Malwarebytes is a minimalistic, easy-to-use antivirus program that provides good protection against malware, but not much else.

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During my testing, Malwarebytes detected 95% of the malware files I had previously downloaded lớn my device, which is a pretty good result. In terms of real-time protection, Malwarebytes successfully blocked 98% of the malware files, which is excellent.

Other than the malware scanner, Malwarebytes has a web protection feature that is pretty good (it had near-perfect detection rates during my phishing tests). Users can also nâng cấp to lớn the Premium + Privacyplan lớn get a VPN, which is a good option for hiding online activity (but it’s missing a lot of the features và functionalities found in standalone VPN competitors.

While Malwarebytes is lacking many of the protections I’m used to lớn seeing in top antivirut software (lượt thích device optimization tools, parental controls, và a password manager), I think Malwarebytes is a good choice for users who want a simple, install-and-forget antivirut that’s able to detect & bloông chồng the majority of malware.

Malwarebytes doesn’t provide nearly as many additional features as top competitors lượt thích Norton & Bitdefender but it’s reasonably priced, offers a 14-day không lấy phí trial, & provides a generous 60-day money-bachồng guarantee on all premium plans.

Overall Rank#11 out of 62 antiviruses
VPNYes (with unlimited data)
Free PlanYes
Money-Bachồng Guarantee60 days
Operating SystemsWindows, Android, Mac, iOS

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Malwarebytes Full Review


Malwarebytes hasall of the core security features that I expect from an antivirut program, including real-time malware protection, ransomware protection, & web protection.

But unlượt thích so many of its competitors, Malwarebytes hardly offers any additional features, like a firewall, system tuneup tools, a password manager, or parental controls.

Malwarebytes’s top plan does include a VPN, but competing brands like McAfee, Bitdefender, Avira, or Kaspersky also offer VPNs, along with a wider range of extra features.

That said, if you’re looking for a basic, no-frills antivirut that offers good malware protection, Malwarebytes is an excellent, low-cost option.

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Malwarebytes Security Features

Virus Scanner

Malwarebytes uses a signature-based approach as well as heuristics lớn detect malware.This means that Malwarebytes has a malware database that it uses khổng lồ detect malware on your system, and it also examines files for suspicious behavior in order khổng lồ identify new malware that hasn’t yet been added lớn its database.

Malwarebytes has four different virus scans you can choose from:

Threat Scan.Scans key areas of your device’s system, memory, & startup programs.Quick Scan. Scans your memory and startup programs for active infections.Custom Scan. Scans any tệp tin or folder you want (including the entire disc).Single File/Folder Scan. Scans an individual file.

It’s important khổng lồ note that Malwarebytes doesn’t have sầu a default full system scan option, so if you want khổng lồ kiểm tra your entire system for malware, you need khổng lồ use the Custom Scan option & select all of the options.

Advanced users will have no problem with this, but I think Malwarebytes should definitely make it clearer for less tech-savvy users that the only way lớn scan the whole device is with a Custom Scan of the entire disk.

Most other antivirut brands, including Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, Avira, BullGuard, TotalAV, and Kaspersky,offer full system scans, so a full scan is definitely something Malwarebytes should add to its antivirus.


During my tests the Threat Scan only took 1 minute và 26 seconds lớn scan over 300,000 files on my device. This is comparable to competitors’ quichồng scan options, which usually take anywhere from 1 lớn 5 minutes.

Before installing Malwarebytes on my Windows device, I downloaded my standard mix of malware samples to my kiểm tra device, which includes around 1,000 malicious files (viruses, trojans, spyware, etc.). Once Malwarebytes completed the Threat Scan, it found around 76% of the files. But when I performed a Custom Scan that scanned my entire device (and took around 3 hours), Malwarebytes’s detection rate increased lớn 95%. While this is a good score, the best antivirus programs,like Norton or Bitdefender,have a perfect 100% malware detection rate.

Overall, Malwarebytes has an industry-average detection rate of around 95%, which is pretty good. I’d also like to lớn see Malwarebytes add a full system scan to its scan options instead of forcing users to run Custom Scans lớn kiểm tra their whole system. But I like how quiông xã the Threat Scan is, taking around 2 minutes lớn kiểm tra system areas where malware is commonly found.

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Real-Time Protection


Malwarebytes’s real-time protection(available only on the paid plans) includes four different layers of protection:

Web Protection.Malware & PUP Protection.Ransomware Protection.Exploit Protection.

