NVIDIA Quadro 1000Mgraphics thẻ (also called GPU) comes in 707 in the performance rating. It is a good result. The videocardNVIDIA Quadro 1000M runs with the minimal clock speed 700 MHz. It is featured by the acceleration option and able lớn run up to lớn . The manufacturer has equipped NVIDIA with GB of 2 GB memory, clochồng tốc độ 1800 MHz & bandwidth 28.8 GB/s.

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The power consumption of the video clip thẻ is 45 Watt, and the fabrication process is only 40 nm. Below you will find the main data on the compatibility, sizes, technologies & gaming performance test results. Also you can read và leave sầu the comments.

Let's take a closer look at the most important specifications of the graphics card. To have a good idea what a Clip card is the best, we recommend lớn use comparison service.






General info

The basic phối of information will help you find out the videocard’s release date và its purpose (laptops or PCs), as well as the price at the time of the release và the average current price. This data also includes the architecture employed by the producer, and the chip’s codename.

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Place in performance rating:735
Value for money (0-100):12.03
Code name:GF108
Type:thiết bị di động workstation
Release date:13 January 2011
Launch price (MSRP):$174.95
Price now:$55

Technical specs

This is the important information that defines the videocard’s capathành phố. The simpler the device production process, the better. The core’s power frequency is responsible for its speed (direct correlation) while the elaboration of signals is performed by the transistors (the more transistors, the faster the computations are carried out).

Vi xử lý Core cloông chồng speed:700 MHz
Transistor count:585 million
Manufacturing process technology:40 nm
Power nguồn consumption (TDP):45 Watt
Texture fill rate:11.20
Floating-point performance:268.8 gflops

Compatibility, dimensions và requirements

Today there are numerous form factors for PC cases, so it is extremely important to know the length of the videothẻ and the types of its connection. This will help facilitate the tăng cấp process.

Interface:MXM-A (3.0)
Laptop size:medium sized


The internal main memory is used for storing data while conducting computations. Contemporary games và professional graphic apps have high requirements for the memory’s volume & capathành phố. The higher this parameter, the more powerful and fast the videocard is. Type of memory, the capathành phố & bandwidth for NVIDIA Quadro 1000M

Memory type:DDR3
Maximum RAM amount:2 GB
Memory bus width:128 Bit
Memory clochồng speed:1800 MHz
Memory bandwidth:28.8 GB/s
Shared memory:-

Video outputs và ports

As a rule, all contemporary videocards feature several connection types và additional ports. Knowing these peculiarities is crucial for avoiding problems with connecting the videothẻ to the monitor or other peripheral devices.

Display Connectors:No outputs

Overall gaming performance

All tests have been based on FPS counter. Let’s have a look on what place NVIDIA Quadro 1000M has been taken in the gaming performance demo (calculation has been made in accordance with the game developer recommendations about system requirements; it can differ from the real world situations).

Select games lớn viewHorizon Zero DawnDeath StrandingF1 2020Gears TacticsDoom EternalHunt ShowdownEscape from TarkovHearthstoneRed Dead Redemption 2Star Wars Jedi Fallen OrderNeed for Speed HeatĐiện thoại tư vấn of Duty Modern Warfare 2019GRID 2019Ghost Recon BreakpointFIFA 20Borderlands 3ControlF1 2019League of LegendsTotal War: Three KingdomsRage 2Anno 1800The Division 2Dirt Rally 2.0AnthemMetro ExodusFar Cry New DawnApex LegendsJust Cause 4Darksiders IIIFarming Simulator 19Battlefield VFallout 76Hitman 2Hotline of Duty Blachồng Ops 4Assassin´s Creed OdysseyForza Horizon 4FIFA 19Shadow of the Tomb RaiderStrange BrigadeF1 2018Monster Hunter WorldThe Crew 2Far Cry 5World of Tanks enCoreX-Plane 11.11Kingdom Come: DeliveranceFinal Fantasy XV BenchmarkFortniteStar Wars Battlefront 2Need for Speed Paybackgọi of Duty WWIIAssassin´s Creed OriginsWolfenstein II: The New ColossusDestiny 2ELEXThe Evil Within 2Middle-earth: Shadow of WarFIFA 18Ark Survival EvolvedF1 2017Playerunknown"s Battlegrounds (2017)Team Fortress 2Dirt 4Rocket LeaguePreyMass Effect AndromedaGhost Renhỏ WildlandsFor HonorResident Evil 7Dishonored 2điện thoại tư vấn of Duty Infinite WarfareTitanfall 2Farming Simulator 17Civilization VIBattlefield 1Mafia 3Deus Ex Mankind DividedMirror"s Edge CatalystOverwatchDoomAshes of the SingularityHitman 2016The DivisionFar Cry PrimalXCOM 2Rise of the Tomb RaiderRainbow Six SiegeAssassin"s Creed SyndicateStar Wars BattlefrontFallout 4gọi of Duty: Black Ops 3Anno 2205World of WarshipsDota 2 RebornThe Witcher 3Dirt RallyGTA VDragon Age: InquisitionFar Cry 4Assassin"s Creed Unitycall of Duty: Advanced WarfareAlien: IsolationMiddle-earth: Shadow of MordorSims 4Wolfenstein: The New OrderThe Elder Scrolls OnlineThiefX-Plane 10.25Battlefield 4Total War: Rome IICompany of Heroes 2Metro: Last LightBioShoông chồng InfiniteStarCraft II: Heart of the SwarmSimCityTomb RaiderCrysis 3Hitman: AbsolutionHotline of Duty: Black Ops 2World of Tanks v8Borderlands 2Counter-Strike: GODirt ShowdownDiablo IIIMass Effect 3The Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimBattlefield 3Deus Ex Human RevolutionStarCraft 2Metro 2033Stalker: gọi of PripyatGTA IV - Grand Theft AutoLeft 4 DeadTrackmania Nations Forevergọi of Duty 4 - Modern WarfareSupreme Commander - FA BenchCrysis - GPU BenchmarkWorld in Conflict - BenchmarkHalf Life 2 - Lost Coast BenchmarkWorld of WarcraftDoom 3Quake 3 Aremãng cầu - Timedemo