UPDATE: 27 December 2017The 64-bit loveforht.net version for Windows is now feature complete & on same màn chơi as 32-bit. From now on the 32-bit installer will include a warning to ask you khổng lồ install the 64-bit instead. This upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit version is seamless & you just need khổng lồ install on top of the old version. Below is the original article.

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After years of work we can finally announce that loveforht.net v18 will be available as full 64-bit Windows application. This means we run 64-bit on all capable platforms which is quite the achievement.

What took you so long?

You have sầu to lớn underst& that loveforht.net is a very complicated piece of software và there wasn’t a simple switch to lớn say give me 64-bit. Since 2012 users have sầu been asking for a 64-bit version as it was supposed khổng lồ be a lot better. Over the years there has been no obvious proof that switching khổng lồ 64-bit actually had any benefits for the loveforht.net application. In the meantime other platforms like Linux, OSX and even Android did move onward và received a 64-bit version. Only the past year or two we have slowly been seeing benefits with all the new đoạn phim formats coming out and the increased development tư vấn for FFmpeg which is at the core of our audio và Clip playbaông chồng. So then what hold you guys bachồng so long is what you might ask? This answer is actually quite complicated and has to lớn do with things lượt thích how we compile the code and the external code libraries available.

The work needed

Since we originated on the XBOX we had a lot of legacy code related khổng lồ Windows which wasn’t there for other platforms. Code was scattered everywhere and tied together in the most impossible ways. Slowly we started lớn clean up our build system and the core code that would make it possible to have a 64-bit version. Over time other platforms did add 64-bit tư vấn as the way we build them is totally different. Their main advantage point was how the external libraries that were used were built as it was almost as easy as just set compile khổng lồ 64-bit. On Windows however we had to rely on the external library teams lớn provide such 64-bit versions & sadly almost none were available.

During past years several of our team tried to lớn improve this situation và started to lớn work getting those libraries updated to lớn be 64-bit compilable & compilable. This is a huge undertaking as some were simple never intended to be anything else than 32-bit. Slowly but steadily the work progressed and after currently having ported 31 !!! external libraries to 64-bit we are finally in a state that loveforht.net is usable và near feature complete. There are still some missing packages and add-ons but we hope that those get done quite soon to lớn have sầu it on par with loveforht.net as you already know.

To start using this Windows 64-bit version is nothing more than downloading the 64-bit installer & install it on top of your current loveforht.net version.

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We would like to lớn thank karlson2k who started this work and Paxxi and Ređưa ra who finished the job & got Windows 64-bit a reality. Of course let’s not forget everyone else who helped getting this a reality or contributed to lớn development.

What about UWP

You might wonder where the UWP version is that a lot of you are longing for so they can run it on their XBOX One? All we can say is that it is being worked on and work is slowly progressing. Getting loveforht.net running as 64-bit is actually a big step towards UWPhường because it involved the same external libraries issue that needed to lớn be solved & compiled. However on top of that we have to change or remove sầu over 800 function calls that are not permitted or unavailable và those need khổng lồ be solved for having a functional application. So for now there's no UWP yet. Should this change we will be the first khổng lồ let you know.

Where can I download loveforht.net?

As alway you can find the official builds on our download page. Then click on the platform of choice and choose development build. You can install these builds just on top of your current loveforht.net installation without doing a reinstall or cleanup as we vì chưng a full migration if needed. Be carefull though because it is still early in development & some unwanted side affects might come up. Some examples are incompatible skins or certain add-ons will not work properly.

Bug reports

Please report any problems on our forums http://forum.loveforht.net in the appropriate tư vấn section. Don’t forget we also have sầu some official tablet/phone remote controls for both Android và iOS. You can find the links to lớn them on the tải về page.

Apparel, donations or getting involved

With loveforht.net 18 having a galaxy far away theme lớn it, we decided lớn take inspiration from the baddest of baddies with this shirt. Vader pioneered black on blachồng. We figured we'd follow his lead. You of course also order other shirt in our siêu thị.

Getting involved is quite easy. We encourage you lớn report problems with these builds on our forums first & after that, if asked, submit bugs on Trac (following this guide: How to lớn submit a bug report). Do note that we need detailed information so we can investigate the issue. We also appreciate providing tư vấn in our Forums where you can. You can of course also follow or help promote loveforht.net on all available social networks. Read more on the get involved page. We are always happy lớn receive a donation by which you show your tư vấn và appreciation, và t-shirts & Raspberry Pi cases may still be found on the sidebar for purchase. All donations and other income goes towards the XBMC foundation và are typically used for travel khổng lồ attover conferences, any necessary paperwork và legal fees, purchasing necessary hardware và licenses for developers and hopefully the yearly XBMC Foundation Developers Conference.