Malwarebytes’s real-time malware protection performed really well in my tests, successfully blocking 98% of the malware I attempted khổng lồ download khổng lồ my device.This is a great result that’s comparable lớn most premium antiviruses. Malwarebytes’s website protection was also very successful at blocking phishing websites, identifying around 90% of the known phishing sites I tried visiting.

However, Malwarebytes’s ransomware protection isn’t as good as the other real-time protections. I used a ransomware simulator to lớn see whether or not Malwarebytes could detect and blochồng ransomware, and Malwarebytes blocked around two-thirds of the ransomware files on my device. When I used the same simulator on Norton, McAfee, and Bitdefender,all ransomware simulations were instantly blocked.

Overall, Malwarebytes’s ransomware protection needs some work, but the real-time vi khuẩn protection and website protections are on par with the best antiviruses on the market.

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Browser Guard


Malwarebytes’s Browser Guard is a free browser extension for Google Chrome, Edge, và Firefox. The extension protects against malware, ads & trackers, scams, & PUPs.

Browser Guard is very easy khổng lồ use, as all of the protections are turned on by mặc định & there’s nothing else for you to vày. However, if you’d lượt thích khổng lồ turn off certain layers of protection — for example, if you know a website is safe but the extension is preventing you from entering the site — you can easily toggle each protection on or off.

During my testing, I visited 40 known phishing sites and Browser Guard blocked 36— a success rate of 90%, which is pretty good.


Because Malwarebytes claims that Browser Guard can make your browser run 4 times faster due khổng lồ blocked ads & other unwanted nội dung, I also tested the extension against sites filled with ads. However, Browser Guard didn’t blochồng all of the ads on these websites — it blocked around a third of the ads on most sites I visited, whereas competing brands like Avirablocked almost all of the ads on the same sites.

Overall, Browser Guard isn’t a good ad blocker, but it’s effective sầu at detecting phishing sites.

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VPN (Virtual Private Network)


Malwarebytes’s Premium + Privacyplan comes with a VPN — it has:

Strict no-logs policy. Malwarebytes doesn’t log or store user data, including browsing history or connection logs.

Malwarebytes’s VPN doesn’t include a kill switch. A kill switch shuts off your internet connection in case your VPN connection fails. This is a really important VPN feature, & antivirus competitors lượt thích Bitdefender and Kasperskyboth offer a kill switch with their VPNs, so this is something I’d really like khổng lồ see Malwarebytes include in its VPN, too.

Malwarebytes’s VPN has good speeds. To assess its speeds, I first ran a tốc độ kiểm tra without the VPN, và then I ran another kiểm tra when I was connected lớn a nearby US hệ thống (I’m in Canada). I also tested the VPN’s speeds while connected khổng lồ distant servers.


As you can see, my ping increased, but my download speeds were actually faster with the VPN than when I was connected lớn my local server, so I was able khổng lồ seamlessly watch HD đoạn Clip and surf the web.

Using Malwarebytes’s VPN, I also tried accessing geo-blocked streaming services. However, Malwarebytes can’t bypass geo-restrictions on streaming sites, and I was unable to lớn access Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, or BBC iPlayer. But it’s worth mentioning that some of my colleagues were able to access BBC iPlayer & HBO Go — they are located in the US, so their location may have played a factor.

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Malwarebytes’s VPN also doesn’t work in restricted countries. I asked my friends in China & the UAE to test Malwarebytes’s VPN và they were unable to connect khổng lồ unrestricted sites. If you’re looking for a good VPN khổng lồ bypass government firewalls, I recommend ExpressVPN.

Overall, Malwarebytes’s VPN is basic and there arebetter options out there. While it has some nice advanced features, like the WireGuard protocol, Malwarebytes’s VPN isn’t able khổng lồ access international streaming services, doesn’t allow torrenting, & is unable to lớn bypass restrictions in high-risk countries lượt thích China. But if you’re only interested in hiding your online activity from your ISP và staying anonymous online, Malwarebytes’s VPN is a decent option.

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MalwarebytesPlans & Pricing

Malwarebytes offers 3 plans:

All of Malwarebytes’s paid plans include a risk-miễn phí 60-day money-bachồng guarantee (the same as Norton). This is pretty generous compared khổng lồ most competitors, which usually only offer a 30-day money-baông chồng guarantee.

