When trying to copy files from Windows 10 computer lớn an external device, many users receive the error “the device has either stopped responding or is disconnected”. Don’t worry. This post of MiniTool will provide you with several effective sầu fixes.

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According to lớn user reports, the device has either stopped responding or been disconnected error often appears while copy files from Windows PC khổng lồ a connected device like Android Phone, iPhone, SD thẻ, or USB flash drive sầu.

This error is often related to faulty hardware. In addition, improper USB settings on your phone, broken USB ports, và corrupt USB controllers are responsible for cannot copy the device has either stopped responding.



A great many users reported that there is a hardware reserved memory windows 10. Are you also trying khổng lồ resolve sầu it? This post explores several effective sầu fixes.

Solution 1. Reconnect Your External Device

The first & fastest troubleshooting method is to reconnect your device or persize a restart of your devices. Here is a simple guide for you.

Step 1. Make sure you cthảm bại all running programs on your computer.

Step 2. Unplug your phone, USB flash drive sầu, or SD card from the computer.

Step 3. Re-plug your device inlớn the computer after waiting for a few minutes. If the device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected error still persists, continue with the steps below.

Step 4. Turn off your computer and phone, và then re-plug your phone into a USB port on the computer.

Step 5. Turn on your computer & phone.

If a simple reconnection or restart can’t work, try the following solutions.

Solution 2. Chechồng the USB Settings on Your Phone

There is a USB data connection feature on certain phones that allows you to lớn transfer data from the charging connection. If this option is disabled, you may encounter the device has either stopped responding or is disconnected iPhone error while copying files.

To fix the issue, you need lớn enable the USB data connection feature.

Step 1. Turn on your phone và clichồng on the Gear-shaped ibé lớn open Settings.

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Step 2. Navigate to the Developer options section, và select USB configuration > audio source while connecting to computer.

Step 3. Select the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) option. Then you can restart the phone & see if the error is fixed.

Solution 3. Cheông chồng the USB Ports

If the USB port on your phone or computer gets broken, you may receive sầu the device has either stopped responding or been disconnected error. To exclude this situation, we recommend you plug your phone into lớn a different USB port & check if it works. If it still doesn’t work, then you can move sầu next to the following solutions.


Solution 4. Run Hardware và Devices Troubleshooter

Hardware and Devices troubleshooter is a Windows built-in tool that can help you troubleshoot issues related khổng lồ the hardware devices. To check if there are any issues on your devices, you can run this troubleshooter. Here’s how:

Step 1. Press the Win + I keys lớn open the Windows Settings app.

Step 2. Clichồng on Updates & Security > Troubleshoot one by one.

Step 3. Double cliông chồng the Hardware & Devices on the right pane & clichồng on Run the troubleshooter.


Now, the troubleshooter will detect the hardware issues automatically. Once done, restart your computer and see if the device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected error is resolved.

Solution 5. Reinstall the USB Controller

If there is an issue with the USB controller on your Windows, it may trigger the device has either stopped responding or is disconnected error. In this case, you just need lớn reinstall the USB controller.

Step 1. Right-click the Start button & select the Device Manager from the context menu.

Step 2. Exp& the Universal Serial Bus controllers menu, & then right-click the affected USB controller & select Uninstall device option.


Step 3. Cliông xã on the OK button to lớn confirm this operation.

Step 4. Reboot your computer and wait for Windows khổng lồ reinstall the default USB controller driver baông chồng.

Solution 6. Use an Alternative to lớn Copy Files

If all the above sầu methods fail to lớn work, you may consider using an alternative sầu to copy files from a computer to lớn an external device. Here you can utilize a tệp tin backup program - MiniTool ShadowMaker lớn copy files. This program can help you baông chồng up files/folders, operating system, partition, & even the entire disk. To learn more details, you can read this post.



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