Patch pes6 2014 2015 stonecold modern/classic teams

– Switching between all 3 versions is very fast và easy & it is explained inside the installation manual tệp tin.– Option tệp tin with all transfers, all correct squad numbers & fullyupdated first lineups, player age correct– There are 6 versions of Option file, Normal và 5 Option files withchanged gameplay (the game physics are closer khổng lồ real football game) + abonus Option tệp tin with Futsal teams.– All Classic players removed và replaced with không tính tiền agents for fullMaster league experience (IMPORTANT!! WHEN PLAYING MASTER LEAGUE LEAVE OPTION TO SHOW CLASSIC AND PES SHOP. PLAYERS BECAUSE I REPLACED ALL OF THEM WITH ACTUAL PLAYERS SO YOU NEED TO TURN THAT OPTION ON OR OTHERWISE YOU WILL MISS SOME PLAYERS IN YOUR ML!)– Teams in the patch are the best teams from all around the world– 100% accurate squad numbers– Deeply covered squads, important young players are created– National teams roosters updated with according to lớn the qualifiers gamesplayed in recent months– In NT version there are many không tính phí agents who are not in National teamsquad but get called-up for their NT from time to lớn time– Updated formations of all club & national teams– 2015/năm 2016 kits for 99% of teams– player stats are updated in October 2015– Real life Referees patch– New looks for menus and cup, league và ML backgrounds– Real trophies patch included– HD Flags for all teams in the game– updated Ballhệ thống and Bootserver– Fully updated Face & hair Server – MANY teams wiht 100% faces– High unique chants for all club teams in game, và many chants for national teams, combined chants from all chantmakers to make the best and most complete chantpack ever.– Completely new music background ih the whole game (Soundtraông chồng danh mục is inside text files)– Realistic ball sound, referee whistle, sound of ball hitting the post and crossbar– Scoreboards for all 3 versions of the patch.– Better looks for crowd – updated crowd textures by Stegra– New colour style for PES6– Different OPMOV for all 3 versions of the patch*Gameplay :*Improved player’s off the ball characteristics (attachồng, defence, teamwork), balanced unique of the teams – reduced the big difference in unique between ‘big’ and ‘small’ teams, also balanced physicall stats of ‘star’ and ‘normal’ players (toàn thân balance, stamimãng cầu, tốc độ, response, mentality) and as a result of that eliminated so called “robot effect” (situation where phisically much stronger players literally go through weaker players); goalkeepers stats aro also much improved so now their reactions resemble more lớn reality, alsteo “BALANCE” improved for all goalies so now they don’t rebound stronger shots – as a result of that rebound goals that irritate every serious PES player are almost eliminated.Improved Master league và other Cup/League competitions: This is mostly as a result of balanced teams qualities so now every COM opponent is harder to beat, and scores of other COM teams in the league are now various so you can’t have sầu a situation as we had before when for example after 10 rounds Man. Utd và Chelsea have 9 or 10 league wins, this contributes to a very interesting competition that is closer lớn reality where big and expensive sầu teams can often loose or play draw against weaker oppponents.*AI :*Improved AI, especially player movements in defence because of improved teamwork stats players (especially side backs) come bachồng more often and fill the empty gaps on the sides or cover opponents – as a result of this it is very difficult lớn score asy goals from 5 yard box or one of those goals when you give a return ball lớn your player standing trăng tròn m from the goal và then he fires aalmost a ceratin goal, these are well known PES 6 goals and believe sầu me with this patch they are very hard lớn score because of improved goalkeepers & reduced weaker foot accuracy. This is the reason why many people noticed that the game is changed after they played this patch for the first time, especially if you use Shollym gamelay option file which is even more harder & closer lớn real football experience.*Visual improvments :*New stadiums with improved graphics & HD turf, real referees, real trophees, TV scoreboards, new looks for menus and team emblems, high unique kits, faces..*Atmosphere during matches :*Many consider this khổng lồ be the best element of Shollym Patch, all teams have their original chants & stadiums so in the beggining of eevry match there is a feeling as if you were on the stadium! Also ball sounds and referee whistle are changed so everything is closer lớn reality.*Other improvements :*Constant adding of new players & transfers, actualized player stats

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