Back from a month or so of no activity on my blog, I’m gonmãng cầu start writing review again about Korean films và dramas I’ve watched recently.

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There’s a pretty long danh sách I have at the bachồng of my head, so without further ado, I’ll start with the lathử nghiệm one I’ve sầu just watched last night. It’s a Korean-Vietnamese movie titled ‘Lala‘ (also known as ‘Live sầu again, Love Again‘) starring San E, Jung Chaeyeon và the Vietnamese actress, Chi Pu. I don’t know who Chi Pu is, but I watched the movie since it looked interesting based from the title.

The Story



G-Feel (San E) is a popular K-pop composer who is currently experiencing a slump in his career because of his recent break up with Yoon Hee (Jung Chae Yeon). G Feel still has feelings for her, but thinks her love for hyên ổn is the one suffocating hyên, only to lớn find out too late how important Yoon Hee is khổng lồ hlặng when he learns of her death in Vietnam.

Heartbroken, G-Feel is even more unmotivated khổng lồ work on his songs. His friends try lớn cheer hyên up và give hyên ổn baông xã inspiration, but coincidentally finds what he’s been looking for through a song uploaded on Youtube by an amateur artist. Determined to lớn use this music for his new tuy nhiên, he goes to Vietphái nam with his entourage to find the composer and there he also meets the tour guide, Mi, who actually happens lớn be the composer of the song that has attracted him.


At first I was actually intrigued as khổng lồ how the story would evolve, considering I’ve tried reading the plot và thought it will go the same direction I was thinking of: G-Feel would go khổng lồ Vietphái mạnh to lớn find the composer of the piano piece he found on Youtube and after some time recognize her upon seeing her play the piano (since there are many scenes where Mi is seen playing the old piano at the antique shop). He would get khổng lồ know her, find her interesting và ask her khổng lồ come with hyên ổn and teach her the hoops of being a real composer in Korea and in the process they would fall in love sầu. Mi will achieve her dreams và G-Feel gets a second chance at love in the size of Mi, which is I think the most win-win situation for this movie và what I thought would greatly fit the title ‘Live again, Love sầu again’. ‘Cause who wouldn’t think they’d eventually fall in love sầu with each other when the title says it?

But sadly, the reality of this movie is tragically done compared khổng lồ what I have sầu imagined. It goes like this: G-Feel is a renowned composer, but he hides under the identity of one of his best friends. He’s depressed & not really happy with his life so he doesn’t go out of his house.

But Mi, being the dreamer, though have sầu not seen hyên ổn, is actually infatuated with G-Feel, so she uploads videos of herself on Youtube lớn become popular and one day meet hyên. While at it, her keyboard gives up on her, so she needs to lớn stop for a while khổng lồ have sầu it repaired. She continues to lớn work at a local cà phê in the morning & while daydreaming of something weird, she coincidentally meets Yoon Hee, a regular at the shop who always buys milk from them. Yoon Hee’s the kind of character that’s gentle & always smiles so you won’t ever expect her khổng lồ vì anything unlikely. 

Meanwhile, G-Feel is trashing all his other opportunities in Korea because he doesn’t have sầu any inspiration at the moment. His friends back hyên ổn up và leaves the company he’s working for. Then after some time, they all learn that Yoon Hee is dead. She apparently jumped off at Saigon River và drowned.

Mi continues lớn have strange dreams of a lady playing a certain tune và a soldier finding this lady in the process. She repeatedly sees the same dream every time she sleeps and eventually the đoạn phim she uploads on Youtube actually becomes her playing the same song she kept hearing through her dreams. 

G-Feel accidentally sees the video Mi uploaded & rearranges it to lớn sound the way he wants. The only problem is that he doesn’t know exactly who this composer is, so he messages Mi to buy her music. He eventually says that he wants to lớn meet her, but by the time he decides lớn go to lớn Vietnam giới, it’s because he wants lớn actually find out what happened lớn Yoon Hee. By coincidence, there he meets Mi as their tour guide not knowing that she’s actually the girl behind the piano tune he heard from Youtube.

They go on trips with fantastical views in Vietphái nam until G-Feel’s entourage actually has too leave sầu because G-Feel is being accused about being a cheater và not a genius back in Korea. After that, you’ll never hear about his friends. But anyway, once you finish the movie their characters doesn’t even bởi any impact lớn the story, so I honestly think that there was no point of them having a really huge presence at the beginning and middle of the story.

