Your PC Ran inkhổng lồ a Problem & Needs to lớn Restart? If you are being troubled by such annoying issue, you have come lớn the right place, for this article explains the best way to lớn fix xanh screen error of death. No matter your PC can boot inkhổng lồ the Safe Mode or not, you will get a nice suggestion.

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Sometimes when booting your Windows 10, you see a xanh screen which tells that your PC ran inlớn a problem & needs lớn restart. If you try lớn reboot again, the same screen. This issue is called BSOD (blue screen error of death) as shown below:


The full error message can be:

"Your PC ran inlớn a problem & needs lớn restart. We"re just collecting some error info, và then we"ll restart for you."


"Your PC ran inkhổng lồ a problem that it couldn"t handle and now it needs to lớn restart. You can search for the error online."

Along with the message is the specific stop code that can be:


If you have no idea what to vì chưng when your PC ran inkhổng lồ a problem & needs lớn restart frozen, don"t worry, for you may get some clue after reading this article.

What Caused BSOD?

To be honest, it is hard lớn tell the specific reason that brings xanh screen error of death. Usually, your PC ran inkhổng lồ a problem Windows 10 is caused by a hardware issue or hardware driver issue. And when Windows encounters a "stop error", Windows keeps crashing and you get a blue screen.

But sometimes, your PC ran into a problem loop can be caused by the followings:

Corrupted system tệp tin.A registry file gets deleted from System32 thư mục.Overheating problem.RAM is running at a higher percentage than the operating system can accept.Virus attaông xã.Forceful shutdown.

It is funny that Windows points you lớn restart, but you keep receiving the same blue screen after doing so. Seriously, the BSOD error can bring you data loss. Hence, it is urgent to recover lost data as well as find a way to lớn fix this xanh screen error of death.

Case A: Your PC Can Boot into lớn the Safe Mode

If your computer can still boot into Safe Mode, you got multiple ways lớn fix your PC ran into lớn a problem & needs to restart stuông chồng. Please read the solutions lớn blue screen error carefully và then pichồng up the ones you think reliable. And we hope you never go lớn the last one.

Tip: How to lớn enter the Safe Mode when Windows 10 cannot boot? In short, you need the help of Windows recovery drive or Windows installation disk. To get the detailed instructions, read 7 Ways lớn Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 10.

Fix 1. Update the Drivers

Faulty driver can also bring "your PC ran inkhổng lồ a problem and needs lớn restart" error. Please make sure all your device drivers are up-to-date. To do this, you need professional driver update tools to help you in Safe Mode.

Fix 2. Uninstall Recently Installed Applications

The high RAM can be caused by a recently installed application, further leading to lớn blue screen error of death. At this time, please recall what programs you installed recently and then your PC ran into lớn a problem & needs to restart.

When you are in Windows 10 Safe Mode, go to Programs and Features at the Start menu. Then kiểm tra và uninstall the programs that are installed recently.

Tip: While uninstalling an application in Windows Safe Mode, you are likely to lớn encounter an error message saying "The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed." At this time, you just need to bởi vì the followings:
Run CMD as an administratorType REG ADD "HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSafeBootMinimalMSIServer" /VE /T REG_SZ /F /D "Service"& press Enter.Type net start msiserver.Try uninstalling the program again.

Fix 3. Modify the Memory Dump Setting

This way is quite useful especially when the BSOD shows "your PC ran into a problem và needs to restart memory management":

Step 1. In Safe Mode, right-click This PC on the desktop & select Properties option.

Step 2. Select Advanced system settings on the left of the System tab.

Step 3. Cliông chồng on the Advanced tab in the upper side of the Properties window. Then under the Start-up and Recovery column click Settings.


Step 4. Under System failure topic, uncheck Automatically restart; under Write debugging information, clichồng on the drop-down menu and select Complete memory dump option.


Step 5. Click on the OK button & allow the restart.

Step 6. Check to lớn see if you still have the error "your PC ran inlớn a problem and needs to restart."

Fix 4. Run System File Checker

Step 1. In Windows 10 Safe Mode, run Command Prompt as Administrator.

Step 2. In the popped up comm& line window, type sfc /scannow & hit the Enter key. Let the system file checker finish and then reboot your PC và see if the xanh screen error appearing.


Tip: Also this can be done by using a Windows installation disk. To get into lớn the Commvà Prompt, follow the path Repair your computer –> Troubleshoot –> Advanced –> Command Prompt.

Fix 5. Update Windows

There is a high possibility that your PC ran inkhổng lồ a problem and needs lớn restart frozen can be fixed by Windows update. Now follow the guidance below:

Step 1. At Cortamãng cầu tìm kiếm box, type update và choose Cheông xã for updates from the best match.

Step 2. Right-click Check for updates button and let Windows kiểm tra for any update available now.


Step 3. Install all updates & restart your PC.

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Case B: Your PC Cannot Boot inlớn the Safe Mode

If you are unable lớn get your computer inkhổng lồ Safe Mode, you may have sầu lớn try these suggestions lớn perkhung your PC ran into a problem and needs lớn restart Windows 10 fix:

Fix 1. Run Startup Repair

Windows provides a Startup Repair tool to help fix Windows boot issues. But you will need the help of Windows recovery drive sầu or Windows installation disk.

