Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 4 2021: The Galaxy cảnh báo 4 has been one of the most admired devices when it comes lớn Android development. At the time of launch, the cảnh báo 4 came preloaded with Android 4.4 KitKat. Later, the device was updated lớn Android 6.0 Marshmallow. But the thing was, at that time, there was a new version of TouchWiz (Samsung’s native UI) which the new galaxy devices used lớn ship was. It was fast, less bloated, and overall giving the user a better experience.

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So, this was frustrating for all the chú ý 4 users as their devices didn’t get that. However, Custom ROMs were made for the chú ý 4 which gave this UI và all the lachạy thử và greakiểm tra experience khổng lồ the users.

Currently, the device is dated pretty much. But still, there is a lot of development for this device. So, today we mô tả the Best Custom ROMs for the Galaxy lưu ý 4 in 2021.

These Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy chú ý 4 enhance your device’s performance, battery life và give sầu you additional functionality in terms of customization lượt thích added note features, lochồng screen customization, navbar customization, etc.

Let us start with the danh mục of Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy lưu ý 4 in 2021.

Relevant Guides for ROM installation

How khổng lồ backup your Android device

Important Notes

Make sure to lớn have a complete backup of your device before proceeding.Make sure that your device is fully charged when you are attempting a ROM installation.Please be patient when you are installing custom ROMs. Few ROMs can take up to lớn 30 mins for installation. Any unnecessary action can cause the hard bricking of your device.

List of Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy lưu ý 4 2021

LineageOS 17.1


The first ROM on our list of Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 4 is Lineage OS. Lineage OS was born due lớn the over of cyanogen. The LineageOS 17.1 ROM is built on Android Oreo with a good amount of customization options. Also, this ROM has a complete Stoông chồng Android Like interface. Due lớn the Lineage’s team efforts put inkhổng lồ every device as well as the developers who work lớn add tư vấn for this ROM, LineageOS is highly recommended as it is one of the most stable ROMs for the Galaxy lưu ý 4. The lakiểm tra version of this ROM is based on Android 10 but it is unofficially developed, still highly recommended.

Lachạy thử Download LineageOS 17.1

Download LineageOS 15.1 

Download LineageOS 16.0

Resurrection Remix 7.0.2 (Official)


Resurrection Reset 7.0.2 is based on the lademo Android 9 (Pie). The ROM has been based on CM, slyên. Omni, và original Reset ROM builds, this creates a brilliant balance of performance, customization, power, và the newest features brought directly to lớn your device. It is one of the ROMs which have the maximum amount of customization options. These include changes in the status bar, animations, widgets, quichồng toggles, App Sidebar, lochồng screen, etc. Ressurection Rephối has a name for being a stable ROM, và it is true in the Galaxy cảnh báo 4 case as well. It is snappy và enhances the phone’s ability to last longer. This a perfect suit for your lưu ý 4 according khổng lồ 2021’s standards.

Download Resurrection Reset 7.0.2

Download Resurrection Rephối 6.2.1 (Older Version)

Havoc OS for Galaxy Note 4


The next ROM on the danh sách is Havoc OS. It is a ROM by a Senior XDA Developer on XDA. The ROM is pretty good with the aim of keeping things simple, clean, và neat as it is based on AOSP.. and inspired by Pixel. They quote the added features as “All you can dream, and all you’ll ever need.” The performance of the Galaxy chú ý 4 ROM, as mentioned, is decent too. It features Material Design 2.0.

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The thread doesn’t mention any bugs. But if you encounter one, you can report it lớn the Developer easily on cảnh báo 4 Custom ROM forum on XDA.

Also, Havoc OS lưu ý 4 ROM packs in a ton of features such as Gaming/ Reading Mode, Animation Customizations, Tile Shortcuts, Compass, Ambient Display, và much more. The ROM is based on Android 10.

Download Havoc OS for Galaxy chú ý 4

Download Havoc OS V2 for Galaxy cảnh báo 4

AOKP ROM for Note 4 Unofficial


The Android xuất hiện Kang Project has its benefits & downsides. AOKP.. is unique because apart from stoông xã Android features, it also provides additional features with the custom ROM. There are bootable builds of this lưu ý 4 ROM available on XDA, which you can use to install the custom ROM directly. The lakiểm tra version is built upon Android 9 Pie. On the flipside, AOKPhường. takes its source from Lineage OS; so if you don’t like Lineage, you would likely not prefer AOKP. either. Also, bởi vì note that this is not the official version.

