Logitech g610 orion gaming keyboard with cherry mx

The G610 has three switch options available, Red, Brown và Blue. We’ve sầu used both the Red & Blue versions of the keyboard, and with the exception of the Blues driving everyone in the office crazy thanks lớn constant clicking, they"re both great. If you’re looking for a new gaming keyboard with a few of the features seen in higher priced models, look no further.
-- As reviewed by PCPowerPlay AU


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Reviewers Liked

Excellent RGB lighting và easy softwareDiscrete truyền thông control buttonsProgrammable trắng backlightingGood value

Reviewers Didn"t Like

No Green optionDoesn"t feel quite as bulletproof as some other Cherry MX keyboardsLacks USB or audio portsFeels lượt thích a stripped-down G810
By Gadget Guy Australiaon November 30, 201792The brown or the xanh are solid keyboards. After using each for a few days as a journadanh mục, I lean towards the brown – if only because it is quieter.Gamers will probably like the red or brown. All are a hell of a lot easier on the fingers than...

By relaxedtech.cotháng July 01, 201785

I believe sầu the Logitech G610 keyboard deserves our Highly Recommended award.Final Score8.5« Home Page »Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. comments powered by...

By klgadgetguy.cotháng May 23, 201766

Keyboards have become a very important tool in our lives, from using it for everyday typing to pwning noobs in an online multiplayer game, therefore, it needs to lớn be comfortable & fast khổng lồ respond, getting it khổng lồ vì chưng what we want. When it comes lớn...

By PCWorldon April 06, 201780

Logitech"s G610 is a wonderfully restrained-looking gaming keyboard—we only wish it offered the option of RGB Cherry MX switches.

By liveatpc.comon February 02, 201788

Much cheaper compared khổng lồ the G810 Orion Spectrum, the G610 is a much more affordable keyboard with eerily similar features và...

By gamingcentral.inon December 07, 201686

The Logitech 610 lacks some features that gamers desire (lượt thích in-built ports and RGB backlight) but with its simple yet powerful approach makes an impact. The inclusion of dedicated media playback keys and the tactile, clicky Cherry MX Blue keys makes...

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By CGMon July 22, 201680

I will confess that it"s been a very, very long time since I spent any chất lượng time with Logitech peripherals, so you can imagine my surprise when I recently had the chance to lớn nhận xét their new G610 Orion Brown gaming keyboard. As the name would...

By PCWorld New Zealandon July 12, 201670

Logitech"s keyboard feels very solid & the keys are stiff và clicky lượt thích Cherry Blues should be. They"re for typists not gamers but even so, they can make your fingers hurt after a...

By gamegrin.comon June 27, 201660

By now I"m becoming a dab hvà at all of this mechanical keyboard stuff, having this as my third one. I"ve only just realised, however, that the colour of the switches is probably one of the most important things I should have spoken about....

By PC Magon June 07, 201680

Although they paông xã few fancy features, Logitech"s G610 Orion Red and Brown keyboards offer simple, reliable performance that mechanical keyboard enthusiasts will...

By GadgetSpeakon May 12, 201676

As part of its expanding range of gaming keyboards , Logitech has released a couple of new Cherry Mechanical offerings under the G610 Orion brand. Constructed of industrial grade plastic for a strong, robust appearance that is strong enough to handle...

By Tom"s Guideon April 04, 201670

The Orion is a keyboard with no fancy extras, for better và worse. Features lượt thích RGB lighting go by the wayside, facilitating a lower price tag & more streamlined software. The G610"s dignified design và discrete media buttons are just as delightful...

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By TomsHardwareon May 12, 2017

A more familiar alternative for those who lượt thích Logitech’s keyboards but not their switches, the G610 offers a sleek look for those not too concerned with all the bells và whistles of more expensive sầu keyboards.

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