Step 1. Use Windows recovery drive or Windows installation disk to lớn boot your PC.

Step 2. When you see the option to install Windows, click Repair your computer instead. Then choose Troubleshoot –> Advanced Options –> Startup Repair.

Step 3. Select the target operating system to lớn fix. Windows will initiate the repair and then restart.

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Fix 2. Perkhung System Restore

If you have sầu created system restore points before, you should be able lớn roll your operating system to a previous state when the applications và the registry files are still working in good condition.

Step 1. Also, go to the Windows recovery environment.

Step 2. Select Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> System Restore.

Step 3. Choose an account lớn continue (you may need to enter the password as well).

Step 4. Click Next lớn continue.


Step 5. Now select a restore point that will restore Windows baông chồng lớn the date when you weren"t getting the xanh screen error & click Next khổng lồ go on.


Step 6. Press Finish and then Yes lớn restore Windows.


Restart Windows when the System Restore tool has weaved its magic. In this way your PC ran into a problem Windows 10 should have been fixed now. But if no restore point is available, apply the next solution.

Fix 3. Remix or Reinstall Windows

In case you still have sầu this issue, we advise you to reset/reinstall Windows operating system. But before you start, you have sầu to recover some key files saved in the system partition as system resetting/reinstallation can clean the original system partition.

As your computer cannot boot, you will need the help of a professional Windows data recovery tool. MiniTool Partition Wizard is a good choice, for it not only helps khổng lồ recover lost files after mistaken deletion but also is capable of recovering files from lost/formatted partition. What"s more, its bootable truyền thông media serves data recovery when computer fails to boot.

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Simple guidance here:

Step 1. Create a USB bootable truyền thông media using its Bootable Media feature (see how to lớn create a bootable media here).

Step 2. Use the USB bootable truyền thông media to boot your computer which suffers from BSOD (learn how lớn boot from MiniTool bootable media).

Step 3. Select the system partition to lớn recover files from (drive letter can be changed in the boot mode) and choose Data Recovery.


Step 4. Wait for Data Recovery tool to finish the scanning of the system partition. During the process, you are able to lớn kiểm tra each file khổng lồ see if it is the one you need. If Yes, mark the corresponding checkbox. 


Step 5. Finally, cliông xã Save to select a safe location (should be different from the system partition) for the recovered files.


For the detailed steps, please read our guide How lớn Recover Data When PC Won"t Boot.

Once data recovery is completed, you have the chance lớn fix blue screen error of death without worrying about data loss.

Tip: To rephối Windows 10, follow this path: boot your computer using Windows installation disk, then select Repair your computer –> Troubleshoot –> Advanced Options –> Remix This PC.

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To reinstall Windows 10, follow our guide here: How lớn Install Windows 10 on a New Hard Drive sầu (with Pictures).

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Now, What lớn Do?

After you have fixed your PC ran into lớn a problem & needs lớn restart stuck, you had better create a Windows system image lớn avoid the similar system error in the coming days. In this way you can quickly restore computer khổng lồ an earlier state instead of spending so much time in finding solutions to lớn recover your computer.

We believe sầu MiniTool ShadowMaker is a good assistant for you in this case. Simply put, MiniTool ShadowMaker is Windows backup software that is capable of backing up the Windows operating system, disk and partitions, và the files you appointed from different locations. In addition, it offers automatic backup options to save sầu your effort. With one time thiết lập, your computer gets lifetime system protection.

To baông chồng up the operating system using MiniTool ShadowMaker, you need khổng lồ download the 30-day Free Trial edition now.

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Simple instructions here:

Step 1. When you are asked lớn register, you can input the license code or you can click Keep Trial. Then select This Computer lớn connect.


Step 2. Go to Backup tab and then cliông xã the Source tab as well as the Destination tab to lớn choose what khổng lồ baông chồng up and where to lớn save the backup files. If you do not make any change, MiniTool ShadowMaker is phối to lớn baông xã up the running OS by mặc định.


Step 3. Now you have got more choices khổng lồ make (see the details below). When all is done, click Bachồng up Now. By doing these, your computer is automatically safeguarded in the coming days.

By clicking Schedule, you can set the backup frequency such as daily/weekly/monthly backup;By entering Scheme, you are able to let MiniTool ShadowMaker manage the disk space taken up by the backup files;By going to Options, you can make some changes lớn the backup image such as file compression. 


Step 4. Now go to Tools & follow the instructions lớn create a bootable media. By doing this, at any time you want lớn revert operating system to an earlier point, you can use the bootable truyền thông lớn help you perform a system restore when your PC ran inlớn a problem Windows 10.

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The Bottom Line

Reading here, you can try some fixes explained here and see if the xanh screen error of death is resolved. If you have sầu any suggestions on your PC ran inlớn a problem & needs to lớn restart Windows 10 fix, let us know by typing your ideas in the comment zone below. For any questions towards MiniTool software, welcome khổng lồ contact us via .

Your PC Ran inkhổng lồ a Problem

The issue of your PC ran inlớn a problem and needs to lớn restart is one of the Blue Screen of Death errors. It is a potential of system crash. The issue of your PC ran inlớn a problem & needs khổng lồ restart always caused by the hardware issue, driver issue, corrupted system files, registry tệp tin loss, overheating, vi khuẩn attaông chồng, forceful shutdown, etc.