Then on Mi’s over of the story, someone tells her–from the antique shop she’s been playing the old piano from–that every music instrument has a soul và that it has a soulmate. Later, Mi continues to dream again of the lady in her visions and this time Mi finds that the lady actually looks so much lượt thích Yoon Hee và the soldier looks so much lượt thích G-Feel. That’s when she figures she must have been seeing those visions to lớn become Yoon Hee’s messenger–whether it was Yoon Hee from the past or present. Since, she is a random person with some sort of connection with Yoon Hee, she must have sầu been chosen to play the piano piece the Yoon Hee from her vision was playing, so G-Feel would be able khổng lồ hear it and eventually so G-Feel knows how much Yoon Hee loves him.

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The end!

In a nutshell, the movie’s storyline is actually all over the place và to lớn be honest I’m not even sure if there’s a point khổng lồ this movie. Sorry for being brutally honest but now that I’m done with the movie my eyes were opened lớn a couple of realizations:

(1) The title is very misleading–there’s really no point putting up that kind of title if G-Feel did not find another chance to lớn love sầu someone or live an even better life or if Mi’s crush didn’t even turn lớn something fruitful when she met G-Feel by accident or if her aspirations didn’t even bear results throughout the film;

(2) Mi’s story is actually nice and she’s tolerable to a point so I find it a waste that her potential love sầu line with G-Feel couldn’t even start;

(3) I really thought that her visions would lead lớn a little mix of fate-fantasy themes in the film, but sadly even why she dreams of that lady or of Yoon Hee (basically the present Yoon Hee who died is a reincarnation of the lady in her dreams) wasn’t well explained. Why she was chosen lớn deliver the tuy nhiên to lớn G-Feel is vague as well. I thought it would be because she’s the reincarnation of that lady in her dreams, but then it will make no sense because the lady looks so much like Yoon Hee & she’s already dead. Add the fact that Mi has little to no deep connections with Yoon Hee, so why her? It’s just so random. That I find Mi’s character a little pointless too. You can remove sầu her from the big picture & I’m sure the story will go on without her. It can be any random lady on Youtube who played that tune, honestly.

(4) The revelations were done while the movie was about lớn over, so again, it became meaningless. It doesn’t bởi any impact, because you know that it’s gonmãng cầu be revealed that way before it happened. G-Feel found out Mi is the composer of the song, but so what? It was never revealed lớn him the fact that Mi was actually dreaming of the past Yoon Hee, so he won’t know the song was actually made for hlặng or something lượt thích that. And that it was made to tell hyên Yoon Hee’s true feelings for hlặng in a way. So, how is he going to lớn somehow move sầu on? That wasn’t even decently played out in the film.

(5) I was actually looking forward lớn Mi’s reaction when she finds out that the guy she’s actually helping tour around the thành phố is G-Feel, who she has a crush on. But vì chưng you know that’s never gonna happen in the film? Because, though Mi introduced herself on their first meet there was no indication G-Feel introduced himself khổng lồ her ever. If he did then wouldn’t have Mi acted so flustered? Mi must have only figured out he’s G-Feel when he sent a message khổng lồ her at the over of the film, saying, ‘It’s you’. Then that’s it.

(6) Though G-Feel was so interested in Mi’s tuy nhiên, that subplot again met a dead kết thúc. He did not even intentionally try to lớn find her. He found out Mi was the composer by accident. There was no saying too that he bought the song or not.

(7) There was so much build up at the beginning that will make you really interested at first, but the excitement dies down once you’re in the final 30 minutes of the film because no development happens. Basically, the story just revolves around G-Feel realizing how actually important Yoon Hee was too hlặng when it’s already too late. You will not see any growth with his character. Just hyên ổn wallowing about his dead girlfriover, eating in Vietphái mạnh, và touring around. On the other hand, you will not also see Mi fulfill her dreams because she’s still a VPS at the cà phê she’s working at by the kết thúc of the story who owns the old piano in her house. I think the real winner here is Yoon Hee’s character, because though the reincarnation dies once more, Mi’s able khổng lồ realize the meaning of the tuy nhiên & Yoon Hee’s piano with a tragic history to lớn it ends up in her possession, so basically everything about this film revolves around her.

(8) I’ve endured the flashbacks, but there’s just so much repetitions of the same visions throughout the film that I eventually got exhausted and just waited for the ending, which was not even worth it. Let’s just say 50% of this film was dedicated for those flashbacks.


Let me get this straight. Overall, I’m going to say that the movie’s bad. The absolute ngắn gọn xúc tích is little khổng lồ none. I’m not even sure if this is a story or just a fragment of it, that’s why many things are not making sense. But if you’re going khổng lồ watch this film, it will certainly affect your emotions because it’s so melancholic & tragic to a point that you’ll have your own realizations about it and will only later realize the too many flaws it has.

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I’m not saying though that you shouldn’t watch it. I mean, compared khổng lồ other badly done movies, this one isn’t as annoying. Who knows if you might have a different perspective sầu about it. Just please don’t hate me for having these thoughts.

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