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Canon EFs 17-85mm IS (APS-C coverage only, 67mm filters, 16.5 oz./469 g, 1.1"/0.35 m cthua kém focus, about $299). enlarge. I got mine at Adorama; I"d also get it at Amazon or at B&H.

This ad-free website"s biggest source of tư vấn is when you use those or any of these link to approved sources when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live sầu. Canon does not seal its boxes, so never buy at retail or any other source not on my personally approved danh mục since you"ll have sầu no way of knowing if you"re missing accessories, getting a defective sầu, dropped, damaged, returned, store demo or used lens. (My approved sources ship from remote automated warehouses where no salespeople or lookie-loos can ever get their greasy fingers on your new lens.) Buy only from the approved sources I use myself for the best prices, service, return policies và selection. Thanks for helping me help you! Ken.

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SALE: Canon 17-85milimet IS: $299.

INTRODUCTION baông chồng to top.

Skip khổng lồ Specs Performance Recommendations


I use Adorama, Amazon, eBay, Ritz, B&H, Calumet, J&R & ScanCafe. I can"t vouch for ads below.

This is Canon"s best basic midrange digital zoom.

It"s got great IS for sharp shots without a tripod.

It"s super sharp, has great Image Stabilization, focuses almost instantly & is easy khổng lồ use and carry. It"s a great lens!

As an EF-S series lens it only works on the recent small sensor (1.6x or APS-C) cameras, lượt thích the Rebels (Rebel, XT & XTi <300D, 350D và 400D>), 20D and 30D. It won"t even fit on the older D30, D60 & 10D.

SPECIFICATIONS back lớn intro & index.


Canon calls this the Canon Zoom Lens EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM.

EF: Electronic Focus. All modern Canon lenses bởi vì this.

-S: Only works on newer, small (1.6x factor) DSLRs, which are the 40D, 30D, 20D, 20Da (astronomical), Digital Rebel XTi, Digital Rebel XT & the original Canon Digital Rebel.

IS: Image Stabilization. See Why IS Matters.

USM: Ultra-Sonic Motor: It focuses silently.

Focal Length

17-85mm. It gives a field-of-view similar lớn the view a 28 - 135mm lens gives on a 35mm camera.


17 elements in 12 groups.


Six blades, reasonably rounded for the first two widest stops. Stops down to f/22 - 32.

Cchiến bại Focus

1.1" (0.35m).

Filter Size

67milimet, plastic thread.


EW-73B, not included (not needed, either).


LP1116, not included.


16.545 oz (469.0 g), as measured by me, without filters or caps.


3.078 diameter x 3.606" extension from mount (78.11 x 91.68mm) at 17mm.

4.656" (118.33mm) extension from mount at 85milimet, all as measured by me.

Made of

Plastic exterior and switches.

Metal mount. Internals unknown, looks mostly plastic.

Made in

nhật bản.


September 2004.


June 2015: $299 on sale.

2006 ~ 2011: $500 - 600.

PERFORMANCE bachồng khổng lồ intro & index.

Overall Apertures Distortion Focus IS LCA Sharpness Sound Zoom

OVERALL baông chồng khổng lồ intro & index.

It"s precisely made of good, solid plastic. It"s made to tight tolerances and there is very little mechanical play.

It"s a handy lens for walking around.

It has instantaneous focus, great image stabilization, and gives sharp images.

It feels like the precise, chất lượng hàng hóa it is.

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Except for the wide angles being crammed together on the zoom ring, making them hard khổng lồ select, this is pretty much a perfect lens.

This 17-85milimet never gets in your way. It focuses fast và cthua thảm at every focal length, is easy lớn zoom, has great IS, & just works as it ought lớn. Bravo!

MAXIMUM APERTURE baông xã to lớn intro & index.

17mm: f/4

24mm: f/4

35mm: f/5

50mm: f/5.6

85mm: f/5.6

DISTORTION back khổng lồ intro & index.

It has a lot of barrel distortion (bulging out) at the wide kết thúc, which goes away in the mid & tele range.

Here are the values I use with Photocửa hàng CS2"s lens distortion filter lớn correct the distortion, shot on a 1.6x sensor camera (30D, 20D, 10D, D60, D30).

These figures are for you khổng lồ enjoy in your photography. This is all © & registered, so you"ll need permission lớn use these figures for anything else. Thanks! Ken.

17 mm: Strong barrel distortion. Corrects best with +4.5, but remains wavy.

24 mm: Pincushion distortion. Corrects best with -2.0, but remains a little bit wavy.

35 mm: Pincushion distortion. Corrects well with -3.0.

50 mm: Pincushion distortion. Corrects with -2.2.

70 mm: Pincushion distortion. Corrects with -2.0.

85 mm: Pincushion distortion. Corrects with -1.5.

FOCUS bachồng lớn intro và index.

AF is silent and almost instantaneous. This is spectacular: it"s faster than my own eyes!

It has instant manual focus override: just grab the focus ring. Manual focus works great at every focal length. It"s very well cammed.

Autofocus Speed

Almost instantaneous on a 30D and 20D! It snaps inkhổng lồ focus faster than I can measure. It focuses faster than my own eyes.

Autofocus Accuracy

On a 30D, the focus was always dead-on, wide-open at every focal length.


Manual Focus

Easy: just move sầu the ring with the tip of one finger. You don"t need khổng lồ bother with any switches. Want AF again? Just tap the shutter halfway again.

Focus moves in the opposite direction from Nikon. Don"t try to lớn vì this if you use both systems.



17-85mm IS at closest focus at 85mm, full image.


100% crop from above, no extra sharpening. Looks great!

It looks great at cthua distances. The close focus distance doesn"t vary with focal length.

The less expensive sầu 18-55milimet EF-S II gets closer.

IS, IMAGE STABILIZATION baông chồng to intro & index.

Read Why IS is Important khổng lồ underst& what these ratings mean.

I fired 65 shots, casually (not match-grade) hand held, at each focal length, or about 3 - 5 rounds at each shutter tốc độ và focal length. I used a 30D and looked at the results at 100%, which is a very high magnification.

Holding more carefully I could have sầu gotten better results.

Viewed at lower resolution, like what you"d see in a 4x6" print, you"d get much, much better results.

As you read at Why IS is Important, some of my shots at một nửa second were perfectly sharp, too. These are averages.

TIP: In dyên ổn light, fire several shots & piông xã the sharpest. It"s a random sự kiện, so if you fire enough shots, you"ll eventually get a sharp one even ar speeds of 1 second!

17 mm: Always sharp at 1/8, not sharp at 1/4

35 mm: sharp 50% of the time at 1/8 và 1/4. not sharp at 50%.

80 mm: Always sharp at 1/8, not sharp at 1/4.

LCA (Edge màu sắc Fringes) back to intro & index.

17mm: Moderate. You"ll see it if you look for it. The 18-55mm EF-S II is much better.

24mm: Minor. You have sầu khổng lồ look hard to lớn see it.

35mm: None.

50mm: None.

70mm: None.

85mm: Almost none. You really have khổng lồ look for it, và then it"s just on the verge of your imagination.

SHARPNESS baông chồng to lớn intro & index.

So long as you stop down a stop or two, your technique will be your biggest barrier to sharp photos. I have a page on How to lớn Get Sharp Photos.

Here are my observations on an 8 MP 20D. Letters correspond to center - edge. Possible ratings are E - VG - G - F - P. These are subjective sầu. Don"t fret over differences between adjacent grades.

Diffraction is usually the sharpness-limiting factor for all lenses, especially digital SLRs, at about f/11 và above. See also How Sharpness Varies with Aperture.