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Enables selection of hàng hóa language and/or operating system. Product tải về requires valid username and password.

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Fixed: Webcam is not detected by Webcam Protection on Windows 10 RS4Fixed: Antitheft Protection crashes during attempt to lớn disableFixed: Issues with Wi-Fi connected khổng lồ public access pointFixed: Debugger not functioning


Added: Security reports under ToolssectionAdded: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in License Manager for improved license association securityAdded: Forgot my password functionalityAdded: Sign up for directly in the productChanged: Anti-theft sign-in screen displays instead of create account screenImproved: User experience for License ManagerFixed: Offline updates bởi vì not offer the lakiểm tra versionFixed: Help pages for all Device warningmessages are missing after running a Connected trang chủ Monitor scanFixed: Unable lớn change hàng hóa if Require full administrator rights for limited accountsis disabledFixed: Various functional and localization bugs


Changed: Initial Scan scans all local drivesFixed: GUI does not start when user logs off & onFixed: GUI constantly displays single file Context scans as “In-progress”Fixed: Real-time file system protection does not run automatically after temporary pauseFixed: Unable lớn loông chồng decrypted virtual drive or USB Fixed: JAWS Log filtering window does not read properlyFixed: Various internal and localization bugs

Version 11.1.42

Added: UEFI scanning option (Boot sectors/UEFI) added to Computer scanAdded: Additional Diagnostics setting for advanced license loggingAdded: Updated Banking và Payment Protection module khổng lồ support Chrome version 64Added: Operating system information is displayed for some devices types by Connected trang chủ MonitorAdded: Ability lớn manually remove sầu devices identified by Connected trang chủ MonitorAdded: Ability to lớn manually specify categories of devices in Connected Home MonitorAdded: Screen reader support for Offline và Live sầu installersImproved: More frequent update checks for detection engine & modulesImproved: Product installation time reducedImproved: application status reportingImproved: Various activation improvements lớn decrease activation failuresChanged: Anti-Ransomware Protection renamed to lớn Ransomware ShieldFixed: All mặc định tasks are restored after running repairFixed: "Update has not been run yet" is displayed after is already updatedFixed: Antimalware Scan Interface Integration fails after installation và before restart (Win 10x64 16215)Fixed: Blue screen error (BSOD) caused by staông chồng overflowFixed: Advanced setup thực đơn is corrupted after clicking DefaultFixed: After changing a check box value, text is not read by JAWSFixed: The URL for "I forgot my password" is incorrectFixed: Cannot select items in context menuFixed: Various minor bugs and localization improvements

Version 11.0.159.X

Changed: The user no longer needs to deselect a check box during installation khổng lồ install the sản phẩm to a custom folderChanged: Updated LiveGrid status reporting so that yellow status is now not shown until a network connection is unavailable for 10 minutesFixed: BSOD may occur during clean install with installed MS kb4073291 on Windows 10 RS3Fixed: The Update window does not refresh after downloading a 3rd buổi tiệc ngọt installerFixed: Device Control does not activateFixed: Exclusions are not accepted during the initial scan that is made after installingFixed: The scrollbar does not display in the Update windowFixed: Banking và Payment Protection does not show "Protected by" when using the lathử nghiệm Firefox browserFixed: Various internal và localization bugs


Added: Scanning of process file-system operations made by piteo processes Changed: License expiration messages vày not display as Windows toast messages Fixed: An issue that causes files hidden in long directories not khổng lồ be scannedFixed: Specific notifications reappear after being closedFixed: EGUI does not start after initial installation & restartFixed: The links to lớn "I forgot my password" from License Manager tab leads khổng lồ incorrect webpageFixed: Automatic Gamer mode does not work properly when Internet Explorer 11 is changed lớn full screen modeFixed: Offline installer for Internet Security installs the wrong productFixed: “Invalid thư mục selected” is displayed when selecting a custom install folder, even though the folder existsFixed: Inconsistent update information is displayed during sản phẩm upgradeFixed: Incorrect Firewall state reported to Windows Defender Security CenterFixed: Various internal bug fixes and localization improvements


Fixed: Unable to lớn change protection state using keyboardFixed: Unable lớn select Region during License Key registrationFixed: “Anti-Theft has been successfully disabled” message appears after changing the device nameFixed: Username và password data for Updater go missing after product activationFixed: Gamer Mode does not work in Manual modeFixed: Various localization issuesFixed: Various internal bugs


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