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My Talking Tom 2
Outfit7 Since its release in November 2013, My Talking Tom has brought a lot of success to lớn Outfit 7 & has become one of the most popular mobile games. Part 2 of the game, with the name My Talking Tom 2 (Unlimited Money), was released in November this year.

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Table of contentsAbout My Talking Tom 2MOD APK version of My Talking Tom 2

About My Talking Tom 2

Keeping the unique features of the best virtual pet game, the game is bachồng with more fun, exciting & more feature-rich version. Do you want to adopt a đáng yêu mèo, mimic human voice? Download this game to your phone via the liên kết below the article.


Tom is a gourmet cat

Tom is a special cat that needs your care. In My Talking Tom 2, you will become Tom’s “parent”, care & help Tom happy. How? It is very simple. Since Tom is a mèo, he needs khổng lồ eat, rest, play & be cuddled. The first is eating. At the bottom of the screen, select the “Knife & fork” inhỏ lớn put Tom in the kitchen và sit at the table. Piông chồng the dishes you lượt thích, then drag and drop them into Tom’s mouth (vị not worry because Tom’s mouth is very wide, he can eat everything).

You can balance Tom’s nutrition by giving him a variety of foods such as fruits, soda, milk, cakes, meat, etc. After a period of using the food available in the refrigerator, you have to buy food from the store. The more nutritious foods will help Tom not be hungry, but they are also more expensive. For example, a pastry would cost more than three carrots.

Keep Tom clean

After a while playing, the cloông xã of Tom’s cleanliness will decrease. That’s when you need khổng lồ take Tom to bathe by pressing the bathroom inhỏ. Besides, vì not forget to lớn bring Tom lớn the toilet regularly if not he will feel very uncomfortable. You can take Tom to the nhà wc, he will shut the door và do the rest. The game depicts this by emitting humorous “noises”. If you want, you can “break” Tom’s privacy by trying khổng lồ open the door of the nhà vệ sinh.

Unlượt thích My Talking Tom, there are many types of bath soaps that you can choose for Tom. You can use it as much as you lượt thích. Looking Tom caught in the soap bubble is pretty fun.


The biggest difference of My Talking Tom 2 is that this game has a healing feature. No one is healthy forever, someday Tom will be sick (called booboo). Do not worry! Clichồng on the medicine cabinet và select type of medicine for booboos. There are no cure instructions, but each booboo can be cured in several ways, so you can experiment.

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Before you cthua the game, it’s time for Tom khổng lồ go lớn sleep. If not, sometimes you want khổng lồ play with Tom, but you can’t because he is too tired, & you have khổng lồ wait for hyên ổn khổng lồ sleep for a while. Instead of sleeping, you can buy a vial of medicine for 100% health instantly by diamond. Help Tom go to bed, turn off the lights and he will sleep until his health meter reaches 100%.

Playing with Tom

Tom is a hyperactive sầu cát. He can play all day without being bored. You can cuddle Tom by swiping into lớn the stomach or even hit Tom. The faskiểm tra way lớn make Tom happy is playing the minigame of My Talking Tom 2. This is also a way khổng lồ earn very effective coins. The game has a lot of fun minigames waiting for you. Classic games lượt thích 2048, racing games và lots of other games.

For a large amount of money in the game, you have lớn play minigames and save sầu for a long time. You can download My Talking Tom 2 MOD Money version, it gives you a large amount of money so you can comfortably buy clothes, decorations and anything you want.



Tom can travel. Did you hear wrong? No, you didn’t. After each màn chơi, Tom will receive sầu a plane ticket lớn travel anywhere you want. You can buy Tom’s dishes, decorations or clothing there.

When playing My Talking Tom 2, the greathử nghiệm joy of the player is to buy unique clothes và try it for Tom. Each suits a different theme, but you can combine multiple themes in one mix. Would you lượt thích to buy a King’s clothing or alien suit? In addition, you can also decorate the living room, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom of Tom by your way.

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Graphics and sound

The graphics of the game does not have much difference compared lớn the previous version. The game has sharp 3D graphics & bright colors. Tom is still đáng yêu, hilarious as the original version. An essential feature of My Talking Tom is the mimic of the human voice. In a high tone of voice, Tom can parody every word you say while playing My Talking Tom 2.

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