True wireless headphones are on the rise. While the likes of the Apple AirPods and Bragi Dash Pro headphones tend to get all the praise, there are dozens of other options out there — like, for example, the Soul X-Shochồng headphones.

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The headphones clearly have sầu a lot lớn offer — offering the dream of true wireless at a relatively reasonable price for true wireless headphones. But should you save sầu your money và go for something else? We put the Soul X-Shoông xã true wireless headphones to lớn the test to lớn find out.


The Soul X-Shoông xã headphones have sầu a very interesting design in many ways, và a totally normal one in many others. For starters, the shape of the headphones is pretty much what you would expect from a pair of true wireless headphones. The headphones are available in a few different colors — blaông xã, và white. We’re reviewing the white pair.


Perhaps the biggest difference between the blaông chồng & trắng headphones is that the white option is partly clear — allowing you to see inside the headphones. It’s an interesting touch, & slightly reminiscent of the original iMac.

On each earbud, the Soul logo doubles as a button, allowing you to lớn control different aspects of the headphones depending on which button you press & for how long you press them.

Of course, when it comes lớn true wireless headphones, you’re not just looking at the earbuds themselves — you’re also looking at the charging case. We quite lượt thích the Soul X-Shock charging case, for a few reasons. For starters, it’s built from nice, premium materials. It’s also easy to lớn start charging the headphones — simply place them in the vicinity of where they need to be and they should clichồng into lớn place magnetically.


On top of that, it offers more functionality than simply charging your earbuds — it can also be used to lớn charge your Mobile devices through its built-in USB port. That’s a very nice touch, & while it does mean you’ll have sầu to lớn balance how long you want the headphones khổng lồ last versus how much battery life is being supplied lớn your phone or other device, it’s still nice to have that option.

Apart from the headphones và the charging case, in the box you’ll get a MicroUSB charging cable, a carry pouch, a carabineer, và one pair of ear tips. It was a little strange to lớn find only two pairs of ear tips in general — most in-ear headphones come with at least three or four pairs.


The headphones are certainly pretty well-designed, but how comfortable are they? Thankfully, they bởi pretty well. The headphones only come with two ear tip options, which is a little disappointing, but the ones that are pre-installed should bởi vì the triông chồng for most people. With those ear tips on, we found that we were able lớn wear the headphones for a few hours without any issues.


Perhaps the biggest problem with these headphones is that they can sometimes fall out — so you might find yourself needing lớn push them baông xã in every now và then. That’s especially true if you plan on using these for running or working out — though we recommover looking for something else if that’s you.

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The sound chất lượng on wireless headphones hasn’t always been the best, but thankfully it has gotten a whole lot better over the past few years. The Soul X-Shoông chồng headphones seem to lớn prove that — they don’t just look good, but they sound pretty good too.

For starters, the bass response is nice & heavy, offering plenty of punch for kick drums, và a very smooth tone for bass guitars and synths. It’s clear that there is a slight boost in bass response, so those looking for a totally natural tone may want to look elsewhere — but we like what Soul has done here.

The mid range is also very well tuned. It seems khổng lồ be a little low-heavy, but not necessarily in a bad way. The low mids are warm & thick, and while they can sometimes step into being a little muddy, in general we found that not lớn be the case. The high mids seem lớn be slightly cut, which helps give the headphones that consumer-freindly sound, but can also result in slightly laid-bachồng vocals and guitars.

The high end on these headphones isn’t the best, but it’s not terrible either. While a little more detail is always nice, we found that these headphones were able lớn deliver decently sizzling cymbals và a reasonable amount of sibilance in things lượt thích vocals. Again, more high-end response would definitely have been nice — but there are definitely worse headphones than these in the high over department.


Soul has given a pretty precise figure of how long it expects the Soul X-Shoông xã headphones khổng lồ last — 3.4 hours on a charge. That’s not bad. 3 hours isn’t pretty lackluster, but 4 is pretty good in the true wireless world.

What’s really impressive is that that the company says the battery case will give sầu the headphones a whopping 16 extra recharges — which is incredible. What that means is that you can get up to lớn a whopping 54 hours of listening time, if you’re fine with charging the headphones whenever they run out of batteries.

The Soul X-Shoông chồng headphones connect khổng lồ your listening device through công nghệ Bluetooth không dây 5.0, making these among mỏi the first headphones to lớn adopt the new standard. We found that they seemed to connect very well — while we didn’t thử nghiệm with a Bluetooth không dây 5.0-compatible device, they still didn’t really jump or skip at all except at unreasonable distances.


True wireless headphones are only getting better. While Soul may not be the first company you think of when you think of headphones, the company proves that it has a lot to lớn offer in the true wireless headphones department. The Soul X-Shock headphones are relatively well-designed, comfortable, & they sound pretty good too.

But are there better options? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a pair of sports headphones, then these probably aren’t the ones to go for. Instead, we recommkết thúc the JLab Audio Epic Air headphones — which are built for sports và are much better at staying in your ears.

Still, considering their excellent value for money, these are a great buy — and because of that we’re awarding them the Headphone Reviews Silver Medal.