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Duct Checker - Software helps khổng lồ calculate the kích cỡ of the duct, the air outlet according khổng lồ the static pressure loss.

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○ Application of Duct Checker

Pipe dimensions are easy khổng lồ determine by the constant pressure methodThe friction reference unit loses resistance, the standard wind tốc độ can be mix freelyDisplay the actual loss resistance and wind tốc độ etc in decision tube

○ Summary of Duct Checker

Pipe sizing methods, constant pressure method, a collection method, total pressure method, which has the constant velođô thị method, as the most widely used method , the constant pressure method (equal friction loss method). (All pipe sizing methods use the same value on the friction loss per 1m tube) would normally be determined by a pipe Toka flow chart designed for the rules of slip, the use of these programs.

Duct Checker operating environment

Operating System: Windows 9X, Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows XPhường, Windows 7, Windows 10.

○ Go to the Duct Checker formula input

When entering the airflow rate, you can enter mathematical expressions.

exp.1 1500 + 1500 → 3000

exp.2 500 * 3 + 1000 → 2500

You can only use four arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /), powers (^), etc.

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Can be used.

(Note: angle in degrees)

exp.3 ATAN (1) → 45

exp.4 LOG 10 (1000) → 3

Variables can also be used. Variables begin with the letter "A ... Z _", followed by alphabetic characters, underscores, và numbers. Two-byte codes (Kanji or Hiragana) cannot be used.

(Note: Upper & lower case letters are not distinguished.)

exp.5 ABC = 150 → 150

exp.6 ABC * 5 → 750

exp.7 PI → 3.14159265358979

○ Duct Checker start option

Required in English.

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Starts with Japanese mode.

(In the absence of the above sầu option, it starts with Japanese for Japanese OS và English mode for other language OS)

Duct Checker Change History

Download Duct Checker 170 (Latest):

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