Nokia 6 đánh giá

Key Specifications

đánh giá Price: £199.991080p LCD displayMetal body16-megapx camera3GB RAM32GB storage w/ microSDAndroid 8.0Snaprồng 630 CPU

What is the Notê 6?

The Nokia 6 is a higher grade of budget phone, similar to the Moto lớn G6.

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It costs £229, which is cheap enough for many khổng lồ afford SIM-không lấy phí, and lower than expected given the 279 triệu Euro cost elsewhere. You’ll even find it for không tính phí on some mid-price contracts.

This is the second Nokia 6, but you wouldn’t be aware of this unless you’re a cchiến bại follower of the phone market. It’s certainly the version khổng lồ get, since it adds fast charging, a newer CPU and improved battery life even though the capathành phố remains the same.

However, its 16:9 screen will likely appear “out of date” fairly soon và it doesn’t have sầu the best camera in this class.

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Notê 6 (2018) – Design

The Notê 6 is one of the better-made phones you’ll find at this price. Like the previous version of this device, the kiến thiết isn’t particularly exciting, but it feels solid.

Its back is a unibody piece of aluminium; the front Gorilla Glass 3 with 2.5 chiều curved edges. That curve is just there for the look, though. The aluminium parts your hands actually touch feel quite hard và sharp.

Just under a millimetre of each edge is bevelled, with bronze highlights shining through khổng lồ stop the Nocơ 6 becoming a sea of featureless blaông xã aluminium. It’s more subtle than the way in which phones such as the Huawei P20 Pro try khổng lồ stand out.

This newer Notê 6 isn’t as long as the older version, reducing some of the border above and below the display. However, the phone’s surround isn’t sllặng and its shape actually makes the device appear quite squat.

I’ve sầu no doubt that I feel this way because I’ve been using a lot of 18:9 phones recently, but this is an issue with most new 16:9 models – they’re likely to lớn look more dated with each passing month.

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Elsewhere, the handmix is up khổng lồ date. The Nocơ 6 has a USB-C charging socket along its bottom edge, và there’s a fingerprint scanner on its rear.

Bizarrely, this scanner performs worse than that of the old Nokia 6. It sits too low for comfort, resulting in you having to lớn reach down with your finger. It makes you wonder whether Nokia’s partnership with Zeiss demands a certain degree of hình ảnh prominence. But even then, there’s plenty of blank space on the camera housing between the Zeiss hình ảnh sản phẩm and the scanner.

The Nokia 6’s side buttons aren’t great either, requiring too much force khổng lồ initiate an action. Are these significant concerns? Of course not – they’re minor niggles that you’ll soon get used to lớn – but it’s wise khổng lồ jot them down if you’re totting up a menu of pros và cons.


Nocơ 6 (2018) – Screen

One of the most notable parts of the Nocơ 6 is the screen – as a result of what it lacks. This is a 16:9 screen, and it arrives just as every other phone is switching khổng lồ 18:9.

The Moto lớn G6, Huawei P. Smart and Honor 9 Lite all have the latter, và we expect others khổng lồ follow. Such phones simply add an extra 240 rows of pixels to lớn alter the shape, & you end up with a screen that fills up more of the front.


However, since Notê has also trimmed down the top & bottom borders on this device, it’s more an issue of the device’s overall look than anything else.

Actual display unique is solid. The Notê 6 has a 1080p screen that looks super-sharp, even at 5.5 inches. I was also pleased by how well the backlight holds up in bright, sunny conditions. Outdoor visibility is sound.

Colour reproduction is solid, too, although you can’t tweak the saturation levels as you can with some rivals. Similarly, there’s no colour temperature control; the tone looks a little cool lớn my eyes.

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The Nokia 6 does have sầu a night viewing mode, however. Normally, these make a phone display look quite warm, but in the Nokia 6 it’s flat-out orange. The concept here is it reduces the xanh light, the bvà that most affects your sleep patterns should you use the phone before bed.

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