trận the jailbreak, Cydia & any other jailbroken tweaks, but they may probably crash on launch.

3.If you want lớn downgrade after you jailbreak, please check:Downgrade 32-bit Devices to lớn Any iOS Version With SHSH

4. Here isRoundup: H3lix JailbreakTweaks


Step 1 Connect iDevice khổng lồ PC with USB cable, launchthe lathử nghiệm loveforht.netTools. Head to “Flash và JB”-> “Jailbreak”, then clichồng button “iOS 10.x 32-bit Jailbreak".

(Updated in loveforht.netTools: "iOS 10.0~10.3.3 Jailbreak".)



Step 2 loveforht.netTools will automatically install H3lix app on your iDevice.


Step 3 After that, please verify the phầm mềm by going khổng lồ “Settings”-> “General”-> “Device Management(Profile)”, then click Trust "1hj4s21gb687

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Step 4 Launch H3lix on the home page screen, cliông chồng “jailbreak”và wait till the iDevice reboots. Then Cydia inhỏ will be on the home screen if you jailbreak successfully. Otherwise, you may need to cliông xã “jailbreak”again on H3lix.

Step 5 This is a semi-untethered jailbreak, if you reboot the iDevice, it will be unjailbroken. Please launch H3lix khổng lồ cliông chồng “Kickstart”.

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