Windows XPhường., Vista, 7, 8 & 10 Mac OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion” or later Linux on amd64 và x86 architectures

However, Fiji (like should run on any system for which a Java 8 runtime is available (Solaris, Raspbian, etc.).

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Caution: “Program Files” not recommended!

If you are installing on Windows, we strongly recommkết thúc that you storeyourện ích directory somewhere in your user space(e.g., rather than in C:Program Files orother system-wide directory. If you moveầm mềm to such a directory, modernversions of Windows will deny write permission to its own directorystructure, preventing it from being able to update. See

We used to offer Debian packages of Fiji. Unfortunately, for several reasons,we are withdrawing support for these packages until such time as someone isable to lớn maintain them properly, so please switch lớn using the Linux downloadsabove instead.

If you are a Debian packaging expert who would lượt thích lớn address this situation,we would love to have sầu your help—please join us in chat or on thediễn đàn.

Fiji is distributed as aportable application.That means that you vị not have sầu khổng lồ run an installer; just tải về, unpack andstart it.

Troubleshooting Source code

See the source code page for details on obtaining the Fiji source code.

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Other downloads


You can download previous Fiji builds by date stamp from the archive.

Life-Line Fiji versions

This sections offers older downloads of Fiji, preserved just prior to lớn introducing major changes. The idea is that if something goes horribly wrong, you can fall baông xã lớn a stable version.

Java 8

Here are Life-Line versions of Fiji created after the switch to lớn Java 8.

Date Downloads Description
64-bit 32-bit macOS 64-bit 32-bit no-JRE
2017 May 30 Just prior to a sweeping update khổng lồ nearly all components.

Java 6

Here are Life-Line versions from before Fiji switched khổng lồ Java 8.

Date Downloads Description
64-bit 32-bit macOS 64-bit 32-bit no-JRE
2017 May 30 The final version of Fiji using Java 6, for all platforms.
2015 December 22 Just prior to starting the transition lớn Java 8.
năm trước November 25 Just prior khổng lồ a big update to lớn facilitate reproducible builds.
2014 June 02 Just prior khổng lồ some big changes to loveforht.net2 under the hood.
2013 July 15 Just prior lớn extensive changes reconciling Fiji with loveforht.net2.

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