Malwarebytes also offers a lock-in rate — if you decide to auto-renew your subscription, the price of your next renewal will be the same as the initial price you paid (even if the prices have increased). This is something that not many other antivirut brands vị, so it’s a really nice offering from Malwarebytes.

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Malwarebytes Free — Decent Option for Virus Removal

Malwarebytes Free only includes the malware scanner và Browser Guard extension. I only recommkết thúc this plan to lớn users that are looking for a quiông chồng way to remove an existing malware infection from their device.

However, if you want standalone protection, Malwarebytes Free isn’t good enough, as it doesn’t have real-time protection. While most không tính tiền antiviruses aren’t that good, there are competitors lượt thích Avira Freethat include both real-time malware protection và additional features like system tuneup tools and a VPN. So if you want a không tính tiền antivi khuẩn, there are better options.

On the other h&, if you’re willing khổng lồ spend some money on an antivirus suite, Malwarebytes Premium is a good choice for users looking for a high-powered antivi khuẩn scanner.Plus, Malwarebytes Freecomes with a 14-day không lấy phí trial of Malwarebytes Premium,so you can test all of the premium features risk-không tính tiền.

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Malwarebytes Premium — Strong Antivirut Protection

Malwarebytes Premium offers malware scanning, real-time protection, and the Browser Guard extension. With this plan, you can cover up khổng lồ 5 devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

The real-time protection alone is worth the nâng cấp khổng lồ premium from the không tính tiền plan. With the real-time protection, you get layers of added protection against online scams, phishing, ransomware, PUPs, and attacks taking advantage of bugs & vulnerabilities in your device’s security.

However, Malwarebytes Premium is similarly priced as top competitors like Norton or Bitdefender, both of which have sầu better malware detection rates, better phishing protection, và a ton of additional features.

While Malwarebytes Premiumisn’t as good as the best antivi khuẩn software in 2021, it’s a good option for users looking for a simple but effective sầu internet security solution. Malwarebytes offers a 60-day money-baông chồng guarantee.

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Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy — Antivi khuẩn with a VPN

Malwarebytes’s most expensive sầu plan includes all of the features of its Premium plan plus a VPN. This is a good plan for users who want to lớn combine Malwarebytes’s svào antivirus and phishing protection with a fast and reliable VPN. However, Malwarebytes’s VPN doesn’t unbloông chồng Netflix, support torrenting, or work in countries with mạng internet censorship. If you’re looking for a good VPN for streaming, torrenting, và bypassing government firewalls, I recommendExpressVPN.

Overall, Malwarebytes Premium + Privacy is priced similarly lớn the top antivi khuẩn competitors, but it doesn’t offer as many features.For example, Norton 360 Standard is cheaper than Malwarebytes, và Norton offers real-time malware protection, website protection, a firewall, a VPN, a password manager, identity theft protection, 10 GB cloud storage, và more. Bitdefender Total Securityis also more affordable than Malwarebytes, & Bitdefender offers more extra features than most other brands.

But if you’re interested in Malwarebytes, you can test the antivirus & VPN with a 60-day money-back guarantee & see whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

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MalwarebytesEase of Use & Setup

Installing, setting up, và using Malwarebytes is very simple— it took me only a couple of minutes to tải về & set up the software, & I had no problems using all of the provided features.

One thing I really appreciate is that Malwarebytes doesn’t ask you lớn provide any personal information in order to activate thekhông lấy phí trial.Most competitors ask for your tin nhắn address or even credit thẻ number, so I like that Malwarebytes really does offer a zero-commitment miễn phí trial.


Malwarebytes’s interface is clean, simple, & easy to lớn navigate. Choosing which scan you want to lớn run, setting up a Custom Scan, và scheduling scans is pretty straightforward.

All of the real-time protections are also turned on by mặc định, so most users won’t need lớn customize anything khổng lồ be fully protected.


During my testing, Malwarebytes didn’t noticeably slow down my computer’s performance. In fact, I barely noticed it was there at all. Some antiviruses can slow down a system’s performance, especially during full system scans, but Malwarebytes ran quietly in the background throughout all of my tests.

