Working with Windows environment is very easy as when you encounter an error, it will display it clearly with the error message. Over years Microsoft had fixed most of the errors và bug on its Windows operating system. But if the cause of the error is hardware, you will need lớn fix it yourself. One such error that you may encounter while installing Windows is Setup was unable lớn create a new system partition. Though this error is only limited lớn when you try to install windows through USB drive sầu, external drive, etc. When you encounter the error, don’t think that all is lost. Here in the article, you will find various ways to solve sầu the error.

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Part 1. How lớn Fix Setup was Unable lớn Create a New System Partition on Windows

The main reason that cause Setup was unable lớn create a New System partition error is that Windows fails khổng lồ recognize the primary partition where the OS should be installed. There are various ways khổng lồ fix this problem that are discussed below.

Method 1: Re-insert the USB Installation Media

Removing the USB installation media và reinserting it is the easiest way to solve sầu the cài đặt was unable khổng lồ create a new system partition error. This method solves the problem because when installing Windows from USB or another external drive, you change the boot order. This can change the primary partition lớn the external truyền thông. A primary partition is where system installs the OS. So lớn solve the error, you need to lớn change the primary partition to lớn the hard disk. Ejecting USB forces the Windows lớn reconfigure the primary partition lớn the hard disk & everything will work fine.

Steps lớn Eject and Reinsert the Windows Installation Drive

Step 1: Remove sầu the USB installation disk and other USB drives connected to lớn the computer when you encounter the error.

Step 2: Press the cthua kém button the installation wizard và click OK for confirmation khổng lồ exit the thiết lập installation. You will be directed khổng lồ the main page of Windows installation.

Step 3: Now on the main page, cliông xã on the "Install Now" button.


Step 4: Now, copy the contents of the USB drive sầu to the newly created partition by navigating to lớn the USB drive sầu with "cd" comm&. For example - cd d:

Step 5: Copy the files from Windows Installation USB lớn the newly created partition c by typing "xcopy d: c:/e /h /k" and hit enter.

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Step 5: Go baông chồng to lớn the main thực đơn and Press F10 khổng lồ save & exit the BIOS.

Step 6: Now try to lớn reinstall the Window again & it shouldn"t display the error.

Method 4: Remove USB and Install from CD/DVD

The thiết lập was unable khổng lồ create a new system partition is encountered when you try to install the Windows through bootable USB. This may confuse the system bout the primary partition where OS is to installed and cause this error. If even after the above sầu methods, you can"t solve sầu the method, you can remove sầu all USB drives connected to lớn it. Then install the Windows with an installation CD/DVD. This way it won"t show the said error & install Windows normally.

Part 2. Why is the Setup Unable to lớn Create a New System Partition

There are many causes of setup was unable lớn create a new system partition and they are discussed below.

•USB Stick - The USB stiông chồng that you are using may or may not cause the error. Sometimes windows can"t recognize the bootable USB drive sầu as an external drive sầu & confuse it for selecting the boot partition.

•Failing to identify boot partition - If Windows couldn"t identify the boot partition from the USB drive sầu or the local disk, it won"t be able to lớn configure MBR & bootloader. So in that situation, the setup was unable to lớn create a new system partition can occur.

•Incorrect BIOS settings - Incorrect BIOS settings can cause this error. Old operating systems may not recognize the AHCI or IDE SATA mode. Reconfigure it IDE or AHCI as per the previous settings.