Download AOKP.. ROM for Note 4 Unofficial

CrDroid ROM

Also, Download Lineage OS 16.0 for Nexus 6Phường Lineage OS 15.1 for Nexus 6P Download Lineage OS 14.1 for Nexus 6Phường Pixel Experience Pixel Experience ROM as always, is one of the best. Well, most of us would be knowing about this ROM because of its popularity across every device. This ROM provides you with a clean, smooth Pixel Experience. For the ones who want a similar Stoông chồng Android Experience on your Nexus 6P.. along with additional tweaks, this ROM is a must-try for them. The performance is smooth, as well. It provides your Nexus 6P with all the features of a Google device along with customizations. This ROM sits in between massive skins và Pure Stoông xã Android. The ROM is based on Android 10. This makes it one of the lathử nghiệm Nexus 6P ROMs. Download Pixel Experience ROM for Nexus 6P" width="960" height="374" srcset=" 960w, 300w, 180w, 768w,ình ảnh sản phẩm.jpg 1156w" sizes="(max-width: 960px) 100vw, 960px" />The next ROM on the list is CRDroid. It is one of the few ROMs which is based on Android 10. CrDroid ROM for lưu ý 4 is designed to lớn increase performance & reliability over stock Android và also attempting to lớn bring many of the best features existent today.

It has various features such as quichồng settings customization, lock-screen, status bar, buttons & UI Theming. More features of this ROM for Galaxy chú ý 4 would be found on XDA.

Download CrDroid ROM for Galaxy chú ý 4

Pixel Experience Pie


Pixel Experience has formed a reputation for priding Pixel-lượt thích features to non-Pixel devices. This now also supports the old và gold Galaxy cảnh báo 4 in 2021. Pixel Experience provides the full package of all Pixel-specific elements like the Pixel launcher, phông, icons, và themes. The entire ROM is lightweight, not bloated, & consumes neither excessive sầu battery nor resources. It gives a stable performance & an optimal battery life lớn Note 4. On top of that, the lademo Pixel Experience is built upon Android 9.0 Pie.

Download Pixel Experience for Galaxy Note 4 (Pie)



AOSP Extended is an AOSP based ROM which provides stock UI/UX experience with useful customizations. Being based on AOSPhường. it provides a smooth experience. There are various useful customizations from various other open source projects. It is a ROM by a user, for a user.

Download AOSP.. EXTENDED ROM for Galaxy chú ý 4

ViperOS (Unofficial)


ViperOS aims to bring stability và useful features. If you are looking for a stable ROM with tested features by the community at XDA, minimal bugs, and no bloatware, then you should get this AOSP ROM for your Galaxy chú ý 4. Best of all, it comes with the lakiểm tra version of Android, Android Pie.

Download ViperOS



The last ROM on the list is AICPhường. ROM. The ROM is pretty good, và aims of keeping things simple, clean, & neat. Developers started this ROM on Smartphone HTC Desire HD. It was also known as AOKPhường in the past. The performance of the ROM, as mentioned, is pretty lovely too. This AOKPhường ROM for Galaxy chú ý 4 has some minor bugs that you can anytime report to the Developer. 

The ROM is not pre-rooted, so don’t forget to lớn flash a solution khổng lồ root like magisk or anything of your choice.

Download AICPhường. 14 ROM for Samsung Galaxy chú ý 4

Download AICP 15 ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Newer Version)

So, this was our các mục of the Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy chú ý 4 in 2021. Which ROM are you on? Maybe it is time to let go of the UI which came in the box and try the world of Custom ROMs. We will be adding more ROMs in the future và keep this article updated. You can bình luận below if you have your choice of Best Custom ROM và also tell us why! We would love to lớn hear from you. Also, if there are any doubts about installing Custom ROMs on your Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 4, feel free khổng lồ drop a comment or visit XDA for more information.