Given the long-standing humanneeds & the special care of the contemporary society, they have sầu come up withfashion trends và fashion kiến thiết.Fashion and clothing design is a verymodern & popular trkết thúc.People who are attracted to lớn this discipline, atthe over of their studies, are highly specialized in the thiết kế of clothing,fabric, sewing, modeling và more.SoftwareMarvelous Designerof the software is very useful in this regard.Withthis software, you can create modern designs for dresses và render them withhigh precision, & kiến thiết accurate patterns without using CAD patterns.Sowithout the use of software such as CAD, you can kiến thiết a variety of clothing& coatings to work more quickly on this.

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One of the key features ofthissoftware ispattern synchronization and 3-D dragging for interactivedesign.This means that any changes in the pattern lớn fully andimmediately on the three-dimensional Drapyng clothes Iseeit.Other key features of this software can be simplywork with it & edit the patterns.You can sew a pattern with just a fewclicks and see it on the tone of the Model.This software supports avariety of physical properties of fabrics such as: tensile, shear, bover,stiffness, density, thickness, & so on.And control the parameters youBbhtr models designed khổng lồ simulate what aMacis.It is alsocompatible with the famous 3 chiều modeling software, including 3ds Max, Maya, andmore.Marvelous Designer Key Features:- Supports full design patterns- Template editing synchronization and 3-door drag for interactivedesigning- Easy khổng lồ use in sewing operations- Supports Tuông xã, Shirring, Pleat, Gather, Ironed line making- Fasdemo Dropping Speed- Support for all types of physical properties of fabrics- Prompt rendering of high quality- Support for 3 chiều modeling software such as 3ds Max, Maya &...- And ...

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Support for full pattern design
You can thiết kế accurate patterns using only Marvelous Designerwithout the help of the other pattern CADs.Marvelous Designer supportspolyline, không tính tiền curve sầu và dart drawing.Synchronizationof pattern editing và 3 chiều draping for Interactive DesignAny pattern modifications are fully & immediately reflected inthe 3 chiều drapes of real-time drapes.Experience the most intuitive sầu andefficient clothing kiến thiết interface in the world.
Easy-to-use sewing operations
With only a few mouse works you can sew any patterns in anystyle.See the animation below.Supportfor Tuông chồng, Shirring, Pleat, Gather, Ironed line making.Marvelous Designer supports multi-layer sewing.With thisfeature you can make more complex designs lượt thích Tuông xã và Gather.Anotherkey feature is the folding operation.You can make folds on any seams andclothes.The folding function allows us to lớn make pleats and ironedlines.Thefaskiểm tra draping speedYou can experience fast & complete draping results for anycomplicated clothes.The improvements in tốc độ và quality have beenachieved using a novel multi-cấp độ simulation that has been studied anddeveloped in our team.Furthermore, parallelized algorithms bring morespeed-ups with multi-core CPUs.Fora variety of physical properties SupportThe physical characteristics of cloth are Digitized andparametrized inlớn a variety of properties - Stretching / Shearing / BendingStiffness, Damping, Density, Thickness & so on.Controlling theseparameters allows simulating different kinds of cloth materials.One-clickpattern placement using "Arrangement Point"Marvelous Designer provides an easy way to arrange patterns aroundan avatar for draping.That is the "Arrangement Point" which indicates thekey position to lớn place patterns.Only thing you need is to lớn select a pattern& clichồng on the "Arrangement Point" you want to lớn place it on.High-qualityrealtime renderingOur realtime renderer provides high-quality images comparable toreal clothing.Look forward lớn more advanced features like bump mapping,soft shadows và global illumination in future versions.With3D modeling toolsMarvelous Designer can import any COLLADA & OBJ files from most3 chiều modeling tools such as 3DS Max, Maya, SoftImage, LightWave sầu, Poser, DazStudio, Vue & Mobởi vì.And avatar & cloth files can be exported in OBJformat.
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