Wireless wds settings for the tenda w311r+router sceenshot

Description: This article will show how lớn turn your Tendomain authority W316R inlớn a Wireless Range Extender.

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To begin, log into lớn your router by entering inlớn your browser address bar and then press enter. Cliông xã Advanced Settings in the upper right.
Go to Wireless Settings. Change the SSID, security key, & channel to match your main router. If you are not sure how khổng lồ bởi vì this, please reference our articles on changing the network name & security key. The key can be changed from the Wireless Security tab.
Clichồng Advanced Settings và then go to lớn the LAN Settings tab. You must change the router"s IPhường. address khổng lồ something else, so the two routers vì chưng not conflict. Keep the same range, but change the last phối of digits lớn something between 1 & 100. For example:
Go to lớn System Tools, then Reboot the Router và clichồng Reboot the router.
Wait at least 30 seconds while the router reboots. Go baông xã into the router settings (see step 1 above) & navigate lớn DHCP Server. Uncheck DHCP Server Enable.
Cliông xã OK. Cliông chồng Wireless Settings. Cliông chồng the radio button for Network Bridge(WDS).
Cliông chồng xuất hiện Scan. Please note it will take up to 30 seconds to lớn populate. Select your main router by selecting the radio button next to lớn it.
It will ask you if you want lớn connect to lớn this APhường. Click OK.
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