I also lượt thích that Malwarebytes has a simple Play Mode, which hides notifications when certain apps are in full-screen mode — this is great for gaming and streaming. However, I don’t lượt thích that users need lớn add the apps, as competitors like BullGuardautomatically turn on a similar mode when an phầm mềm is in full screen mode (BullGuard also improves gaming performance with its excellent game booster).

Overall, Malwarebytes is really intuitive sầu and easy to lớn use, it doesn’t cause system slowdown, & it even has a simple Play Mode for pausing notifications when playing games or watching movies.

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Malwarebytes điện thoại App


Malwarebytes is available on both iOS và Android — both apps are well-designed and easy to lớn use, but the Android app offers more functionality than the iOS ứng dụng. During my tests, both apps worked well. I found it easy khổng lồ install và use the apps, as well as access & customize all of the available settings.

The Android ứng dụng has all of the same features as the desktop app (malware scanning, ransomware protection, web protection, and exploit protection), but it also includes a couple of useful extras, lượt thích spyware protection & a privacy audit tool. I like this tool because it allows users lớn kiểm tra which apps have sầu what permissions. For example, you can view apps that can read your personal information, track your location, monitor calls, cost you money, and much, much more.

The iOS ứng dụng doesn’t have as many features as the Android app, but this is understandable as iOS can’t get viruses (so they don’t need a malware scanner). That said, the iOS ứng dụng has decent web protection, ad blocking, and scam call blocking. While this isn’t much, I like how simple it is to use the phầm mềm.

There are better apps for both Android and iOS users — Norton is my favorite Android antivirut (includes malware protection, an phầm mềm advisor, & Wi-Fi protection), whereas McAfeeis my top choice for iOS protection(it comes with a malware scanner, anti-theft, a VPN, & more).

But Malwarebytes’s Android và iOS apps are also good, và I would recommover them for beginner or less tech-savvy users.

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MalwarebytesCustomer Support

Malwarebytes offers a good knowledge base, a live chat, và email tư vấn.These are ok customer support options, but I’d like to see the company offer phone support as well. Most competitors have sầu multiple options (for example, TotalAVhas gmail, phone, và live chat support).


In testing Malwarebytes’s customer support I first accessed the support chat bot. The bot works as a tìm kiếm function for Malwarebytes’s knowledge base — when you ask the bot a question, it will provide you with a các mục of link lớn appropriate articles. The articles in the knowledge base are pretty good, with very detailed explanations on how to lớn use the program as well as all of its features.


If the articles don’t answer your questions, you can get in touch with Malwarebytes’s tin nhắn tư vấn team. I submitted a ticket on the official website, and I got a helpful response in around 24 hours. While this is a decent response time, I’d really lượt thích khổng lồ see Malwarebytes include a live sầu chat option so users could immediately get answers khổng lồ their questions.

Malwarebytes’s most readily available customer support is pretty basic và not that helpful if you need immediate assistance with a complex issue. But the knowledge base is very thorough and can answer most questions. The gmail support team is also very friendly & knowledgeable, but I really missed having the option to lớn chat with a company rep using a live chat feature.

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Is Malwarebytes Premium Worth the Price?

Malwarebytes provides excellent real-time malware protection, good phishing protection, and a fast VPN, all for a good value. However, Malwarebytes lacks a lot of the features that I expect khổng lồ see in a premium antivirus — it doesn’t have sầu many of the extras that top competitors include even in their basic plans (firewall, system optimization, password manager, etc).

During my tests, Malwarebytes’s antivirut scanner performed well, detecting 95% of my test malware files. While this is a very good result, competitors lượt thích Norton, McAfee, and Bitdefender all have sầu 100% malware detection rates. Malwarebytes’s real-time protection was better than its malware scanner, though — real-time protection blocked 98% of the malware files I tried launching, which is comparable lớn the top antiviruses on the market).

Malwarebytes also has website protection (with a detection rate of 90% against phishing sites) và a fast & reliable VPN. Unfortunately, the VPN is unable to unbloông chồng streaming services like Netflix or bypass government restrictions in countries lượt thích Trung Quốc.

If you’re looking for a full-featured mạng internet security suite with lots of cybersecurity protections, I recommover Norton 360 Standard or Bitdefender Total Security(both have sầu better malware protection và come with a wider range of top-notch extras).

But if you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use, install-and-forget antivirut scanner with good website protection, Malwarebytes is a great option. Plus, Malwarebytes has a 14-day không lấy phí trial và a generous 60-day money-back guarantee.